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  1. Alright, my fapstraunats. This is the longest streak I have been on, hard mode for a special reason will tell you in a sec. I wanted to write this to inspire others about or already have started this journey and heading to were I am today on Day 52.

    I have previously been in 3 streaks 2 lasting 3 weeks and one lasting 6 weeks. On both occasions I noticed massive life achievements. On this one though I noticed it gets easier the more previous streaks you have had.

    Now, jumping to the content, I have been with my ex gf for 2 years and now that I am thinking about it I never was serious about a relationship and just really wanted to company but I never had the guts to end it leading to fights. After my relapse on my third streaks, it didn't get better with my brain fog and all. I always had these illusion of wanting to be this massive playa but aye that's just me. After the break up, I was like "how am I going to do this NoFap without sex " that I have no gf. I started the journey 3 days after the break up and boy the first week was torture. My brain fog was off the roof and it was the beggining of summer here in Australia which didn't help. No panadol or anything could help but I knew I was in the journey.

    Fast forward to today these are my achievements. Please note, at the end of my streak, completion of 90 days, I am aiming to do a well defined professional upload of my whole journey and benefits look out for it called ( You will stop porn if you sink this in).

    - Completed my masters program. Been doing a 1.5 year program for 4 years. Had a supplementary paper to complete, last assignment to attain the program. Aced it !!!.
    - Massive fat loss and shredded. Started a lean body exercise and diet program. I love my body now, though generally I been healthy, no gut coming out. I simplified my diet and exercise to ensure consistency - works well
    - Massive success with women :- You will be shocked of were I am now, especially that I am single, this week starting Monday I have 3 dates arranged for the week. I slept with 1 chick so far and wow the sex was awesome but I didn't orgasm so I'm still on hard mode. I started my diet program and approach 2 girls daily Monday to Friday and I have hit a critical mass. I approached this girl at the shopping centre and on texting she was like wow I admire your courage. I have made girls 9/10s fight one another for me in clubs. I am learning so much about social cues and women, a feeling I cannot describe. Guys you have to know what I feel, you won't regret it, getting real women is the way. I have my work girls arranging me my going away party. On my day game, I have recently been approaching like 5 girls daily, spending 30 minutes with girls in the shops and I am realizing so much about women, they are not all that bitchy as I taught. Importantly, I have realised I can get the 9/10s with ease and aye the chick I hit was a 9 haha.
    - General social skills :- Big change here, before unless your my close friend I won't pick up or respond to text as I would be brain fog from porn. I find myself attentive to others, more talkative at work, cracking a joke or two with my managers, before I was always nervous when they are around. I have even arranged a work outing barbacue and many people attended. I am returning to how I was before NoFap socially, started fapping at 19 now i am 25.
    - OCD symptoms :- A major life shift i noticed is i have got rid of my perfectionist illusion, i dont make plans anymore, im not too bothered of my house being super clean to the dot, i am a lot more organized and mature that i feel my anxiety has reduced from getting things right. The concept of perfection is impossible has hit me at last.
    - More positivity in life :- Guys this is probably the biggest one. I am now as i feel on the journey of my life. I am reading inspirational books daily, currently reading the power of now by ekhart tolle. I am watching RSD obsessively and i honestly give RSD tyler a lot of credit for my advancement. I am spending my time going for beach walks and doing things that make me happy. Their is no negativity in my life at all, well i dont see it.

    Guys, speaking from my heart, think about the good sex, more finance success, more healthier life, more success with women rather than fapping to those stars you can get a real person not to mention the psychological damage it causes. IS FAPPING WORTH IT? Give yourself permission to attain the above. Well if you already have them, with NoFap they get better. I am not going back now, I am definitely finishing this journey. I have all I ever wanted in life, I knew it was attainable but couldn't fiqure out why I couldn't get it until I discovered NoFap. And aye one more thing, their would be days you will feel like your head is about to explode, that's what I felt even in week 5. Nothing helped me then but patience and talking to myself that it's the brain rewiring. Be strong then please, it's worth the wait.

    Please feel free to ask me anything on the feedback and please feel free to comment whether you are at the beginning or in a streak or have completed

    Many thanks
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    Whoa thts awesome! I'm acc so much more inspired to stop now! I've noticed these changes as well but on a smaller scale since I haven't stopped as long as u, but yh I'm defo not gonna do it for a very long time, cheers for the inspiration bro!
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    Really inspiring text! Congratulations and thank you! :)
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    Madison, good on you, mate. I'm super glad to read this post. I've been inspired by Rsd Tyler, a lot, too. It's amazing to see how much he's improved over the years. He seems to have gained a better personality the more hair he's lost and more beard he's grown ;). Your courage in approach is way beyond my own, so I'd better catch up. I feel like a social cripple. But I'll definitely take inspiration from you. If approaching women seems impossible to me now, so did getting to 31 days of no PMO. It can be torture in the beginning, but after a while it seems effortless, and it becomes far easier to approach and get numbers and get it on than to hesitate and be shy. I know this because I've been in the zone, too. You're reminding me of my previous success. Keep up your excellent work, brother, and thanks for being an inspiration!
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  5. Thanks for your response. Yeah Tyler and them RSD guys are an great inspirational. I like Tyler's approach which he described to improving 0.0001% everyday, applying that in game is crucial and will give you the head start. I love NoFap about a month left. Keep going mate and good luck.
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    Thanks man,that helps!
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    Hey Bro
    Well done. I appreciate the work you have done to get to where you are today.
    I recently have come out of a long distance relationship. My ex-wife and I agreed to separate in early February and just last week we decided to get a divorce.
    I have been working on giving up Porn for a good two years now. Though I am more focussed then ever my streaks are getting much longer. I am more and more confident with social situations.
    I like how confident you sound approaching other women and within social situations.
    At present for me I am not interested in pursuing another relationship with a woman until I am more settled in my life.
    Though I feel a lot more confident then I have in the past.
    Thanks for sharing your journey mate.
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  8. Hey Mate,

    I know I feel it bro, tough times but like they say " you come out stronger ". Me personally, I was put in a situation I had to go out otherwise I would relapse fast, at least when I had a gf I could get my sex their, not having her meant it was either porn or go out.

    After these kind of situation, the last think we want us guys is another relationship, bad move. However, I find this is the time to go back to old stuff you used to enjoy, for me it was old school hip hop. I strongly encourage reading a lot of books and watching motivational seminars on YouTube, eg Brian Tracy and Jim Rhon. Their is always light their.

    Best of luck
    Keep strong
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    Great job!
  10. All_384

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    Hey mate, just want to say a very well done to you..outstanding effort..
    I’m currently on day 13 & boy hasn’t today been tough (OCD intrusive thoughts)..
    I’ve started nofap so I can help my brain repair itself lol.
    I’ll get there I’m sure mate..
    Very proud of you mate, keep it up :)
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    So great to hear all of this stuff happening to you, and the success you've had so far. "IS FAPPING WORTH IT?" Ain't that the truth.
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    Wow outstanding!! Thanks for the inspiration!!
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