massive balls pain after a week of nofap

Discussion in 'Abstinence, Retention, and Sexual Transmutation' started by realsawyer, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. Coolyorky

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    Edging causes blue balls! Obviously you can get it doing Nofap but edging really brings it on. (Edging also hinders reboot. Don’t do it ever!)
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  2. Mr. Research

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    Interesting thread. I have the same problem right now and this was always the point when I was telling myself that NoFap forever can't be healthy as long as I don't have enough sex so I still ejaculate regularly.

    In my opinion I don't put lots of thoughts into sex and I also don't edge or watch porn. I never touch my penis while it's hard. The pain even woke me up tonight. At night is also the time of the day when the pain is at it's peak. It's getting stronger every morning. It's a huge pain in my balls and also in my stomach right above the penis, where the bladder supposed to be. It's kind of burning there, but I can assure you, that there is no illness or whatever. I've already let that check. As soon as I fap, it's gone. I hope this stage passes, otherwise I can't believe that ejaculating only while having a wet dream is enough to stay healthy.
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    I didnt read the post, I just join the topic for the tittle.

    I must say, It happen to me when I estimulate myself or I get aroused for something. Maybe some edging is originating it?
  4. King777

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    Whenever my balls start to hurt after a long streak -and they usually start to hurt when I fantasize about something, having an erection instantly which is normal after a long streak or after edging- I stop what I'm doing, I get into the bathroom and take a cold shower. Cold shower is the most effective and the only way that works for me.
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    When my balls hurt that much, time to call fuck buddy.
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  6. PeskyAlien

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    If you phantasize about having sex with particular girl/woman, just put the picture before your mind of a chaste woman, especially those who emphasized motherly role rather than erotic role.

    An indian proverb says that wise man considers all women except his wife as his mother. That way one can normalize his sex drive. Rhetorically said, would you ever phantasize about having sex with your mother?

    There is also quick yoga excercise described in my signature. As signature says do this excercise 2-3 times. I would like to add, if you are in bed and the urge come, spread your leg in O shape, when doing it. With O shape I mean 1) spread your leg, 2) bend them at the knee, 3) join your feet together. I instinctively discovered O shape even before I knew about exhaling the air and contracting the navel... etc.

    Man, this exercise work like you press the button and turn the lights off. It really helps. + cold water on your reproductive organs, or pieces of ice in towel, on them. When sleeping have light pillow and pajama, without underpants. Underpants make pressure on your reproductive organs and stimulate them. Empty your urine bladder before going to sleep. Eating late, and eating sweet food can cause wet dreams or O, without M or wet dream. Go to the bed at least ten o clock PM. It is very advisable going to bed at nine o clock PM.

    I need to admit that sleeping without underpants is still rather owkward to me. I practice this habit, but I need to be accustomed to this habit yet. If you need to go to kitchen in pajama without underpants, it would be better of, to take a night coat on. Because if you went without night coat, your genital organs can be noticed just below lover part of your pajama. When you haven't underpants the night coat can cover them far better than pajama only.
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  7. MarkN96

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    same here. except it hurts when i do "masturbate" but only with movement or if im touching it. and when i tried to stop masturbating and gave up and ejaculated, my testicles were even more painful. that's one of the reasons it's hard for me to stop masturbating, is once i do give up and masturbate, ill have that. i only got this like 2 years, and annoying burning/irritation pain when i urinate for about 3 years.

    am i going to keep devolping new symptoms as i go on? it seems that way.
  8. realsawyer

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    It's been a while since I created this tread. I've learnt a lot along since then. At the beginning I would cure the blue balls with a very mechanical M. without watching P. What I mean by that is I didn't fatasise during the proces. My aim was strictly to O. and for the pain to be gone. But at my second streak I've noticed that the pain doesn't appear so often, and is also less intense. So I gave up M. completly. My idea is that once you're used to unloading regularly, your body has a cycle of producing a lot of seamen. But with time, if you avoid getting aroused, chances are you won't have this problem any more.

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