Man1 Man Oil opinions?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by crushurcravings, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. crushurcravings

    crushurcravings Fapstronaut

    Hi guys,

    I'm debating whether or not I should invest in Man1 Man Oil.
    Have any of you tried it? What were your experiences with it?

    Thank you in advance and keep trucking boys and girls :)
  2. Kenji

    Kenji Guest

    Sounds like some fancy overpriced commercially labelled and marketed lackluster oil, vitamins always work better when ingested too.

    Extra virgin organic coconut oil is the shizzy my nizzy.

    Wouldnt go near another oil for skin health or mutual sensuality, truly the shizz.

    Beats organic extra virgin cold pressed olive oil everytime.

    Beware, may encourage masturbation if applied to penis alone, recommend only using with a partner. Skin health comes from what you eat anyways, and the lifestyle you live, also drink lots of water and eat foods high in vitamin A for great looking and feeling skin. I eat spirulina and goji daily, extremely healthy for skin.

    Ask yourself, why do I want penis cream? Is my diet lacking in nutrients, am I abusing my penis in ways that can be avoided, what is the root cause, why am I grasping at branches in hopes of fixing the root problem? :D
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  3. Kenji

    Kenji Guest

    I didn't mean to shit on it without even having used it, it is just I don't even fancy the thought of using penis creams personally as I feel time, wise ways, and healthy living heals all.

    I've had a chafed penis before and the oils I mentioned soothed it up and healed it rapidly, like rapidly.

    The man cream does have decent reviews on Amazon, not sure why they titled it oil?

    I'm a holistic minded man you have to understand.
  4. Fomo Sapiens

    Fomo Sapiens Fapstronaut

    I know this is an old post, but you're 100% on the money here. Diet is the thing that changes everything else. And it's healthy and sustainable as well, in a way that expensive willy cream might not be. I briefly looked at Man 1 Oil once too. But our bodies haven't needed it for the last 100,000 years, so I'm skeptical of whether we need it now.
  5. PHS

    PHS Guest

    So I have question for all the people using man1 oil, I am an uncircumcised 28yr old male. So with this oil can I apply it to just the skin on the outside of the penis or is it safe to apply it directly to the penis head and/or the under the foreskin? Would it be considered internally if I applied it to the penis head and/or under the foreskin? Instructions on the bottle says only to apply it only externally. Let me know thanks. I'm trying this out because recently I had to take antibiotics and I got an adverse reaction known as thrush/balantitis. It happened because I have type 2 diabetes, and antibiotics can change the balance in your immune system if your sugar level is high when taking the antibiotics, which it was for me at the time. So I had slightly tightness in skin, breakage in the skin that is under the foreskin, dry skin on the penis head. The balance in my immune system seems to be going back to normal because all these symptoms in the last two days are going away. Let me be honest, I'm trying to improve the skin on the penis head and skin on the inside of the foreskin not just the skin on the outside of the foreskin. Oh and I should mention I already bought a bottle so I'll definitely be using it, I just need to know if it is safe to use it where I want to use it.
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  6. crazydiamonddora

    crazydiamonddora New Fapstronaut

    Do you know any skin moisturizers with shea butter that are safe to use for down there?
  7. magic

    magic New Fapstronaut

    I thought this sounded like snake oil. But at 69 years old I was willing to try anything. Sounds like just the sucker they are looking for right? Well I have to tell you that if I apply this stuff to my penis at night before I go to bed it is a whole new ball game in the morning (no pun intended). Especially after 2 or 3 days with oil and abstinence. Feels like a reboot to me.
  8. Djtrax909

    Djtrax909 New Fapstronaut

    This is a really good product. I’m diabetic and over time I noticed less sensation in the head (gland) of my penis also do to the fact I’m circumcised and the daily contact with underwear will cause less sensitivity over time. I noticed dark areas on the underside.but,after about a week I could see and feel a change. Now, after using Man1 for over two years I love it. It also has a very nice smell to it. A great way to test it is to take a feather and rub it on the head top and bottom before and after and take notice of the difference in feel. I did a testimonial on their website after ordering two more bottles and they sent me a third bottle for free. That’s a company who appreciates its customers.
  9. Imstillgripping

    Imstillgripping New Fapstronaut

    Actually most of these dudes have not used it ! I was a fapper at the time I used this man 1 oil product . I couldn’t achieve orgasm my penis was as dead a cemetery. I used man one oil and I started to notice my penis was feeling more recharged . One day while fucking my girlfriend it felt different I could actual feel a little sensation from it ! And boom I came . This was the first time I had come from sex. I had be with 20 girls before her and never came . And then I use this product and it changed my sex life .

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