Masturbation can be very healthy this is how

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    Current streak: 407 days no PMO, semen retention

    Clarification : usually I advice to do this practice if you already have high amounts of energy and some type of reboot and self control or at least 150 days streak, otherwise this practice can make you relapse or drain the little sexual energy you have.

    In tantra and tao there is a practice with masturbation if you are single and it can be very healing I personally don’t like to do it. I prefer only use my sexual energy in the context of sexual enjoyment while I’m having sex, but if you just constantly relapse to PMO, cannot live without masturbation, you need this feeling then this is a very healthy way to deal with it.

    I’ve done it 2 times in my life and after I did it, all the desire to masturbate vanished like magic, I became friends of my penis and of masturbation I was at peace with it and somehow the desire to masturbate never ever crossed my mind, this can be use both for women and men. But if you can live without masturbation or feeling any need to have sex, you better don’t do it. There is no need. Also if you have a sexual partner you better have sex and try to have non ejaculatory sex, women can have an orgasm there is no problem there.

    The technique

    This technique is called lingam massage for men and yoni massage for women in tantra or solo practice in tao. The point is to do a masturbation meditation.

    Lying down in your bed in a clean room put some candles or a good smell in the room. Lights not so strong, you can put some gentle music if you like, no sexual imagery or fantasy is allowed. Get some almond oil start by putting some in your body touch all your body gently like a massage, don’t touch your penis or vagina right away. After a while you touch your upper body the go to the pubic area, explore it, touch it in different forms then go to your penis or vagina and touch it gently then you can start masturbation try to feel your reproductive organ and all the sensations in your body do not focus exclusively in your penis/vagina it’s a full body experience. Do it slow, enjoy it.

    Masturbation creates an excess of feminine energy in case of girls and in case of boys masculine energy this excess is what causes an unstoppable desire to ejaculate or to have an orgasm so you can do a bit of a meditation called the microcosmic orbit meditation while you masturbate, this balance both masculine and femenine energy, the energy starts from your reproductive organ and then moves upwards trough your spine it’s of a red color and hot you feel it hot it represents your masculine energy then this energy goes down and it connects in your palate with your tongue here it becomes blue, cold and feminine it goes down to your coccyx and then back up your spine, you can do this several times.

    Don’t go to the point of ejaculation, stop after some time also don’t do this excessively for hours, 30 min is more than good. Guys cannot ejaculate while doing this; girls can allow themselves to have an orgasm but don’t do it excessively.

    Conclusion: try a lingam or yoni massage to cure PMO addiction your body and the pleasure that comes out of it is sacred you just have to find a healthy way to deal with it.

    this is the microcosmic orbit
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    I usually agree with your posts, but this one is a red flag.

    I'll have to strongly disagree , you're forgetting that a lot of people on this forum, unlike yourself, were addicted to PMO and Porn for them is always attached to MO. Telling someone like that , that it's healthy to engage in MO is really ignorant. The neuropathway is wired together and you're encouraging edging by telling them its healthy. That will lead them down the road of relapse. Perhaps a clear minded individual , the mind of someone who isn't addicted might benefit from what you mentioned, but I doubt there's many of those on this forum. On top of that, you've done this twice? It's like telling an alcoholic: "Bro don't worry don't drink hard liquor, just slowly take some beer instead. It's not as strong, so you'll be fine!"

    You were never addicted to PMO, so you don't necessarily, truly understand how much it affected others. You were blessed to have a father who taught you from a young age about semen retention and tantra, most of us were not. Don't take this the wrong way, you do offer a lot of useful knowledge for people, but please be a bit more considerate on what you post. If a nofap noobie saw this, a post like this will most certainly slow down their recovery for months and hurt their expectation. This advice is only for those who are not actual porn and masturbation addicts. Perhaps placing it in semen retention forum would be better, even at that, I don't think it belongs on this forum at all.
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    I disagree if you are anyway going to relapse why don't you try this method. Maybe it will work.

    It's an experiment not a general treatment. What is the point of relapsing every 5 days.

    Just like the heroin addict needs methadone the addict can have good benefits from the same source of his affliction.
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    That is not a valid argument as a physician I've treated many addicts, mental illnesses and sick people without suffering what they have.

    I can see the problem from an objective view. The addict or recovery addict can not fully help other addict because he has not yet figured out how to cure himself so if he's not cured how can he cure others?
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    You’re getting way too defensive. Also , you're quoting me wrong , I said " truly understand HOW MUCH IT AFFECTED OTHERS"

    You’re not offering a different treatment, you’re encouraging someone to try to edge which is more of the same. Your objective view is telling someone to edge, what do you think they will edge to? What type of fantasy? Porn wired fantasy.

    I also said in my post you bring a lot of value to this forum. I never said you cannot offer advice because you were never addicted. And to your point, yes you can assist and treat mental illness, but does that mean you also feel the withdrawal as they do? No. That’s all I meant when I said you don’t truly understand. In no way did I say you are not empathetic towards them or helpful.

    So as I mentioned before. Please be more considerate before you post this sort of thing.
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  6. Allot of you guys are bashing him on this Tantric post, but yet you maybe haven’t even tried it yourselfs. I’m not saying it’s bad either good; I’ve myself had experiences where I didn’t feel anything bad after a kind of message or thoughts of a loved one with masturbation. Again I’m not encouraging it. Even with meditation you can focus on the sacral area and you’ll still get aroused or feelings will come up.

    I guess what he’s trying to say is that we can re route the energy with this practice over time. He’s not telling to go off and fap. He’s trying to be knowledgeable in healing.
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    What about the high dopamine release?
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    This is a well known technique in Tao to control premature ejaculation and balance energy while being single. There is no fantasy or porn asociation with it.

    If you simply cannot stop relapsing try it. It may help. It may even cure your problem.

    Sexuality is not something to run away embrace it.
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    It's different just like when you have sex and don't ejaculate or when you do sports is healthy dopamine. This practice you are in a completely different state of mind it rewires the brain to a healthy asociation with your reproductive organ to your own sexuality.
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    But as I said 30 min don't do it all day long this is not edging
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    I mean guys sex is something only very few people can live without that is why tantra and tao were created by people who spent many hours in the mountains doing meditation and not even them were able to live without sex. I've met monks I've been one and it's not easy task.

    The easiest way to deal with sex is trough sex itself with a couple or solo sexual practices as I mentioned. You don't really see a lot of people around here fully recovered or with long streaks. I don't think repression of sexuality is the way or just meditation, cold showers and sports there needs to be a sexual practice involved in the recovery if you simply can not have peace of mind without sex.

    That is just my view.
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    But if you feel strong and calm without masturbation or sex then don't listen to me. To each person a particular medicine is given for his disease.
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    I'm too afraid to try this at my stage for several reasons but it's certainly an interesting topic. I have however started to try a breathing exercise with the purpose of creating energy circulation around the microcosmic orbit. But all of that is new to me so I find it quite hard and I guess it takes a lot of time to learn.
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    @modern milarepa I think what the others were pointing at is not that the technique you described is not effective or that it has to lead to a relapse. The problem is that practising it properly is not as simple for a recovering addict as it is for you, someone very experienced with such techniques. I am in no doubt this could be a great tool to prevent relapse for someone who is in control of his body and mind, sexually and spiritually like you are. But the majority of the members of this forum are probably not and I can easily see this being a slippery slope for someone in acute withdrawal, still with a mind still full of P images.

    Is it really that unlikely, that someone who has just started their reboot might want to try it - but they were not experienced at meditation and quieting their mind? So they would start, but porn images start popping up in your mind, and you already have your penis in your hand, right? I remember times when that alone was enough to lead me to relapse. And even now, I am not confident that I could handle such risk.
    This is why the "do not judge it if you have not tried it" argument is not really relevant - the meditation might be very helpful for someone, but the problem is where it might lead the very beginners on NoFap.

    And really, I am not trying to "ridicule your truth" or attack you, but this seems like a reasonable argument, doesn't it to you?
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    I don't know my man @L1ght usually this is how addictions are treated with a substitute similar to the addictive substance usually going cold turkey can be very damaging and hard to succeed.

    I just don't see it. I don't see real success stories with sublimation techniques and cold turkey as is usually done here in the page. Very few make it.

    I think the cure needs to involved solo practice or better non ejaculatory sex if you can do it.

    Not even regular people without porn addiction can live without sexual stimuli, even monks in the mountains have trouble living without sex is a hard skill for a human being to have let alone an addict it's just too hard. There is no need to be so hard on yourself.
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    I cured myself from the addiction in part doing M without P and without escaping plus sex.

    Even that I reached 90 days in hard mode, I couldn't do it for much more, is fcking hard.

    And I understand the concern of some, especially in the beginning is hard to disassociate M from P.

    You said you satisfy your sexual energy only with Sex. Don't you feel the need for more, doing M? or your frequency doing sex is enough, and if so, how many times more or less?
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    Well, I made the post not thinking about me. More about thinking in others. Specially someone fighting PMO and single.

    I only had sex once in the last 5 months and can spend years without M or sex. I can control it. I never masturbate. But that is me.
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    And I can have sex anytime I want. Plenty girls want to have sex with me. It is more about waiting a quality girl. It can take time and a bit of luck.

    I can wait or say no even if I have the opportunity to have sex with a beautiful girl

    This is a thread I made about this

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