Masturbation doesn't cause depression. Period.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by JustinX, Mar 11, 2018.

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    I used to think that it does. I used to feel depressed after masturbation, too.

    Now I see that I felt depressed not because of masturbation but because of underlying life issues. A masturbation just acts as magnifying glass that magnifies the depression if you have it already inside you. Now I see that it was never only about masturbation, but afterwards I used to play pc games, procrastinate, being introverted and subsequently I felt like total screw up. And on top of that I tried to hide it and pretend everything is alright ---> direct recipe for depression.

    If you dont have any depression, masturbation has nothing to magnify.
    Today I relapsed in the morning, I woke up with hard on and memories of the girl I fucked recently came to me and they were so vivid that it was hard to not jerk off to them. So I did.

    Afterwards I went for training and I finally managed to learn some amazing tricks on training that I was struggling for some time. They were so great. Although I fell badly at the end and injured my knee, went to hospital, got X-ray, got to use crutches, all in all it was not so serious and in a week time I should be totally alright. Afterwards I had a great talk with my friends group, long pleasant call with my family and now listening awesome music and singing, writing this post, feeling full of energy and planning what to do tomorrow. What an awesome day. Who cares I jerk off. It was still awesome.
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    I have my doubts about this. Even if my life is good and there is nothing underlying ( believe me, there is not ! ), I still get depression moods without me even knowing about it. It randomly happens and it happens more a few days after masturbation. As soon as I stay without masturbation then it goes a lot better, as for more things in my life. I find it another reason to motivate me to stay without masturbation and/or porn !!
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  3. LilD

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    It's a good analogy. I believe the same applies to alcohol and drugs.

    Yet, I think there are some hormonal effects which are triggered by masturbation, so it's possible that it contributes to depression directly. And even if it's only a catalyst, isn't it stupid to do "magnify" you problems?

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