Massage parlour addiction (trigger warning)

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Bob8, Apr 6, 2021.

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    So about 5 years ago, i started going to massage parlours for my neck and back pain, with my job i get a lot of strain on my shoulders and neck, and i also have (had) pretty bad posture which doesn't help the situation..

    When i was in big cities like London for example, i would be walking around and find these Thai massage places to get an hour long massage, it started off as an innocent thing to fix my shoulder and neck strain, and be seeking out a deep-tissue style massage to relieve me of all my knots.

    One day i walked into this new massage place that i hadn't previously visited, i asked for an hour long deep tissue massage and for them to please focus on neck and shoulders.

    Was showed to the room, where the lady said ''take off all your clothes and use the towel and i'll be back in a moment'' i took all my clothes off and left my boxers on and didn't use the towel.. she came back in, and grabbed my boxers and said ''take off?'' i was like ''oh.. okay.. yeah sure..'' she removed them for me, and it was kind of arousing... i was lying there butt naked, and she didn't use the towel.. she started oiling up my body and it felt really good, after about 15 minutes of massage she started working on the lower half of my body, and running her hands up my leg and getting super close to my 'parts' it turned quite sensual in the way she was touching me, i felt amazing and the tease of what she was doing was super exciting.

    After another 10 minutes of this, she asked me to turn over, i was like.. ''yeah?... okay...'' i have an erection and i'm about to turn over, this is awkward, but she must of seen hundreds of dicks doing this..'' i turned over, and she continued to massage my legs with my erect penis just out there, throbbing in the wind, she kept complimenting me with ''you so handsome'' ''very sexy body'' i knew something was about to go down.. within minutes she moved up towards it and started massaging it, she grabbed my arm and said ''happy ending?'' i was like.. ''uh.... yeah... okay?...'' she said ''okay thats £30''... i jumped up and paid her from the cash i had in my wallet, led back down, and she continued to do her magic... after 5-10 minutes of her trying to make me cum through a handjob, i stopped her and said, ''don't worry... thankyou...but, its ok..i never cum'' she was shocked and looked really disappointed that she had failed or something, and the fact that i paid for this extra without completion.

    I showered, got dressed, and left.

    1 week later, i returned.. to the same place, this time i was offered a different lady, i felt like i needed that excitement of being massaged and maybe getting teased and offered this sex act.. (even though knowing fine well that none of them would ever make me cum, hugely due to porn consumption and the fact i had been masturbating for 12 years daily, no one could ever make me cum through handjobs, and i was okay with that)

    It went the same way, about 30-40 minutes into the massage she got quite close to my 'area' and was teasing and tickling me rather than massaging me, IMO this was the best part, the fact that a supposedly 'professional massage' turning into something naughty and sex related was quite a turn-on, she turned me over, and offered the same thing, but this time i declined.. as i didn't want to waste £30-40 on something that wouldn't get me to completion.

    I was hooked on this, i would seek them out a few times a month, if not every week if i was in the right location for it, this lasted for about 2-3 years before i realised that it was a complete waste of money (costing around £45-60 for an hour long massage depending on the quality of the place) and since my neck and shoulder problems were over i was only going in there for the tease, the build-up, and then turning down all these handjob extras, because most of the time a 'nice' massage would turn into a shit massage when you turn down the 'extra'

    I'm guessing i wasn't alone in this bad habit, who else out there has dealt with these places? and has stories?
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    Ive dealt with the exact same process.

    After almost daily PMO for 10 years, I had seeked out a real sexual encounters. In college, tinder hookups and clubbing hookups was the high for me. Eventually, the embarrassment of not being able to cum and a busier schedule at school lead me to stop.

    This was when I looked for quick and eaay alternatives. Came across a massage parlor during the summer back at home. Researched it like crazy for a few hours. Basically going through softcore P of the models that were never actually in the parlor.

    Then, I went. Teasing was the best part of it. After turning over, I could never cum. Every frequent visit I decided to try different spots with different extras each time. Over the course of two years, it became just as addictive as PMO.

    Youre not alone man. Its another level of Sex addiction. The thousands of dollars spent is a byproduct of this addiction.
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    Thank you for sharing your story. This is an area I fantasize about but don’t go over and reading your story reminds me of the dangers that this could have in my life.
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  4. Massage parlors were my biggest vice in the sex industry, more than escorts. The teasing and sensual nature of the massage was one reason but another was that I enjoyed the thrill of the hunt. The biggest rush for me would be getting a handjob at a place that was supposed to be legitimate. It's happened quite a few times where the girl wanted a tip and nervously told me to keep quiet so she wouldn't get in trouble with management.

    There has never been a time that I left a massage parlor without feeling depressed. The slow and teasing massage turns into a mechanical, piston-like handjob culminating to an ultimately unfulfilling orgasm.

    The very last thing I did before starting my semen retention streak was to go to a parlor. I couldn't finish, barely got hard, and sitting in my car afterwards I felt completely empty inside. I knew I was finished forever.
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    Oh man, the rabbithole of AMP’s.
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    I made sure to put it in the title, did you not see it?
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    "There has never been a time that I left a massage parlor without feeling depressed."

    This may have just saved me from acting out. Had a shitty morning, depressed yesterday, and had this bad habit as well. The chase is the best part. I have researched for hours, and hours, and hours. On a forum with reviews. Spend way too much time. Sometimes it escalates into porn if I dont actually visit.

    I like the massage parlours more than escorts as well. Leading up to it sounds great. Afterwards you feel like complete shit, waste of money and time.
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  9. Thank you for sharing this.
    I can totally imagine how, under similar circumstances, I might have also gotten hooked on, well, paying decent money to get a mediocre massage and an hour long tease. :rolleyes:

    I went to such places, maybe half a dozen times about 20 years ago in California. In this case the "happy ending" was included. I recall quite clearly that it was $80- for a bath (soaking by yourself), then getting your whole body cleaned with a sponge by an older asian woman (kind of awkward) and then a maybe 30 minute somewhat mediocre massage (nude, but no teasing) and ending with a hand job. The thing is, I could masturbate for hours and would often go half an hour or longer when having sex or receiving a hand job or blow job, if I could achieve orgasm at all, but every time I went to those massage parlours, I would blow my load in under a minute every time.
    I would even MO shortly before going hoping that I could enjoy the hand job for longer, but still I'd be ejaculating in under 60 seconds. :oops:

    I would tip $20 every time because that felt appropriate, but I think I appreciated that the happy ending was included, rather than something haggled for and agreed to. Felt less like prostitution. Still, part of the reason why I went so infrequently was the fear of a police raid as well as someone seeing me go into the parlour. And, that was A LOT of money for me at the time.

    Flash forward. For years I have been getting legitimate massages. I also hold my stress in my neck and shoulders, but I have tight hamstrings as well. Having my legs worked on can be tricky sometimes, especially when the hands get near the inner thighs. Sometimes I would get aroused during a massage, and it was hard not to hope that it would happen again the next time :rolleyes:

    Once, when I was first doing NoFap and probably so wound up that I was ready to pop, I went in for my regular monthly massage at a legitimate but franchised spa with high staff turnover. There was nothing sexual about the massage at all (or was there? It's always hard to tell!) but when she started massaging my right thigh I started to get an erection . . . and, the mere friction of the growing erection as it rubbed against the sheets was too much and before I knew it, I blew my load! :eek:

    The nice, homely girl clearly sensed that something happened as my body tensed and jerked. She asked me, "are you okay?" and when I assured her that I was, she asked "Is it okay to go on?" and the massage continued. At the end, I was utterly horrified to see how much of a mess I made of those sheets, tried my best to cover it up, and left in utter fear that I might get a visit from the police or a call from the management asking me never to come back.

    Nothing happened. Somehow I found the balls to get another massage from the same girl, she smiled politely as if nothing had ever happened (maybe she balled up the sheets, threw them in the wash and truly had no idea what had happened??) and, as it happens, she was one of the best massage therapists that I have ever had, I rarely got aroused and never blew my load like that again.
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    It doesn’t start off with any triggers and the title is there. So if a documentary on prostitution turns you on, you can close the video in time. I watched the whole thing and didn’t get triggered for a second. If somebody gets triggered by girls in short skirts, I guess he’ll have to stay home throughout the upcoming summer.
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    Nice one for the replies, guys.

    Just to clarify i no-longer have an addiction to these places, i kicked it a few years ago, i just wanted to share my story and see if anyone could relate to what i went through, and to also give a warning to anyone who may end up in the same cycle i did.
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    warning, trigger! Spent tens of thousands on massages on both coasts - I like to think of myself as an enlightened free spirit who enjoys sensual pleasures - but the happy ending massage thing is prostitution, and I didn't fully realize this until I ended up actually having full on intercourse with a "therapist" in NYC two years ago. Unprotected of course. It was shocking and incredibly hot, but man it felt wrong, and I'm lucky I didn't get an STD. My privilege and my money mask the transactional nature of the "spa" where they body scrub you, lead you into a private room, and usually give you a naked massage and handjob. But this time the girl put my hand on her body, and encouraged me to remove her clothes which I did, and proceeded to have really great sex with her--or so I thought. Of course she couldn't give a shit about me and afterwards tried to sell me her services as an escort when I come to town. The fact that she begged me to fuck her without a condom and I did knowing full well that I was probably her tenth client today goes against everything I know, been taught, told others, it was reckless and abusive--but fuck I'm 60 years old and I haven't fucked a 20 something year old in 40 years and never been with a prostitute and it was unbelievable and then it was over and I felt like a stud, and a loser, and the dopamine addict that I am, and I should have been at a movie or a concert or jazz club or at the library! I haven't kicked the massage thing yet, but I'm down to once a month (after the pandemic) and frankly the other PMO and cam addiction is changing my sexual response so it doesn't really do it for me anymore anyway--once you've gotten the therapist naked on the table and gone for it the run of the mill tease rub and tug barely gets me hard.
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    So youve detailed your problem.
    But not what you are going to do about it.
    So what are you going to do about it?
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    I'm now 6 days without PMO and I'm trying to figure out how I really feel about the massages, but for the moment I'm saving my money
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    If you read the thread properly you would of seen that i stated twice that i have overcome this addiction, i was using this just to share my story and to find out how common this problem was for other people, and also let them share their story / experience.
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    Massage with happy ending is very dangerous. I got caught into it for years. And hopefully am out of it now.
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    Thanks for sharing your story man. I'm struggling with escort addiction. Not sure how to overcome it, really bringing me down. I've started seeing a therapist which there anything that helped you to overcome this??
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    To keep it short and simple, is to find yourself a Significant Other. I met my S/O while on day 6 of NoFap. (4 months in)

    I was at the Spa, and saw a beautiful woman there, I hesitated at first, but decided to ask for her number. So now I have a girlfriend and a potential side piece.

    And my motivation for NoFap is in building Relationships with females.

    try this. Next time you see an attractive female, instead of hiding your face; and feeling shame about your attraction for her, Just be honest with her. Introduce yourself, cut it short.

    “What’s up?”
    “Nothing much, just chilling”
    “Are you seeing anybody at the moment?”
    If Yes, Cool. Ask another. Hell- right in-front of her even. AND IF NOT.
    “Not at the moment, why?”

    “would you like to talk a little more?”
    “Hmm, sure why not”

    BOOM. Than just be chill, and set up a date dude.

    woman love a man who engages and goes after what he wants. Not a man who lives in fear, and stares at her for 20 minutes straight
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  20. Went to an AMP one time it was not that great the lady did give a good massage , could not imagine going to a regular massage place would be to embarrased when they told me to turn over , Also the AMP i went to got busted on the news the next day so that was enough motivation never to go back.

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