Marathon and antidepressants

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Bihari, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. Bihari

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    Do antidepressants and long running/exercise go along? What's your experience?
    My psychologist says that I should consider taking some low dosage of antidepressants as I feel low/negative and feel overwhelmed by the amount of study I've to do. What effect did you find on your energy level when you were taking medicines?
  2. bluemax4

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    Personally, I'd stay off them if possible. They have a lot of side effects and can be addictive. If you are going to take something, read up as much as possible about it, so you know what you're getting yourself into.
  3. SSJ N

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    Get a better psychologist. He/she doesn't care for you and apparently are happy with your money. No sensible therapist will recommend you to go on medicine because of stress from educational endeavors. Huge red flag if you ask me.
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  4. bken

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    I would have to agree, as long as you're not clinically anxious or depressed, you have to consider alternatives first. Lots of good herbs and diets and vitamins out there and things like light therapy to boost neurotransmitter production.
    If you still feel bad after implementing natural strategies, only then would it be time to consider pharmacological interventions. You will find a lot of black and white information about SSRIs, they do have side effects which can last some time but honestly they do have their purpose and can help broken brains recover from severe serotonin imbalances. Especially when combined with psychotherapy, which is necessary to get to the root cause of the problem and to treat that first.
    Some antidepressants are calming while others are energizing. SSRIs aren't addictive as you can't crave these meds or abuse them, they don't cause a high, only mild sedation, but they need to be combined with psychotherapy to make them more effective. The anti-anxiety medications of the benzodiazepine class have an abuse potential. These can cause a mild high or even feelings of euphoria when abused. You want to stay away from these in any case unless you have very severe anxiety that needs short term treatment with tranquilizers.
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  5. Bihari

    Bihari Fapstronaut

    advice taken. Thanks!

    I should have elaborated my condition a little.
    first, I'm not paying a single penny for the treatment I'm receiving and I'm in no position to question her competency at this moment.
    secondly, I'm depressed. The reasons are many at this moment. Joblessness, ex is getting married, a number of years wasted after graduation still no breakthrough in career goals, negativity all around and to top it all the PMO addiction.

    My primary question was regarding antidepressants and their effects on physical output. I've read 2-3 articles that did say that weight gain, dry mouth, excessive sweating are a possibility. Which worries me.
    I'll talk about these side effects and their severity with the head psychologist.
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  6. SSJ N

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    Okay. I see. As far as side effects go, you will never know unless you try it. I mean the exact extent of their severity.

    Good luck to you, hope you beat it and get everything under your control.
  7. Antidepressants produce calming effect.
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  8. Asgardian36

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    hey brother I can relate to your situation! I am 28 years old....jobless, virgin, never been with a girl, I loved a girl back in 2012, now she is married and has a kid, i culdn't step up because i had no job and no money back then, its the same even now for me,

    I'm just trying to say that you are not alone!!!
  9. Bihari

    Bihari Fapstronaut

    Hey! thanks for replying but I'll need more than that. Can one train for marathon even after consuming those drugs?

    My mind says, I shouldn't be making a big fuss about it. Take meds, even if they interfere with your physical capabilities as recovery is more important than running a marathon.
  10. Mad-Hatter

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    Hi ... I`m not expert in this field but i can tell u about my treatment in drug addiction.
    Syndromes of cutting drug usage (like insomnia, depression and so on) was the principal of lacking the release of neurotransmitters in the brain after cutting the drug usage (maybe like PMO addiction i`m not sure yet), so in that time I`ve learned that my brain need to recover itself from depending to outside resources to balancing the neurotransmitters in my body and this process takes time but it will happen and it happened.
    In that process, any additional resource of drug may have cause the recovery of the brain take much slower process.
    And at last must of freeing from drug addiction related to getting in the bright side of things that happen in the life, in general sense.
    In my condition maybe I used the drugs to cover my thoughts and feelings about not being in control of my life but maybe u can say that using a drug doesn`t helped me improve my condition. Thinking positive and actualy trying to help myself does ... and it`s true and it did. Nowadays maybe my life isn`t perfect but i feel that i`m in the right path.
    I didn`t wanted to turn this about myself ... just wanted to tell that maybe u feel that your life isn`t perfect but you started a brilliant path to your success and happiness , maybe it is hard and takes time but i`m sure in my heart that it worth it. Choosing to start a change in life needs a very strong person. Every fruit needs a time to be sweet.
    Oh ... it was so long ... hopefully didn`t bore you...
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  11. Training for a marathon produces antidepressant effects by itself, you would need to be exercising at least every other day, all you have to do is get a training buddy to keep training and you will feel mood benefits.
    If you have problems starting, take over the counter natural antidepressant, like "St.Johns Wort" daily for 2 weeks. Once you get started on intensive workout routine you will not need antidepressants, your body will make those for you.
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  12. Poor Yorick

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    Hey man, if I could, I'd like to chime in. The disclaimers being 1) I'm not a psychologist, 2) you know your life, and I (being a random stranger on the internet) don't, but as someone who suffered depression, and as someone who took up long distance running as a palliative against such, I can say that for me running had a major positive effect for me. I would definitely recommend it. I don't know what your history with running has been, but starting with a marathon as the first race might be a bit steep. The depressed mind can be hard to motivate in general, and a massive task might not dovetail as nicely with that. I started with a 5K, as have millions, for example.

    As for the meds - I quoted that specific section for a reason. I think depression can be biologically induced. But I think many, many cases are context induced. I mean this in only the nicest way, but I think most people would feel depressed in those circumstances (not having a job goes a long way against self-esteem, not having an immediate direction can torture people). For me then - I personally would try to make the life changes that builds a positive reward circuit upwards, like the long distance running. I would rather try to change the context to see if I still felt depressed. And as others pointed out, running is a natural anti-depressant.

    But there is a place for medication, and as others have suggested, I would do the research before imbibing such things.
  13. Bihari

    Bihari Fapstronaut

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment dear @Poor Yorick
    The marathon is at least 3 months away. Currently I'm comfortable running 7-8 km and I'm adding couple of kilometers every 14 days or so. Also, with remaining PMO free I'm hoping to improve on my mileage. To keep it interesting, I'm adding fun but intensive sports such as swimming and cricket.
    I love to run and running on roads that I don't know of are even more fun that's why I never run on the same circuit.

    It comes down to this, I'll talk to the head psychologist and discuss whatever reservation I have about antidepressants keeping in my mind pros and cons. But I'll train for marathon and I'll complete that in respectable time.
  14. Bihari

    Bihari Fapstronaut

    @Mad-Hatter @Ronila
    Thank you for your helpful comments! My leanings are definitely towards not taking them now.
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  15. Poor Yorick

    Poor Yorick Fapstronaut

    I used to do something similar where I would just walk through random neighborhoods for the thrill of the unfamiliar. Running different circuits sounds fun. How do you know how long you ran though? I also love swimming. Similarly, have taken up tennis. I think as time goes on, I crave more and more physical challenge. I have a 10k in a month. I'm just hoping knee pain won't overtake me.

    Hope all goes well with you and your training!

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