Masturbation makes me sad now

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Deleted Account, Dec 31, 2021.

  1. It feels like I’m teasing myself for something that’s never going to happen. I originally did it because I was sexually frustrated. All these years later and I’m still lonely and a virgin. I have probably done it for the thousandth something time in a row without actual human contact. It makes me feel pathetic and even more lonely now.

    Not to mention, that porn makes loneliness 100x worse and more painful, even though porn is completely fake.
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    Hi. Have you tried making a healthy connection with someone who may like you and you like them too? So that way you can release all your energy.
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  3. If anything, you are increasing the chances that it will never happen.
    I'm not a virgin but I went for over 7 years in my 30's without sex or a relationship - and I just happened to have a daily PMO habit :rolleyes:
    Eventually (as in it took me 7+ years to pull my head out of my ass), I saw that I was keeping myself single and "celibate" by pouring all my energy into porn and fantasies.
    It was still some years later until I was finally willing to give up all my porn (threw it all away) and went for nearly a year without masturbation . . . and guess what, I have a girlfriend now. :cool:
    Try the 90 day reboot . . . then go for another 30. I found that things really got good at about day 100. At that time I felt confident that I would attract a woman into my life. I just knew that I was going to get a girl soon.

    To this day, I still struggle with desires to masturbate. It's not easy. Start with the porn. I can still picture porn scenes in my head. It's literally just a click away. I could stop writing this sentence right now and be looking at porn in about 2 seconds and yet . . . I just don't. One day at a time. One minute at a time. If you can get off the porn, everything will become clearer. Then you will have more insight into how you need to change your relationship with masturbation.
  4. I have tried, but I don’t know what signs would indicate a woman is interested in me.

    It’s also probably because I’m a socially awkward guy or I’m not attractive, who knows.
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    What PMO is taking away from you is the strength and will power to find a real woman. For our body the very fact of sex is the final part which is not the most important one. Sex does not last very long and is actually quite overrated. It gives release to the sexual tension - and maybe makes both sides satisfied with themselves.

    The whole process of getting to the final base is what should give the highest pleasure. Why? because its difficult, and what makes us people (and actually also animals) most happy about is accomplishing (and also failing!) difficult tasks. This is how nature made us, and by act of PMO we are doing it against our nature.

    Next time you will be fantasizing about P., a woman, etc. Think how unnatural this is, that in real life you would have to spend a lot of time finding strength to approach her, seduce this woman, talk with her, finding whether she likes you, and whether you actually really likes her. When you mentally realize how unnatural PMO is you may start finding it less interesting and satisfying.
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  6. I definitely agree. From my experience, porn made it harder to get a girl, not easier. You lose all motivation to find a partner because your releasing your sexual energy through porn and masturbation.
  7. I plan to do NoFap for awhile. I’m not doing it for female attraction because I know NoFap won’t get me a girl. I agree that I may be horny for the rest of my adulthood/life and have to learn how to deal with urges. Masturbating makes me depressed now and not happy.
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    I have exactly the same, after those 300 days I still daydream about P. but I have the strenght to finish it. When its really hard I come back here to nofap forum. What really changed for good is the fact that I never think about visiting P. sites or masturbate. I dont have any www blockers, and I spend most of my time at the computer. I wonder if those fantasies will ever be gone...
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    Solensioso vaya que lo haz hecho Bien ... Éxitos para este
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    Me too. But for different reasons.

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