Masturbing my self to death

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Share The Pain, Sep 30, 2021.

  1. You definitely need to speak to a professional. What have you got to lose?
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    Yes. I have a time coming.
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    I've been there brother. I somehow managed to be clean now. I know it's hard. For me the thought of destroying myself and not being the best version of me worked against PMO.
    May God set you free of this devastating addiction, I pray in the name of Jesus.
    God bless you and your loved ones.
  4. Great. Just to share with you, I did a lot of therapy and had a counsellor for many years. But I was too shy to talk about my pmo. Can you believe that? Why? When I finally had the courage to talk about it, I made more progress than I had dreamed possible. I am not out of the woods yet, I still struggle, but opening up was the most important thing I think I did in my entire adult life.
    I wish you the best.
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    99% of people will fail in their attempt to quit porn until they seek for help from someone (a family, a friend, a professional). You just have to be willing to quit in your heart to stand a chance.
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    First victory is when you realize you are a porn addict. That is the "awakening".
    Then you battle your 2-3 day, relapses. (probably you are at that phase)
    After a while, it will be 2-3 week relapses.
    Slower and gradually you will relapse more and more seldom.
    In your jorney you will learn how the addiction tries to fool you, and the relapse patterns. Dont be surprise if you relapse when you feel good, rather than bad.

    Have patience. This is a long journey that probably takes years.

    Good luck. And stay away from Tinder/Insta and other soft stuff.
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  7. You don't get it yet.

    Doing the things @last chance offers WILL be the fix you are looking for.

    Do you want the easy way? Than you can wait for the rest of your life.

    Do you want to WORK for it, you can make a start right now
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    @Share The Pain
    I was in a similar situation as you. I know how you feel. It is important to understand that depression is a disease of the brain. Certain processes in your brain are not functioning as they should. The things I suggest will help your brain get back into balance. Another important key is to get up at the same time every day. This rhythm helps your brain to get back into balance. The method I suggest works for many people better than drugs or therapy. Also, abstinence from porn will definitely help you.
    I had to do a lot of reading to come across it. But for me it has helped my depression pass and I have never had professional therapy.
    I think therapy can help but I think you should prefer therapy without drugs.

    If you have any questions just send me a message.

    I wish you all the best!
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    Try guided mindfulness meditation. There are tons of videos on YouTube about it. It will take time , but once you make this a habit you will notice your relapse rate decrease ( happens to me all the time ).

    I know every person is different , what works for me won’t work for you. But I hope you give it a try , if you see the benefits then try to make this a habit. Best wishes buddy :)
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  11. cavaleiro dourado

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    [QUOTE = "Share The Pain, post: 3149026, member: 450187"] Estou tão cansado desse vício que arruinou meu espírito, minha saúde, minha vida. Meu cérebro está tão fodido. Eu me sinto sempre, sem parar, estúpido, confuso, deprimido, cansado, ansioso, morto, desconectado. Eu sofro de dp / dr e muitos outros problemas de saúde mental que são provavelmente causados por pornografia. Eu prefiro ser um viciado em metanfetamina do que um viciado em pornografia, o vício em pornografia é o pior vício que existe. Sinta-se suicida e violento muitas vezes. Tenho tanto medo do futuro e da minha saúde. Imagine ser patético coomer que tipo de perdedor assiste (((porn)))? Só posso ficar 3 dias sem pmo e depois vou falhar de novo, sei que isso me destrói completamente, mas não consigo resistir. Não, pelo amor de Deus, pare de pmo e não chegue tão longe como eu e muitos outros, você não quer destruir sua vida como eu fiz.
    você precisa refletir sobre o por que você quer parar de ver porn isso vai ajudado a resistir, os impulsos são MUITO FORTES NO COMEÇO então arrume uma maneira de gastar essa energia, eu estava indo muito bem estava praticando exercicios e ja estava a 12 dias sem pmo mas eu peguei covid 19 e tive que ficar em isolamento e fiquei sem me exercitar e chegou uma hora que acabei cedendo e vi porn
    Então procure fazer exercicios e não pare
    não desista isso é o que o maligno quer que você faça, seja forte e ore a Deus, mesmo que sentir vergonha
    a ajudar
    todos nos temos o mesmo problema você não está sozinho
  12. After years of trying NoFap I'm finally starting to get the hang of it.
    I have realised that the lust that pulls me towards PMO is false and it doesn't exist, and after I PMO I see that clearly. You need to realise lust is in illusion.
    I only realised this after writing my thoughts down.

    When you realise it doesn't exist, everything changes completely. NoFap is now incredibly easy for me. But a thing I remember, is that even after 100 days of NoFap, a relapse truly does hurt. And it hurts greatly

    Just some thoughts. I'm on day 8 currently, after being stuck on day 3-10 purgatory for some while, and I have hope
    Also please, after relapse eat tons of nutritious foods such as ripe fruits, tons of carbs such as Jasmine Rice, OJ
    Red meat, beef liver etc.
    I heard it takes 2 pounds of food to replanish.
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    There's only one hope for a pornaddict. 90 days nofap and brain rewiring, it's the only way to save your body mind and soul!
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