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    Any tips on manhood? Masculine tips for growth as a man and finding a wife?
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  2. NoFap. Not just for 90 days, but forever. :)
    Replace it with things that move you towards who you want to be. These can help with mood/confidence etc, but also immediately with the urges.

    Common things that people do on a regular or even daily basis to replace NoFap:
    - exercise
    - meditation
    - cold showers
    - reading (whatever is meaningful to you: fiction, non-fiction, spiritual texts, poetry, whatever)
    - reducing or removing alcohol
    - learning an instrument
    - studying
    - socialising (in safe situations that build real friendships and are not triggering)

    The last one isn't mentioned much on here, but it's a big one. One of the big reasons why many people PMO is that they are seeking emotional intimacy. PMO promises this intimacy, and a bunch of other things too. When you have strong friendships where you really share, PMO loses some of its appeal.
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    Hey Pin,

    I'd love to share with you my experiences. I'd love to help you because I am married. I'm going to be honest,truthful, and tell it the way it is.

    +Do not chase women: Don't buy a woman you have a crush on random items. Once I paid for some girl I had a crush on a movie ticket. We all went to the movies and she didn't sit next to me or talk to me. Another time in a nightclub, I offered these girls I thought were cute a drink. I thought I was going to get lucky. Hehe yeah, I'll buy these cuties a drink, we will dance, etc. Nope. they took the drink then said they had to go.

    +Female minds are 100% different than men's. The exact opposite. Women are more mindful, emotional, and do things differently.

    + You need to be yourself, there's no secret other than human nature. Don't go changing yourself for a wife but change your actions. For example, you don't need to hold your head up and put on a tough guy attitude etc. But what you need to do is be calm, collected, and lead her. Instead of asking her for a kiss, grab her and kiss her. Show her your worth being a provider for her, you don't need to ask for permission.

    +Why do women dress up, it's not to impress you: Women are very self centered, they need affirmation from others to make themselves feel good. When you see a pretty women who look gorgeous it means something to her. She is telling the other women, "look at me, I am worthy of you". She doesn't dress up to look good for you but to place herself among other women. For men, we will boast out strengths and show how manly we can be to show other men.

    +Friendship - Guaranteed you will have success if you develop a friendship with the women first. Then once she knows you this opens her up to more options with you. Women are very guarded of themselves where as men can just have a casual outing with any other guy. A women needs to know who the guy is, she needs to feel like a acquaintance or a friend before she accepts your date. With my wife, she had to take a whole year to get to hang around me and get to know of me before she said yes to hanging out. Why..because she didn't know me enough. She couldn't let her guard down.

    +Don't trust their advice, be wary: Okay, never ask a woman for advice on dating women.Don't do that. I've asked women and they reply,"You're a nice guy, just ask, be a nice man" nope. Always ask other men.

    +Gossip: Women's instincts are social and emotional. Always be alert that no matter what you do, she is going to gossip and get advice from her friends. It's true, it's their nature. I didn't kiss my wife on the couch one night when we were dating. She mentioned the situation to her friend as soon as I left. Another time I didn't get it on with one of my gf's, next day she was hiding from me at work and talking to a friend all day. Well...she was talking about me and her feelings to her friend.

    +Semen retention (No PMO, hold it in): I don't know what it is, but when you are blue balled and haven't PMO'd women can sense it. I've read that your aura changes because your nutrients and energy are stored and you radiate it out. They will be much more prone to interacting with you if your on a streak. It has worked for me before and still does in my marriage. It gives you an edge and you can read her emotions more clearly. You PMO you loose those vitals, and she can sense it.

    +Laws of power and attention: You unconsciously are always in a battle for power with them. Imagine it like a game of dodge ball, you always have the ball unless you throw it to her. IE Hot girl walks buy and you check her out, you just gave her the power. If you see a hottie and you ignore her, you still have your power and you'll be a challenge for her. But yeah, just know when you check them out and give your power it's a turn off. It's best to make causal conversation with a hot woman and keep your eyes off of her. Walk up without checking her out and start small talk.

    +Let her talk about her: Literally, if your out on a date, get her to talk about herself. Ask her questions, keep yourself a secret, be vague with her. There's gotta be something she can blab on about. My wife gets upset if I don't ask her about her day first. Why..because she wants to tell me about herself.

    +Jealousy: Want to make her jealous. Find another girl, talk about another girl, etc. Make her jealous and want you. If I mention another women I find attractive to my wife, I'm in the doghouse lol. Why..she's jealous and humans naturally want things they can't have right, so be the thing she can't have.

    +Doin' it :): Literally give it to her. As innocent and cute as some women are out there, they all want it rough. Cute skinny teacher with glasses, innocent church girl. Wrong, she wants to scream in bed but you gotta bring it. Dominate and show her who's boss. (As I was typing this, I literally got up, stopped my wife and threw her down on the bed. It worked lol)

    Yeah man, hopefully these tips help. Just be yourself and it will all come together. No secret, just basic human nature.
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