Meal ideas for single depressed guy?

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  1. I want to eat better, I'm really lost here
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    Anything including vegetables, a balance of healthy fats and whole carbs if you want them :)
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    stir fry is my go to meal. easy to make and quite healthy. just cut up all your favorite veggies and sauté them in a pan with some olive oil. add meat or shrimp if you wish. serve over brown rice with some teriyaki. hard to fuck it up really.
  4. That's exactly what I need cheers! :)
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    • Eat a slice of fruit with every meal.
    • Eat soupy meals 3-4 times per week.
    • Eat protein rich meals twice every day.
    • Try to avoid second helpings.
    • Learn to cook healthy recipes from YouTube tutorials.
    • Drink smoothies instead of soft drinks, coffee, alcohol etc.
    Lots of ideas for you. Hope you find them of use.
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    Depending on your living and working arrangement, look into meal prepping. Loads of videos, recipes etc. online.
    But the basics are - make a nice big batch of eg curry, stew, chilli etc. on a weekend afternoon when you have no particular plans. Freeze it in batches, label it carefully, etc. And when you are late home from work, the gym, etc and are hungry and tired as fuck - or, even, if you've had a bad mental health day - just bung one of these in the microwave and you have yourself a decent meal - as convenient as a ready meal but healthy and home cooked. You can even try and vary it up with your accompaniments - a portion of rice one day, pitta bread or a fresh salad, etc.
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    If you find yourself not bothering because 'it's not worth it just for you', think of cooking as refining your skills. Every man needs a couple of meals that he can absolutely master. Something that will blow the pants off whatever date, or friends, are coming round at short notice. Don't worry if it's not happening any time soon! Just know that this skill will absolutely come in handy one day :)
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  7. Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated :)
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    Not advertising or something, but I tried Hello Fresh and I really liked it. I'm not a good cook, but in half of an hour I have my meal ready

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