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    Meat, spices and alcohol:

    I've observed how restless I get when I consume meat, spices, or alcohol. In fact, most of the days i relapsed were days on which i consumed at least one of these. A relapse in the morning could also mostly be partly traced to a previous night consumption of these.

    I realize I'm calmer when I go easyon these. Moderation is key. I'mmore comfortable resorting to vegetables and plant protein withlittle or no spices. For alcohol i was a very moderate drinker, drinkingrarely, say once a month. Yet I noticed how restless I got any time I drank. So I entirely quit alcohol this yr.

    One reason I was a regular meateater was to supposedly replenish the lost nutrients particularly zinc since i was ejaculating way too much through fapping. But irealized that was counter productive. Because the more meat I ate, the more restless I got.. Andmore restlessness means stronger urges to release through fapping. And more release means lost of nutrients. And lost of nutrientsmeans eat more meat to restore same. And the cycle was a never ending one for me. I'm not a Vegaso if I must eat meat I'm very mindful not to binge. And I'm quite fine with that discipline. Even I no more crave meat because the main reason I wanted a quick fix for protein and zinc is virtually extinct.. No more "fuel" leakages through fapping. So why worry?

    So, nofap requires a multi faceted approach if you must face it.

    You may want to consider some of these changes too.
    Cheers! #QuitFappingAndSaveMyLife!!!
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  2. I have noticed the same things, although not as much with spices, and I have never taken a drink. I have given up meat entirely and it makes it easier in my experience. I will experiment with taking out spices also and see how it is. Thank you for sharing this.
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    Most welcome, dude! I'm glad learning that at least someone can relate. I don't believe in any hard and fast rules, so I keep experimenting. However if I find one technique that's really helping, I stick to it until I find a better replacement. I'm glad you've got no problem with alcohol. Good luck even as you experiment with your spices intake!

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    I don't think spices or meat have anything to do with relapses, but I can asure that with alcohol is almost impossible not to relapse(in my experience, of course). So, i'll keep away from alcohol for at least some years.
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    These are some of the bad habits I have managed to quit (or almost quit) during the past year since my NoFap journey began:

    -Eating meat (I am only eating it once a week at most).
    -Drinking alcohol (I have been sober for three months now)
    -Less procrastination and more action.
    -Negative self-talk/self loathing
    -Complaining and whining (which I used to do a lot only two years ago)
    -Stop spending my time around negative, bitter and resentful people.
    -Being anxious (there are few things that makes me anxious these days)

    And the list can go and and on. You can change your life and take it to a whole new level, simply by thinking pure and noble thoughts about everyone and everything, even those people you don't like/admire. Because, if you send out the negative energy that comes with dislike, anger, or resentment, you drain yourself of the positive and productive energy that you need in order to reap success further ahead.
    Self-mastery and self-control is the key to success in any field or goal you wish to achieve in life!!
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    Good for you, dude! As I said it's about experimenting and getting to know what's helpful for u. No hard and fast rules I believe. Best of luck even as you tackle your alcohol issue! Cheers!!
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  7. Curiosity31

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    So inspiring! I'm quite sure such positive actions are the very steps everyone on Nofap should try and carry out. Thanks! Best regards
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    Quite true. Particularly alcohol is has a significant effect on inhibitions even a few days after consumption for me. If eliminating is difficult I highly recommend some form of moderation, worthwhile in general.
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  9. Curiosity31

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    Glad to know you've a similar observation. Best regards!

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