Martial Arts And Combat Sports

For Fapstronauts who are disciples of Christ

  1. Martial arts and combat sports are not of God. God never asked us to participate in violence or to watch others doing so. If you're a policeman or practicing in the military, then that's between you and God and you have to do God's Will.
    It's not wise at all to rely on your own power. Although the chances are low, even a world champion can get knocked out by an unpredictable drunk rowdy, whereas God can easily destroy a whole army in no time if you're in danger.
    I was practicing MMA and TMA just two years ago because I had enough of sitting in front of the computer all the day, wanted to do sports again and do something cool. I started before I accepted Jesus with two times a week which was really tough, and increased it to 4 up to 6 times a week just few months later, most of the times at least 2 hours of practice up to 3 hours.
    The places I was attending were quite competitive. The MMA and BJJ gym was frequently visited by BJJ world champions and UFC fighters. Not far away from this place, I was also training Taekwondo and the main coach had been part of the second national team (WTF) of Iran which is still high level.
    I must admit, I got really fit in a short time, my focus got much better and my reaction time improved. I also attended a IBJJF tournament with a single stripe and barely lost to my first opponent with 4 stripes because I ceased towards the end. The thing was that nobody could bring each other down, actually I had him at the beginning because he understimated me but I could not control him because of the adrenaline rush. Back then, my take down skills sucked because I was not experienced enough. I risked towards the end, otherwise we would both have been disqualified and my opponent won because of a controlled takedown after throwing me multiple times. I got congratulated by him, although he told me he had already defeated two opponents and didn't have that much energy. Another member of the gym I was attending also came and congratulated and told me that my opponent was a successful participant in international tournaments for "beginners".
    I just wrote this part because I did not quit later because I was bad or it was easy to do so.
    I'll explain why it's wrong and sinful to participate in MA and combat sports in most of the times:

    1. God did not introduce martial arts or combats sports to men, most of those sports or maybe even all of them have their roots in buddhist/hinduist/mystic (satanic) movements.

    2. You're opening doors to demons because of 1. It may feel good at the beginning but you'll eventually be in a spiritual/physical/mental bondage.

    3. Satanic symbolism. The BJJ triangle or sun worshipping through illuminati hand sign in parts of Taekwondo classes (ITF and other) are no coincidences.

    4. Your life can easily be dominated by this stuff. I don't know how many hundreds of videos and fights I had watched and how many times I had thought which technique I would use if something serious had happened on the streets.

    5. UFC is literally satanic blood sacrifice.

    6. Madness. Though I was training in "decent" places, I still encountered few guys who could get mad really fast.

    7. Pride. Although you have to humble yourself, even the most humble guy will have some sort of pride, especially the "masters".

    8. Money. Many of those "masters", no matter how good they are, also have a master: money.

    9. Sexual sin. In the first wrestling session, the only and attractive girl asked me if she could practice with me. I came to learn how to fight, not to have intercourse with a girl...
    In BJJ, my training partner just sat on my private part for about a minute. He told me, he was just waiting in that position to ask the coach about a move. What the hell.
    Another highly educated girl did something similar, although just for couple seconds.
    Again another female training partner "abused" me.
    Obviously, I'm not bad looking but anyone can come to a "sexual" encounter at least to some extent.

    10. Meditation. Just don't.

    I got the first Sign from God about two months before I got baptized. I felt God's Love in an incredible Way during a BJJ sparring session with a female try-hard like never before. In such a Way that I could barely defend myself and she got disappointed. I knew God was asking me why I was doing all that stuff in a lovely Way but I did not want to stop because I had paid for the whole year and it was not cheap at all.

    The next Sign I got when I was at the airport two months after baptism and after I had fallen back into sin. I dreamed the whole scene few weeks or even months before this incident happened. I was on my way to Thailand because I wanted to improve my Thai boxing skills and have some fun. I planned almost everything in detail but yet forgot the most essential thing for the trip: my passport.
    I got really disappointed but God forbid the things would have happened to me and the sins I would have done there.
    Two months later, I made a tough decision and quitted martial arts and combat sports once for all.

    TL;DR Repent from your sins and stop doing or watching TMA, MMA and combat sports.
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  2. Good post.

    "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."

    Congratulation for 365 days. With God everything possible.
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  3. Exactly the verse which is most fitting to this thread.
    Thank you, soon you'll be there too with God's Guidance and Help.
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  5. brilliantidiot

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    I'm a lukewarm boxing fan and I'm pretty sure thats just fine. Its not considered violence if its a sport
  6. I had this question myself - is MMA godly?

    I am not convinced that it's not though - there are fighters out there who conduct themselves very professionally, and treat the fighting as an art. You would know a few of them.
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    Jesus taught us love and respect, never violence and that is clear many times throughout the bible. But in today's society things are always changing and while the principle of do unto others as you would have them do unto you, if two people agree to exchange blows then in my opinion there is mutual respect there. I am not speaking on all MMA styles as I am not knowledgeable enough to speak on them, but I come from a boxing background where when done right there is nothing but love and respect for the other person. You are not fighting out of malice, hate or ill intent but because you respect the sport and the benefits it reaps. With that said, this is a very fine line because once you cross it you are now fighting for pride, money, stature etc. and those are sinful in nature and that is what God wants us to stay away from.
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