Mania, Panic Attacks. How to deal with this??

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  1. A couple of days ago, I was completely wired at night. I couldn't fall asleep until 4 in the morning and then I only slept for 3 hours. Yesterday was spent borderline manic and dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. I was paranoid, dealing with mild hallucinations, and having delusions.

    I was doing so well on my streak, but I saw relapsing as the only way to get out of this. To make matters worse, I looked this up online and saw someone talking about how he had a manic episode and after 3 days of no sleep, paranoia, delusions, and hallucinations, he was hospitalized and placed on anti-psychotic medication.

    How can I deal with this in the future if and when it happens again? What causes this? There must be a better way than just relapsing.

    I remember finding a lump on one of my butt cheeks (it was just acne) and wondering if the commies were coming into my apartment at night and injecting me with something LOL. I saw the same guy, twice in the same day, and was trying to figure out if he was a government agent, sent to watch me. I can laugh about the fact that I was turning into Dale Gribble off of King of the Hill, now, but I definitely wasn't laughing at the time.
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    I can only suggest that you seek the attention of a psychotherapist. With what you describe, I don't advise taking any medical advice from this forum, we're not medical professionals.
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  3. Yeah, I just thought someone else may have gone through this. It was caused by NoFap.
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    I think you should be more active in the day. Maybe you're just sitting in the house or in caffe bars you know what i mean. Try doing things the whole day, go for a walk, train, help around the house, go climbing anything that can you make a little tired. Don't be on your phone before sleep and the best tip i can give you - meditate and read books BEFORE sleep. Read good books till you get sleepy no matter how long it is. Don't look at time, set your alarm and get started. If this doesn't help you you should look for psychotherapist. Good luck!
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