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  1. Loko24

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    hey people i hope my post is right here. i am 24 years old and had more than 80 days without mastrubation. I want to cure my PIED. then I mastrubbed once and did nofap again for 10 days. but then fell back completely. I've been mastrubating the last few days.

    but i always mastrubbed without porn.

    was that bad for my healing now?

    and how do I stop now? I find it difficult right now

    Thank you
  2. Death_Man004

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    I think it does affect the healing a little since it still gives you dopamine surges to your brain but not as crazy as mastubrating with porn, if anything you should probably do NoFap hard mode if you have PIED. You have to stop man if your finding it difficult at least try to make it past one day and keep it going abstain from it think about it this the porn industry wants you to keep watching it, there taking time away from you doing something productive or better.

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