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    I am a 17 year old teenage boy that masturbates everyday and has been like that for 2 years or so. I recently looked on the internet and saw where masturbation can actually kill you and destroy your memory. I have severe anxiety and this isn’t helping. Is this true?
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    No, but it may make you have some trouble remembering things and may cause some minor memory fuzziness. However, all the more reason to quit, right? On a personal note, I had this phase during my reboot where I'd suddenly remember events from my life that I thought I had long-forgotten.
    Good luck!
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    Hello Blake. :) No, that is not true. However, when you masturbate to high speed internet porn it can have serious consequences. This is especially true as a boy. Porn + Masturbation + Orgasm (PMO) affects the brain adversely during puberty. So, you have come to the right place for the encouragement and resources to change your behaviour. Take care.
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