Masturbation Is The Most Dreadfull Disease

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by aryabrahmachari, Nov 2, 2020.

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    overall we are here to quit PMO and masturbation is one of the part of this fight and definitely we will win this
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    "NoFap® is a comprehensive community-based porn recovery website." Porn recovery website, not "anti-masturbation website".
    "NoFap is not an anti-masturbation website. A clear majority of NoFap’s users and administrators alike agree that there’s nothing inherently wrong with masturbation." It stands clear in the "About" section. NoFap is about quitting masturbating to porn, it's not against masturbation itself.
    "We don’t advocate that you quit masturbation forever. Most rebooters do return to it. It is a personal choice, entirely." From the "Rebooting" section on the website.
    I really don't get it why so many people think that masturbation is the most evil thing in the world, you can't blame all your problems on masturbation. I'm not against masturbation but I'm not saying that you should do it if you do not want to. It's up to you.
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  3. That statement's a tautology. Of course it's healthy if you use it in a healthy way, by definition. But what does that mean in practice?
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  4. Science behind side effects of Masturbation

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    Yea true. And also for those who are saying masturbation is good, healthy, please please although it's an uncomfortable fact to accept... accept it - masturbation is not natural, not healthy. The problem is people think jus t because majority of the people masyurbate, its healthy. The other side to that fact is - most people are also addicted.

    If you're in touch with brain studies you'll understand that you can't just Masturbate once and move on like nothing. After that you'll crave for it again. Obviously like masturbation supporters say - it maybe okay if you can do it twice a week,etc. But will you have so much discipline to follow that rule you've set for yourself? We struggle with procrastination even... Then how can we deal with such a big urge like masturbation. Why torture yourself?
    Why take the risk? You're just giving yourself into the hands of addiction.
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