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  1. sjaltern

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    So even if I masturbate without watching porn, will it dramatically increase the chance of a relapse back to watching porn?
  2. PeterGrip

    PeterGrip Fapstronaut

    Every MO relapse has resulted in me going back to PMO...
  3. pump20

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  4. Alleman

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    Me too. On a 340+ Day strike...

    It started with just MO because P is the devil and not MO. And honestly, I don't think that MO is generally bad. It is a healthy way to release pressure.
    So I did MO and the rush felt fantastic (after 340+ days...). And in the next days again and again. And then it didn't feel fantastic anymore and my mind was like "Well, a nice picture could help to let it feel fantastic again." what convinced me and I really only checked a nude image on reddit and the rush felt fantastic again. But then just simple images didn't feel fantastic anymore so step by step I came back to good old habits. And that's how I didn't reach the 365 day strike just two weeks before.

    So my advice... Don't do it!

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