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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Stick_shift, Jul 31, 2020.

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    I am beginning my 90 days challenge. Feeling positive as I have stopped watching porn before, which somehow restarted.

    I also want to stop masturbation and orgasm for 90 days. When I refrained from ejaculation (for about 2 weeks) in the past, I had severe pain on my lower right abdomen until I release the semen. It feels like it has been overflowing inside without an outlet to release. Nothing to do with arousal or attraction of watching porn.

    I wanted to understand if anyone else has similar issue while quitting masturbation/orgasm for longer period (30-90days). Do you still experience natural ejaculation during sleep or by other means? (without masturbating)

    Please provide your experience if you have stopped MO altogether.
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    Hey @Stick_shift ,

    Blue balls. It happens to me and every guy. Sperm literally builds up in the testicles and causes congestion. Keep in mind that semen (ejaculate) is made up of only three to five percent sperm. The rest is seminal fluid and prostate fluid. When those build up they also cause pressure on those organs. So, blue "balls" is really a combination of congestion in your glands.

    Bad news, it hurts to have all those fluids building up. Your balls are not really blue, the condition won't hurt you.

    Good news, for me blue balls were a reminder that I was abstaining from the lie of porn. So, I thoucght of it as a good thing. @Stick_shift , you could hang by your balls for 90 days - don't let blue balls stop you from your goal.

    Men who get a vasectomy have their tubes tied and sealed off causing a lifetime of blue balls. Of course, they have no choice. I and you havd a choice. I lived through blue balls and so can you.
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    I think it’s mostly a habit, and the solution is to keep busy doing something else while deleting porn from your computer. Freeing your mind.
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    Thanks a lot for explaining, it helped a lot. I have started since 2 days, your words and experiences shared by others here is a big source of motivation. I have never imagined, that such a community can exist in this world!! [peace]
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    No problem.

    Pull up this link on NoFap

    It answers a great many questions about what to expect when rebooting. Also, search the page for "blue" and you will find a much better explanation on blue balls than the explanation I gave you.

    Be sure to look at that is a list of some great pages from NoFap. It includes a link to the free PDF file that is the "Getting Started Guide". Read it. Then, re-read it several times. I found that things made much more sense the 2nd and third time I read them.

    Also, get involved with the profile comments as well as the forum posts. Posts longer more detailed. Profile comments have to be under 420 characters and tend to be like text messages. In the black bar click on Members. Then below there, in the blue bar click New Profile Posts.

    I need the profiles as much as I need the forum.

    - D2L


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