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    They say PMO release alot of dopamine and that you ´fuck-up´ your brain with too much PMO. So I wonder, have someone of you tried a medicine that´s increases this neurotransmitter?

    The medicine I refer to is Bupropion/Voxra.
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  2. I've tried various SSRI medications in the past. They really didn't work for me.

    But glad you are getting help with Wellburtin.

    I'm not a doctor. So, please don't take my comment as medical advise.
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    I don't know any medicine but it seems when I eat my favorite food it can take the job done but you got to be careful because we don't want to cure an addiction by another addiction
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    1) I've bought 5-HTP over the counter from the pharmacy.

    2) I've been prescribed an SSRI (lexapro/escitalopram).

    3) I've taken MDMA and I've done MDMA-assisted psychotherapy.

    I strongly suggest against the first one, it will ruin you over time.

    The second is useful if you're going through a really tough time, but you should come off it when you're ready to. I strongly suggest that you take 8 weeks to come off an SSRI. Some doctors taper the dose down much more quickly, e.g. 2 weeks, but I strongly suggest tapering down over 8 weeks.

    As for the third, I don't think it's a good idea to discuss so-called 'recreational' use on this froum.

    None of the three I mention above are sustainable.

    You need to go a few months without PMO to get your brain and mind back to normal. This will be a lot easier if you spend an hour chanting or meditating every day (I personally do both). Some people pray and read scripture and that works for them. Also yoga.
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    I'm gonna try this natural herbal supplement of Panax Ginseng + Ginkgo Biloba, that should be coming to my house this wednesday :)

    Apparently it helps with neurotransmitter chemical imbalance, anxiety, confidence issues, and brain function
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    It's a very bad idea to rely primarily on a substance to regulate your emotions and mood. That's pretty much the basis of drug addiction.

    Sure you can take cod liver oil and herbal extracts that are good for your body, and have the knock-on effect of increasing your welbeing, but in general one should never seek a medical solution to a psychological problem.
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    Dopamine second name is the happiness hormone. Together with serotonin they activate the cortical receptors in your brain to make you feel at ease. I for example tried Benzodiazepines as a medicine after a general control at a clinic from this platform, the doctors prescribed it, so I could overcome depression and anxiety. This preparation produces relaxation by enhancing receiving neurons' responses when the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA attaches to their receptors. So, if you have a feeling of sadness, you could buy those medicines based on dopamine and serotonin. I hope you will live a happy life. Goodbye!
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    To be honest, I'm against artificial brain stimulation.
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    I agree with you, the one thing is proper eating the active lifestyle and vitamins. But such drugs are quite another matter. The body's level of energy and performance must be raised by using micro and macronutrients in your food. But all chemicals often are the most harmful and have side effects. My friend was taking special pills that speed up the metabolism in the hope of losing weight. As a result, taking these drugs affected his ears, and his hearing became worse. We had to address the hearing clinic near me to restore his ability to hear.
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    I don't know, for me the most important thing is a good sleeping and eating regimen together.
    I also started taking vitamins as prescribed by my doctor.
    After a general examination of the body, it turned out that I am deficient in iron, vitamin e, vitamin a, and vitamin c.
    After consulting with a doctor, I thought for a long time where the best place to buy vitamins.
    I did not want to buy them at the nearest run-down pharmacy.
    I decided to ask my friends, who also use vitamins for a long time, they advised me of the website, there is a very large selection, I was able to find everything I need, thanks to friends.
    Try to take a check-up, this is the first step to your health and the study of your body.
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