Man's/Woman's Essence?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by TrueSaiyan, May 5, 2019.

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    Hey everyone. This post has kind of to do with the charisma I guess or Essence of a Man/Woman? My question is does porn deplete the Essence of a Man/Woman. I've felt that allot of the reason's why Men/Woman are attracted to each other is because of there distinct characteristics. Doesn't necessarily half to be body, height, or those beautiful blue eyes most woman are attracted to. But I guess that Mojo that gives off self esteem or sexual attraction?

    I just want to start out to say I feel like I've lost it and my drive of attraction/Essence. Especially from how 2019 is going. More Woman seem to be pulling away from me as how I see it and its concerning. I'm just wondering if it also takes time to have it back after a reboot? I've had plenty of streaks, but its very hard for me to get past 7-10 wit how my life is. I remember once I felt it a long time ago. I had so much passion and attraction to woman. Which lead me to having sex for the first time. Now it feels as if its completely gone..

    I just want to note that I do have some friends or used to. That watch porn and seem to still have it... I just don't understand what's going on inside of me or why they also watch it, and still have all of it like watching porn is nothing to them..
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  2. ? Have what back?
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    Hey man, started to read more in to this topic as well. On this site there is also a topic called 'sexual transmutation', guess you might have seen it. I think you are referring to that. It has to do with semen retention and masculine and feminine energy.
    I too have a hard time reaching past that 7-10 day mark but once I come close to that I definitely feel more of that masculine energy. People say that will become even better once you go on with the streak. That is my goal right now.
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  4. Bottom guy to top guy in 10 days? Right on bro
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    I won't turn you from a nerd into a stud obviously. It's a good self-improvement method, you should try it.
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    Yes we are spiritual beings we have auras and energy it’s quite obvious :)
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    otherwise we were not interested

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