Masks are making objectification worse

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Knighthawk, Jul 13, 2020.

  1. Now that every girl is in a mask but little clothing, I can’t look at their faces to stop me from looking solely at their other parts. I’m fucked
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  2. DrabToLight

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    As an idea, remind yourself that the mask she is wearing is to stop a global pandemic of a virus that literally sucks the air out of the human body - thus leaving a person gasping for air during their final moment of life.

    That might make it a bit less sexy?

    -- D2L
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  3. Yeah I’m not buying that
  4. Rick Seng

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    I know it triggers you, but men brain is designed to look at women, it is human and in built with men psychology I think. But yeah difficult to control the trigger :D
  5. Kashif_khan_mohammadzai

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    I live in the most conservative part of pakistan .charsadda , KPK . And women here are fully covered and still only a glimpse of an average looking woman is sufficient to make me mind boggling horny . I am on a long streak btw Alhamdulillah .
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  6. Easy, if you objectify woman when you watch them, stop watching them. Helps with achieving big streaks in nofap. Plus the pandemic hysteria doesn't last forever.
  7. It's just another excuse that your brain makes. Be aware of it.
    Simply speaking: you're not fu**ed. Just keep doing NoFap.
  8. OoMahidoO

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    My Journal
    You're not F**ked, humans are weird and weak, you just have to remind urself to not look at woman as object, remember ur mother or sister when you are in these situations.
    Its okay just dont look that way. MasAllah bro, keep strong always, amazing streak, InshAllah you will be rewarded for it by Allah.
  9. Kashif_khan_mohammadzai

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    Thank you brother . Yes I believe I will be rewarded in both my lives .
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