Masturbation will make you uglier !

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    This is from a book "Rebooting as the best remedy (Season 1-20)"

    Season 10 [Soaring Eagle experience: A detailed discussion on
    masturbation induced ugliness, and the recovery of neurasthenia,
    anxiety and social fear]

    If you have been hanging around in the rebooting forums for awhile, you will notice that the phenomenon of turning ugly due to masturbation is extremely common. Basically, everybody has turned uglier but the severity of the ugliness differs between individuals.
    The following factors affect the process of turning ugly:

    1. Prenatal constitution (under good conditions, the degradation of appearance is mild)
    2. Exercise factor (those who do not love to exercise will be more severely affected)
    3. Staying up and long sitting (those without healthy life habits will be more severely
    4. PMO addiction level (those that are heavily addicted will be more severely affected)
    5. The absorption of nutrients (Inadequate nutrients, inability to absorb nutrients all lead to more severe ugliness)
    6. Other addictions (for example internet addiction, smoking addiction or alcohol addictionall leads to more severe ugliness)

    Many people are unable to find the reason for why they have become uglier. Actually, if one masturbates, turning ugly is inevitable. Masturbation sheds the most valuable Spirit (Translator’s note: Spirit is the fusion of the “three treasures” in TCM; these are jing - essence, qi - energy and shen - spirit) from our bodies, without Spirit we are listless. Everybody is familiar with beauty pageants, in these pageants they would firstly compare the body features, secondly the Spirit (Translator’s note: in this context, Spirit may be understood as the aura of the person) and thirdly the cultivation in speech. If a contestant has dark circles under the eyes, dull complexion and acne, will the judges pick this person as the winner? A person doesn’t have to look pretty,
    what’s more, important is the Spirit. Many people have a good constitution, loves to exercise and lives a life free from unhealthy habits, these people will not turn very ugly. But if you observe closely, you will still be able to spot problems. I had a friend who was very healthy but would masturbate regularly, although he has not turned ugly to a severe degree, you could spot a problem if you looked at his eyes; they were always sluggish and dull. TCM: The essence and qi in the five viscera and six bowels are all registered in the eyes. Essence resides in the kidneys which are where the most important qi is stored. After essence and qi have been expelled through masturbation, the eyes will easily dim and lack spirit.
    After masturbation the skin is prone to run into problems, masturbation disrupts the internal secretions, the skin would become very oily and the outbreaks of acne is frequent. The acne
    would be of the stubborn form
    that would persist for years and even for over a decade, this is due to the habit of masturbation.

    Consulting the doctor and taking medicine cannot cure the problem of its root, this is because essence and qi are being leaked through the evil habit of masturbation. Skin pores also tend to enlarge, the skin texture would change from that smooth, clear and oil-free state to looking filthy, with the skin pores enlarged and disgusting looking. The facial complexion would also become very poor, without a hint of sunshine and always tinted with darkness, as if unable to be washed clean. Actually, one cannot wash such a face clean, because the filthy comes from within. One might temporarily remove the dirt from the outside but is left unable to do any cleaning on the inside, masturbation injures the kidney qi and kidneys have an important function: filtering the
    blood. More commonly we may call it the “washing of blood”, people suffering from uremia have failed kidneys, they require blood dialysis. Each day the kidneys would filter through all the blood in the body over a couple dozen times in order to keep the blood clean and fresh. When you are sleeping the kidneys are still cleansing the blood for you. The evil habit of masturbation would also impact on the kidneys abilities to cleanse the blood, if the cleaning is not thorough enough, the effect will be visible on the face as uncleanness and dullness.
    Many people disagree with that they have turned uglier, actually, the damage is already done; one can simply make a comparison with a photo that was been taken several years in the past. The ugliness that is induced by masturbation does not come from a significant change in the facial features, instead, it is a subtle change in the Spirit. Let me illustrate this with an example: suppose you go to the superstore to buy apples, you would typically pick your apples and go for the lustrous and full apples while leaving alone the dull and shrunken apples, because you know that the latter is not fresh and would not taste good. Similarly, after masturbation you are like
    that “expired apple”, although your main features look more or less the same, one glance is enough to tell the difference, it is incomparable to that former spirited you. Naturally, when the Spirit has been depleted to a certain level, there will also be changes in the facial features. Many brothers report sunken eye sockets, more pronounced cheekbones, smaller eyes and similar conditions.
    Modern makeup is truly magical, makeup is able to transform an ugly lady into a beautiful lady,
    it is truly the 8th wonder of mankind. Besides altering the contours of the eyes, lips, the eyebrows, makeup is even able to alter the shape of the face, it is very deceptive. Many women take on a whole new appearance after applying makeups, besides altering the form, makeup has another very important function and that is “brightness raising”. What is brightness raising? It is actually “supplementing blood” and “supplementing Spirit”. Many women have sluggish Spirit and a poor complexion, after applying makeup, however, the Spirit is immediately uplifted, the dull and rough skin texture transformed into a smooth and bright texture like that of a newborn child. But upon removing the makeup, she is restored to her formal state. Therefore, we sometimes hear the story about women after marriage sleeping with their makeup on, for fear of their husbands seeing their true face. The best makeup for men is actually through rebooting and exercising, cultivating the health, not staying up nor sit for long durations, in 3 months time the Spirit will have recovered considerably, the effect of which far surpasses the application of powders on the face, this is the real Spirit and not some phony makeup. I have already talked about the issue of balding in a previous chapter. Balding has a very big impact on the physical appearance of a person, when balding appears a person will appear to be old. The recovery from balding is a relatively slow process, furthermore, there are serious misconceptions in the understanding among brothers, this will make recovery even more difficult.
    Girls, in general, are not fond of bald men unless he is rich, in this case, it’s unsure whether she likes the man or his money, the question deserves suspicion. Also, after one is together with a woman, recovering from balding is a far-fetched dream. Sex life is a constant process of exhausting the kidney essence, without kidney essence, the hair will not return to its former lush state. Of course, besides balding, the issue of greying is also a troublesome one, lots of grey hair will also affect a person’s self-esteem. All in all, ugliness is a sure byproduct of masturbation. As the age increases, this tendency of becoming ugly will become ever more apparent. Therefore, it’s important to avoid masturbation as much as possible, actively exercise, have timely daily schedules, learn to cultivate the health and accumulate the kidney qi. The cultivation of health and beauty is interconnected, always remember that beauty is not only a product of outer efforts, it is a projection from the inside.
    TCM: Face is a mirror to the five internal organs. Different areas on the face have their
    correspondent internal organs. In this season I will share 2 charts on TCM facial mapping, everybody may take a look. In TCM there are specialized areas of facial and color diagnosis.
    TCM: “Through gazing the illness can be known, through listening the illness can be separated, through asking the cause can be determined, through feeling the organ can be traced.” The truly brilliant TCM physician may understand the state of your five internal organs by just looking at your face, the physician from the story of “Bian Que sees Cai Huan” is such a person; by looking at the face the latent illnesses are made known.
    Below I have gathered real cases pertaining to masturbation induced ugliness. Due to the vast number of cases I have selected 10 of them for your reference:

    Case 1: Yes, masturbation induced ugliness is something I have deeply experienced. Physical appearance is not the most important thing to a man but it’s the Spirit of the man. I have average looks at best but I didn’t masturbate during my middle school years and so I looked very vital, my clear face had a brilliance to it and I never thought myself to be ugly. Since the third grade of middle school, I started to masturbate all the way through high school and until today, I have in fact become ugly gradually. My facial complexion is dull, my demeanor is
    wretched, I would feel a bit more handsome after a period of rebooting only to return to uglines when I break the reboot.

    Case 2: Started to masturbate since middle school and have done it for 4-5 years up until today. I masturbate almost every day, it is very harmful indeed! I had a very healthy body before, at home during the winter I would walk around without wearing sleeves. Now my hands and feet are always ice cold, soaking in hot water would help very little. During middle school I was already 180 cm tall, now I’m a senior in high school but still haven’t gained much in height. I didn’t use to have acne but these years I’ve had a lot of acne. Long-term masturbation will turn one ugly. Many people have commented that my appearance has changed. Back in high school, there were a couple girls that were interested in me, nobody is interested in me today. Masturbation also causes one to lose confidence and makes one lean towards darkness. After
    prolonged masturbation, eyesight will decrease, the brain would become sluggish, ears unable to clearly hear sounds, it’s not the fault of the ears but the weakness of the kidneys.

    Case 3: I’m an 18-year-old 2nd-grade high school student and have started to masturbate since the 1st grade of middle school for 4 years. I have the following symptoms: low energy level, sleepy during class, poor concentration, feeling of IQ slipping lower, black eye circles, dull eyes, dully yellow and rough skin, feeling of turning ugly (I was very handsome before), rhinitis, lack of willpower in normal activities, easily angered, hesitant (previously I was outgoing, clever and
    filled with sunshine). Now I’m absent-minded, perform activities with hesitation. May I please ask all people to my senior, can I still recover my old “self”? Please give me some advice, thanks.

    Case 4: I’m only 18 and already I have masturbated for over 2 years. Previously I did it once every day and even 3-4 in a day. Not only am I less healthy now but also my appearance has changed, there is no doubt that masturbation leads to ugliness! In the past everyone commented on how adorable I was, now my head is big but my body is small and I look like as I
    haven’t slept. My skin would turn yellow, memory decrease and an ever increasing sense of self-inferiority.

    Case 5: I have turned ugly because of masturbation, also I have developed psychological barriers, resentment!!! Instead of experiencing a bright lifestyle I have self-degenerate sadness. I vow to change!

    Case 6: Somebody once asked in the forums if masturbation would cause one to turn ugly? Regarding this question I have intentionally made a comparison, I took the photos of myself from when I was 15, 16 and compared to my recent photos, it’s as if looking at two different persons! One is handsome, innocent and beautiful, the other with a swollen, lifeless face, compare for yourself if you don’t believe me (don’t look in the mirror, it is most obvious in the
    photos). From the evaluation of other people, the best description is that I have “grown handicapped”.

    Case 7: When I was small I could be considered handsome, but since middle school, I have always masturbated, now I’m turning uglier by the day! Those that were less handsome but didn’t masturbate have become ever more handsome, I’m depressed!

    Case 8: I really have lots of acne on my face nowadays, also I have lots of grey hairs, the first is from before I started to masturbate, the second is from after, there is no doubt I have turned uglier! (Translator’s note: it is possible that I’m lacking photos in this PDF version of the author’s
    book. “The first” should be referring to the first photo that I assume is attached to another version of the book). It is all too late now! I regret being ignorant, I long to return to the past and become a new person. Now I’m a murky juvenile, masturbation has destroyed my life. The promising old self with a bright future has turned out like this.

    Case 9: I have masturbated for 10 years, already a walking zombie and haven’t accomplished anything, all this is a consequence of masturbation.
    I have never had a girlfriend and no girls like me. I’m cowardly without a backbone, not manly, this is also caused by masturbation!

    Case 10: Since opening my previous thread it has been more than 90 days, although I haven’t completely cut out masturbation during this time, I did manage to greatly reduce the frequency which I consider to be a small success. However, my body continues to decay. The previous handsome self-continues to become uglier, every time I think about it breaks my heart. Once again I open a thread with the vow to stay clean for 100 days. I have no way back and need tp persist at all cost. I believe that my body will slowly recover, my appearance will slowly become solemn, my studies and career will bear fruit, I will find a girlfriend. I also welcome all brothers to
    join me in this struggle.

    The 23 forms of ugliness that is linked to masturbation:
    1. Acne
    2. Balding and grey hair
    3. Decadent and full complexion
    4. Black eye circles
    5. Sunken eye sockets, raised cheekbones
    6. Spiritless eyes, messy eyebrow
    7. Disorderly teeth, easily loosened
    8. Yellowing and frizzing of hair, oily skin
    9. Large skin pores, poor complexion, loose skin
    10. Lots of wrinkles, thickening of lips
    11. Wretched expression, eyes becoming smaller
    12. Hunched back, asymmetrical body
    13. Change in facial shape (swollen or skinny look)
    14. Change in eyelids (double eyelids turning into single eyelids or multiple eyelids)
    15. Turbid eyeballs, the appearance of blood vessels
    16. Greyish tint to facial color (a ghostly look)
    17. Apparently aged look
    18. Thin and small bones (issues in development)
    19. An evil glint in the eyes, unsteady in the gaze
    20. Depression in the solar plexus and in the Adam’s apple
    21. Specks on the face, moles
    22. Dirty look on the face (very difficult to clean)
    23. Marked decline in the aura of the person
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    It also makes you look older ! Fuck man, before I started my NoFap Journey people thought I was 23 to 26 when I was fucking 21 ! On my 8 months streak, I was 22 (which I still am) and people thought I was 18/19 ! PMO makes you look like Darth Sidious !
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    ok i will see if this is true
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    I would say, of course people appear older after several years of masturbation, because they got older. :rolleyes: Also "ugly" is a relative word. As a teenager I admired the gothic appearance. Meaning people, who avoided the sun as much as possible, pale, black haired and with dark rings under their eyes, who seemed extraordinary attractive to me then, if going together with a handsome or beautiful face.

    In my experience chain smoking is what ages most people fastest and bad style (although some very few can do it and it seems not to effect them much), especially if still done after age of 30. And because nearly every teenage boy masturbates frequently, we have no idea, how the "ideal abstinent" young adult might look alike, because he just does not appear in reality.

    But what it makes in my opinion is, that people who stay away from porn behaviour, filthy places and masturbation, develop the "glow". It is this bright unfeared look, that also makes them act more confident and radiates that special something, that attracts others more to them.

    Many chronic masturbators act shy or like they would feel guilty about something. That need not to make them automatically disappealing, but they are treated by others then, like they would indeed deserve to submit. With hard sex addicts or also sensitive people who have to deal with sex business and porn a lot, there is something about them, like their inner light would have been darkened by this and they radiate suffering or a kind of desperate need/greed. Their smiles feel rather fake or cynical under the make up/confident behaviour . (I have met sweet and kind whores or hustlers, but they had no business with me to do and too often the suffering was still written in their face beyond the make up)

    Hardcore porn users often have a restlessness in their eyes and some kind of blank hungry stare, similiar to that of long time drug addicts, who know how to assess others, what can make people feel very uneasy being around them. Like a dog, which can smell much more frequencies and informations about people and their actual inner mental states, as we believe it could. Other people are also able to read these informations unconsciously but by nonverbal body language, way of speaking and tone of voice, odeur/smell/pheromones and mostly over the direct eye contact. They just block and filter this subtle knowledge out. But their pure instinct and gut feeling tells them then : reach out for this one, he is harmless and may help you - but for the love of yourself , make sure to avoid that one like the plague: he is a potential predator.
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    Hey! Thanks for sharing your point of view!

    I was addicted to PMO for 10 years, and would M on avarage 3x a day (now 25 days clean on my first try and hopefully will be my only one. I’m a really disciplined person!), and the relation between being “ugly” and PMOing in my case don’t exist...

    Of course one will look older and less attractive if they don’t exercise, smoke and lead an unhealthy life. Those are not making your PMO effects worse, they are causing the effects themselves.

    I’m not saying I look absolutely perfect and am the definition of attractiveness, but I had a serious case of PMO addiction and look fine.

    Imperfections on your appearance are inevitable, were all human .

    Only my point of view, hope you don’t mind me sharing. Thanks again!
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    I would say about masturbation making people look uglier is that it ruins the heart. It totally destroys the soul of a man and taints his heart. Where is the smile? It's now in the brothel. Where is the eye-contact? It's all over the world, into the ends of the earth, glued to a screen. It really makes a person's heart ugly.

    You know, it's better to be ugly and humble than be a supermodel and have pride, or be an average fella making an honest living, minding your own business and commendably paying bills and supporting others, than look like Mr. Universe with 5,000,000 views on every youtube video, teaching kids it's all about what's on the outside, and that women love a guy who treats them like garbabe.

    Let's try and upgrade our inner-beauty, for whatever is on the inside will come outside anyway, regardless of a person's outside. Who can live in their car and never get out of it? Even if you drive 16 hours a day you gotta get out at some point. Who's so self-sufficient they can stay in their mother's basement forever, never having to deal with life? No one. Likewise, the inside will come outside, and the outside will enter in if you let it, for what you accept you don't reject, what you fill yourself with empties the opposite, and when a new roommate enters the ones already living will check them out to see if living will be like heaven or hell, and you may be caught in the middle of a huge scuffle!

    Listen, we're all totally unique, apart, separate, and beautiful. And we're all rare works of art, never again to be duplicated.

    The variances in our bodies are nothing compared to the variances in our beings. Therefore there is no comparing people, as people do on Earth. It is only their inability to perceive the depth of beauty of each that causes men to compare. If they had eyes to see, they would realize what they thought was similar is rather singular and incomparable.

    Therefore no one should be jealous, neither want to be like some one else. We should all practice our individuality by appreciating others for who they are, refusing to compare ourself to or copy them. We will never become who someone else is, but we may easily become who we are, beautiful as who we are in our own way.

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    This thread is almost spiritual and I have a non- religious belief. But I experienced the ALL above things. I started masturbation with porn at a very young age. And I am comparing my photos my childhood, early adolescence, middle adolescence and today. In my childhood, I look like have more soul, energetic, confident, full of life, have an aura, brilliant. In my middle school, I masturbated every single day and I look the old photos, have full of acne, circles in the eyes, dull starings, too much oily skin and hair.

    I always knew porn is harmful but I couldn't control myself. I have a 5 months streak when I was 16. By the way in my 15 and 16 I used lots medication, doctors prescribed me for fix my skin and hair, like roaccutane, shampoos, creams, masks. I also tried a lot of things like sulfur dust, herbal oils. None of them worked.
    And this 5 months streak in my 16, everything in my life improved including skin problems. My skin looked like pure, bright, my smaller eye became bigger and shine, I had a long hair and of course it was oiling but it looks more normal and definitely I was not bald.

    Then I relapsed with too many porn binges...

    Some of girls said to me, what's wrong with you? Some of them said " Before you haven't any acne, are you entering puberty?" Really, before this relapses, I had no acne and I thought I am cured from acnes with prescriptions and medicines.

    I had lost mt all superpowers. My concentration decreased, I had a super alergic rhinites then,( I thought it wasn't related to PMO) became suicidal, depressed, constant fatigue, lethargic, I wasn't feeling good anymore and my inner soul was reflecting out. In time, my hair was losing and with depression I cut my hair very short.

    Actually I have a nofap partner in my real life and we discuss this ugliness thing a lot. Both of us chronic masturbators and we have some nofap or abstaining PMO streaks. We comparised our photos by years. We have some conversations in cafes and other places and we have a lot of photos. Do you know what? When we masturbate, our photos look like terrible.

    And now, I am comparing 2017 summer and 2018 May, and even this short term times, my appearence is definitely looks more different!
  8. deannx

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    Does regular sex make you ugly too? Cam someone speak from experiences? Thanks
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  9. Amarion

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    PMO is the dark side of the force basically dude. True. Remember when Anakin was handsome and then he turned to the dark and became ugly af. He even lose 2 legs, one arm and got burned
    No problem dude ! Thank you for responding. Hmmm the author speaks about uglyness that impact the Spirit at first and then the physical aspect. I might say that other contributions need to be point out too. If you sleep well, eat well, socialize, go out, and practice a sport weekly it will not very impact you. But if you M everyday, if you eat pizza, drinking soda, don't sleep and play video games all the day you will turn ugly. However I do agree with you but it's scary. Masturbation does have differents effects on people but basically you throw away your sexual energy which can help to become more attractive
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    I agree with you. Nothing more to say. Thank you for sharing your thoughts

    I see. I have the same experience experience as you. Well... Not the same but before I used to enjoy life, I was smiling all the time, was very handsome, no acne and everything... Well, I have entered puberty in between but M does increase acne and other puberty stuffs. Thank you for sharing ! Let's continue our road and don't give up ! We will take it all back
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    Nah I don't think so
    Regular sex is by definition natural. M is all but not natural, it's a perversion of your own body and mind, it's artificial. Don't worry dude ! I do not have any experience but sex does not turn you ugly
  12. Vandermeer

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    That depends all on the sex and the partners. If people are seriously in love, they start to shine, obviously to notice for others knowing them. And intense, satisfying sex with a loved partner makes you rather more beautiful, women even more than men. If people feel really loved, they have less stress, their immune system works better, they feel safe and much more relaxed, even if they have to face obstacles or challenges in a society and life. But you cannot have that with random dates, party hook-ups, prostitution, virtual camsex or one-night stands. Nearly everyone, who feels regularly drawn or even addicted to these behaviours, will tell you in a honest private moment, how tired, empty and done he often feels with this lifestyle. But they can´t leave it, because often there seems to be just no other alternative, except porn and masturbation of course. And then the vicious circle is closed.

    Again ugly is a term, I try to avoid totally to describe anyone physically (except Old McDonald) - a younger person looks nearly always appealing to a much older person, even if they consider themselve "fugly = as will never get a fuck without a bag over my face". Lack of self confidence and anxiety are in a way the alternative definition main tags of puberty and for girls at least the same or even more as for boys. It´s rather some kind of sickness that describes it better. And yes, you can definatly sense it in people, who did this lifestyle in excess over several years. They can be in fact very nice, smart, funny, gentle and kind people of course, but this aura sticks with them noticeable.
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    Although I no longer subscribe to the Taoist philosophy of health, there are definitely principles which are transferable to a keeping a healthy mind and body. It seems fairly obvious that God, or nature if you will, designed us with the inclination toward procreation in the context of monogamous relationships. To violate the blueprint of our sexuality by engaging with pornography, polyamory, or other sexually deviant practices, is to welcome disease and destruction. Alterations in the physiognomy ( and hormonal states ( due to masturbation have been well documented.
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  14. Amarion

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    True. I'm not Taoist but rather a Christian but I do agree with some of them ideas.

    You're 100% right about that.
    You also make me feel sad but that's an another topic xd
  15. Gladiator100

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    This is one of the best things I have ever read on this community
    Thx a lot for posting this
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  16. PMO addict

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    Well, I think "ugly" is a bit of a harsh or non-politically-correct word. But I guess its just a translation. I get what he's saying.
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  17. potatogamer

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    this is so true I've experienced many things which you've mentioned and yes I'm uglier now :(
  18. dboy18

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    Don't know what these mean but sounds exactly like my experience
  19. IGY

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    How does that saying go?

    99% of males masturbate... :oops: and the other 1% are liars! :rolleyes: Is that why males are all ugly? :p
  20. IGY

    IGY Fapstronaut

    How does that saying go?

    99% of males masturbate... :oops: and the other 1% are liars! :rolleyes:

    Is that why males are all ugly? :p
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