masturbation has killed me (story time)

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by whatamidoingwithmylife, May 31, 2019.

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    masturbation has killed me and my social life.

    it has killed so much of my enthusiasm, creativity, motivation and patience that i am feeling so hard to write this thread.

    i have been masturbating since i was 12 and now i am 17. during this period there's hardly been a day passed where i haven't masturbated.

    it has affected me so much that i become isolated from other people so much that i literally have no one in life except my mom, sister and grandma. my dad is a jerk. i lost all my friends and people i have met in school or in other places because i am bad at keeping relationship with anyone and socializing. i am on my break and i dont have anyone to be or talk with.

    as i am on my break i decided to learn and do something new. i tried to learn python on udemy but it didnt go well and i decided to quit because i find it difficult to write complex algorithms for making tic tac toe game. may be because i didnt practise much and expecting instant result or i lack thinking or maybe i lack motivation to do it. i dont know.

    after that i decided to write a blog on climate change and other global issues. so i bought a domain(yes i paid). i thought i am gonna be a writer and started dreaming big but things didnt go smoothly. before i tell anything just to let you know that i havent written a single article in my life ( heyy so how did you do your school projects huh ?? ..... well answer is just 3 words google copy paste). when i started writing i realised hmm its not that easy as i thought. i struggled so much just to write the introduction of that article on climate change. it took me almost an hour just to write the introduction. i realised that i lack creativity to become writer. after writing just 2 articles i gave up writing.

    i am literally not good at anything. i dont have a hobby nor interest in anything.

    any suggestion please let me know

    anyway thanks for reading .

    good day !
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    You are only 17 man, you have a life ahead. My suggestions go nofap 90 days hard mode, then start learning PYTHON by 45 mintes a day, consistency is the key to success!!!
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    Why don't you just embrace being by yourself. You're 17 now, and after around 30 your going to be alone anyway.
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    Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself! You are worthwhile and have the potential to be anything you want to be!

    What do you think prevents you from having meaningful relationships and socialising? Is it your environment? Is it the type of people you surround yourself with? Is it circumstance? Is it anxiety? Unrefined communication skills? Do you put yourself out there enough?

    Working out the root cause of this will be the first step in recognising how to improve your social situation.

    You say, “I don’t have a hobby or interest in anything” but give two instances above of things that have interested you; writing and coding.
    If practicing these makes you happy, do it! If it becomes difficult you should persevere! This is how you will learn and grow. However, always make sure you are having fun with hobbies. When finding new ones, don’t be afraid to take something up you wouldn’t typically want to try.

    Have you thought about learning other coding languages? Could you start off simpler and work up to writing a tic tac toe game?

    Maybe you could write about something other climate change? Unless you have an extensive knowledge or have done research on, it will be hard to write about! Don’t constrain yourself to one non-fiction topic. How about writing a diary? A memoir? A science-fiction novel? By their very nature, these formats will allow for greater creativity and allow you to express yourself better.

    I believe in you, and if a stranger on the internet can tell you that, you can tell yourself that too!

    All the best,

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