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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Masquerade, Jul 22, 2015.

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    Hello mates.Nowadays i am feeling like internet is consuming most of my time.I am not able to to complete my assigned tasks.I feel less motivation for other things than Internet.Eventhough i am using internet to read articles,gain knowledge,Its not a good think to be an 'Internet Slave'.
    I am planning to minimize the use of Computer to just once a day about an hour or so.I am feeling dry eyes and strained vision.It has a negative impact in my studies(Not able to read for long).Moreover there are chances that i can waste my time for even playing games.I have many things to do else.
    Anyway i will be checking the forum everyday but the frequency may be less.You can PM me if there is anything to know and i will reply you whenever i see your message.
    I hope everyone will stay strong and Fight for their Freedom from PMO.Stay Strong,Stay sharp.
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    i totally agree. i also feel the my normal internet use inclines towards a depleting, scattered energy that has a really addicted touch (impulsive, trancy, low will power & reflection). if i start using the net early in the day (like today!:() i often lose my focus and get lost for hours with all kinds of distractions. so i try to do internet & mail only after 8 pm but i still often i fail due to perceived exigencies. - that must be BS because it used to go without just fine, right?
  3. I'm technically addicted to Youtube so I may not be the best source of information to you but despite that, I do understand the right steps to take and what can help (not applying everything into my lifestyle but at least I can help). First, you gotta prioritize the things in your life, for example... school work, chores, studying, basic daily activities, things of that nature, and you're just gonna try your best to work a schedule out of those things, make up time for each thing you're gonna do daily. Don't need a fancy table with specific time ranges listed out, just a basic idea of what to do first and last, before and after.

    Even with school and work, I believe that we still have time for everything. Most probably you're gonna be left with leftover time as long as you're not procrastinating the stuff you gotta do, with that free time you're free to do whatever you want (that's hopefully productive). Of course, you can spend an hour a day with the Internet for things like this forum and gaining information (I gained so much knowledge through the Internet, grateful). As long as your regular day is structured to a degree and you don't procrastinate with your activities, you're gonna have time for all the other things in life that make you happy.

    Kay, how do you control yourself from spending too much time with your "free time activities"? You can set a timer and force a halt when it goes off so you don't go pass the one hour mark but that's not the best way because you gotta learn to control yourself. That self-control and discipline needed to take responsibility for whatever you do is something you develop after awhile by yourself, all I can say is good luck! Stay strong my friend.
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    The best app ever is SelfControl - Google it. It allows you to put in sites and then it blocks them and it's impossible to get past its blocker until the timer has run out!

    But if it's from your phone then the solutions are putting it away so you're just not using it, or having it there and every time you go to use Facebook or YouTube, stop and do something else like make a tally or go to the emergency app. This way you interrupt the cycle!

    Hope this helps!
  5. I so relate to what your experiencing. I have made many attempts to cut the internet out, or at least not feel in such bondage to it. None have really lasted. I will be following to see if I can pick up any helpful ideas on the matter.
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    Sounds like a good plan. I turned my computer off and didn't use any internet for a week a little while back, and it was amazing how much time I had in the day. As great as it is that we can get a bunch of useful info online, it often gets to the point where you're just postponing living your life. A lot of the time it's not even enjoyable. I think I'll join you in decreasing my internet time.

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