Masturbation Lowers Testosterone

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    Every man is familiar with the feeling of being done with a masturbation “session”.

    Next time Palmela Handerson has finished giving you a ride, go look at yourself in the mirror and tell me how you look.

    Oh yeah… and don’t forget to pull up your underwear that’s hanging down at your ankles and to close down the five tabs that you had opened up on your Internet browser…

    Out of all the masculine men I’ve met, I’ve never heard one say:

    „I masturbated so hard yesterday. It was really satisfying“.

    I’ve actually only heard losers use that phrase.

    That’s because masculine men don’t masturbate.

    They have learned the Art of Sexual Transmutation and they do not spill their seed without a clear predetermined goal in hindsight.

    At the other end of the spectrum you got men today that still haven’t left mommy’s basement, wondering what the hell happened to their aspirations and goals.

    As soon as I quit masturbating and watching pornography, all of my biggest life’s problems vanished:

    Anxiety, depression, brain fog, etc…

    I got in the best shape of my life, my outlook on life itself completely changed and my testosterone levels went from 200ng/dL to +1000ng/dL.

    Masturbating (especially to Internet Porn) lowers your testosterone levels.

    In other news, the grass is green and the sky is blue.

    My older friends from High-School were typical jocks.

    They were confident (bordering on aggressive), muscular men with square jaws and they never seemed to show weakness nor fear.

    They were constantly giving each other shit and keeping themselves in line whenever somebody had done something that “only a loser would do”.

    They therefore had a “taboo” view of masturbation and pornography (and there was nothing religious about this by the way). They all grew up to be typical masculine men.

    Another group of my friends was obsessed about Pornography. They were the ones that eventually ended up being overweight, moving back to live with their parents and many of them are still virgins to this day (at +25 years old).

    For all the losers saying: “Masturbation is the same as sex. Your body does not know the difference”.

    Your body does know the difference:

    Orgasms best in sex vs masturbation

    Prolactin levels shoot 4 times higher when you orgasm through sex versus when you rub one out all alone with your pants down your ankles. Your body knows the difference and it rewards you accordingly.

    I’ve felt this difference in prolactin levels many times since starting my NoFap journey.

    Regardless of the study, anybody that still argues that your brain does not know the difference between masturbation and sex is completely deluded and simply making excuses for their weakness.

    Sex is simply more satisfying.

    The prolactin “calms you down” for a longer period of time between ejaculations and lets androgen receptors resynthesize so that your testosterone can bond effectively and do its magic.

    Androgen receptors have a critical role in the development of men:

    The Role of Androgen Receptors in the Masculinization of Brain and Behavior

    The activity at the receptors is linked to the masculinization of the brain, to the sexual/social behavior of men and an improper functioning of these receptors has been proven to cause anxiety.

    There is even an intersex condition called “Androgen insensitivity syndrome”, in which there is a partial or even a complete inability in a male to respond to androgen hormones. Their androgen receptors are defective due to a mutation.

    Google that condition right now and look at the pictures… These men all look like women since their bodies literally cannot use their androgens (testosterone and dihydrotestosterone).

    Furthermore, men’s testosterone levels in general have been declining and in my opinion masturbation is linked to today’s hormonal imbalances.

    Constantly raising and having high prolactin levels has been shown to cause lower libido and lower testosterone in men.

    Prolactin is heavily linked to gynecomastia (aka man boobs) and ED. It also raises estrogen, so it’s a compounded vicious circle: Your blood’s circulating prolactin is now constantly high (which lowers your testosterone), you raised your estrogen as well and you have accustomed your body’s androgen receptors to barely function at their optimal capacity. Congratulations, Mrs. Jenner ! The sex change was successful ! Can I suck on your titties ?

    The releases of dopamine, norepinephrine, oxytocin, vasopressin and serotonin all differ when you compare sex with masturbation.

    Dopamine makes you focused on the person you are having sex with and gets at its peak just when you are about to climax. When you masturbate, you are constantly frying up your dopamine receptors, since the possibilities of edging and novelty mates enter the equation. You start to look at more extreme videos because you need a bigger surge of dopamine to attach to the smaller amount of dopamine receptors that you have left. Your basal dopamine levels have now down-regulated to the levels of a female. You become passive, re-active and unconfident.

    I will never forget what my grandfather told me once about what attracted him to my grandmother decades ago: “She had the most beautiful ankles I’ve ever seen!” That’s what normal sexuality is all about. I’ve had many instances of looking at women and noticing things I’ve never bothered with before NoFap (such as the smell of her hair/skin, her shoulders, etc.)

    Norepinephrine is a neurotransmitter associated with the stress and fight-or-flight response (it helps you to be more alert). It also acts towards sexual arousal and sexual memory. Whether it is an experience with a beautiful woman or a mental imagery, it gets burned inside of your memory for easier recall.

    Oxytocin is the most important one in my opinion: It bonds you to people. It is the hormone that is released in huge amounts when fathers and mothers hold their newborn babies. With the male orgasm, it triggers a feeling of connection with the woman you are with. For the addicts, however, there is nothing to bond with except mental images and/or pixels. Let that feeling sink in… No wonder people are finally connecting to people after stopping masturbation since they are letting oxytocin build up naturally by actually getting out into the real world.

    Vasopressin acts in accordance with oxytocin and bonds you to your mate. It is slowly released during sexual activity and during climax. Thus, it bonds you to Pornography and masturbation itself instead of another human being.

    Finally, serotonin is the contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness. It regulates mood, appetite and sleep. This is why you feel like sleeping after an orgasm, since serotonin shoots through the roof. Normal serotonin levels are certainly important to lead a happy life, but too much of it makes you a lazy piece of shit and makes you less driven as a man since it counteracts dopamine.

    If you are still skeptical about this whole thing, don’t worry… I used to be a loser too

    “Escasa, Casey and Gray” analyzed the testosterone levels of men visiting a sex club:

    Salivary testosterone levels in men at a U.S. sex club

    There were two groups of men: a group having sex and a group watching. The men having sex saw their testosterone increase 72% while the ones watching saw an increase of only 11%. This explains why there is something involved in sex that is not there when you are simply an observer.

    It is related to hormones, pheromones, or simply to the excitement of having someone there. The reaction to sexual stimuli is completely different.

    This confirms what I’ve been thinking about masturbation for years:

    You’re a mere spectator, a beta male, hiding in the bushes while the alpha is pounding Veronica. You are trying to get to the same level of excitement as sex by quickly changing mates on your screen (mentally or on the computer) to get a higher rush of dopamine.

    You climax and you are left unsatisfied, because the prolactin secreted wasn’t as high as sex (your body isn’t stupid), and to top it off you just bonded with your computer like the beta male that you are. You keep coming back to it because it is now your girlfriend.

    Don’t be that man and stop being a wanker !
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    How do you define a loser?
  3. VirilitySupreme

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    A man that knows he is weak but does not care to change his state. A man that is willingly handicapping his progress in life.
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    Whos palmela Anderson?

    I'm 13 so i don't consider myself masculine but good job on all that reasearch!
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    A friend of Lindsey Lohand
  6. leo da king

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    Who's that?
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    A friend of Handgelina Jolie
  8. I like all the information and science you gave here. Didn’t you say sex increases prolactin loads and prolactin decreases testosterone?
  9. leo da king

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    I don't know these people so I will stop now
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    I would say someone who loses alot.
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  11. Science like this, put my motivation to sky high. Thank you a lot for your time to build up this post.
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    This is fantastic. Thank you.
  13. acewither

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    I'm gonna read this every time I have an urge
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    your hand, your palm
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    Yes I did say that.

    "Prolactin levels shoot 4 times higher when you orgasm through sex versus when you rub one out all alone with your pants down your ankles. Your body knows the difference and it rewards you accordingly."

    "The prolactin “calms you down” for a longer period of time between ejaculations and lets androgen receptors resynthesize so that your testosterone can bond effectively and do its magic."

    An acute rise in Prolactin is more effective than a constant level that will perpetually leave you in a Testosterone depleted state.
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  16. So just out of interest do you think avoiding sex will lead to higher testosterone than having sex? Also, nice website.
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    It will greatly depend on what else you are doing during your abstinence.

    Why do you think all great boxers abstained prior to fighting ? They kept it all inside and tired themselves out in the boxing ring.

    After sex, I certainly feel more manly, although it can also highly depend on the woman I am with (I don't want to get too psychological in this thread). I did test my Testosterone levels after 6 weeks of abstinence and they were never that high before (especially Free Test). Estrogen was never that low and the same applies to Prolactin. I felt like Superman.

    I personally wouldn't do it too often, but to each their own. What other people do is none of my business.

    Thank you for the compliment !
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    It does I went to ny urologist wanted me to go on trt my family doctor thought it wasn't a good idea and he said it was probably stress related i never got into the specifics of my pmo habits but at the time I didn't know it was a main source of my stress and fast forward to 2017 in may when I stopped for 3 months they were normal and now I'm not looking back almost at 11 months and I can deal with my stress a lot more constructively pmo keeps you in a weak state
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    Saying that this post is terrific in an understatement. Great motivation.
  20. Well that explains my man boobs even though I’m very fit. Another benefit of NoFap? Six pack an no man boobs? Bring it!
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