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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by LynxTheCat, Jun 8, 2019.

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    Help me guys. I'm trying to do something like that but I don't know how to start. I only do excercises from Prana Breath app but I'm looking for something else. What can you recommend?
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    Actually I'd say probably a short book might be in order. Apps outsource the work to a machine, article might be a little too superficial. In reading a book, even a short one it is a concentration in itself, and concentration meditation of some kind is probably the best way to go to start with.

    Without knowing more about you that's about as specific as I can get.
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    You know I'm watching lately Black Mirror and yes, that's my observation aswell. It's good to develop yourself but when technology is involved all the time it's also like an addiction. Doing breath excercises on the phone then scrolling facebook afterwards it's not doing a good job.
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    Recently someone else posed the question and I thought of Mattheiu Ricard, a Tibetan Buddhist who's also a PhD in genetics - and has the highest level of gamma brain waves recorded in science. He wrote a short book titled Why Meditate? Judging by the reviews I think that might be a good one.
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    I recommend Headspace which you can download from the app store on your phone. You have to pay to use the app beyond the beginner's courses, but membership is not very expensive and can be gotten for free with Spotify membership in the U.K. The total cost for me is £5 per month.
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  7. Guided meditation isn't meditation its relaxtion.

    Meditation is about allowing your subconscious mind silence to think.

    This silence is sensory silence you don't want to see changes in sensory information right? That includes your thoughts, which is why you focus only on 1 thing, your breath, so there is no change in information.

    When you silence your conscious mind you allow it to rest and so the subconscious mind can have a voice. The subconscious starts trowing thoughts at your conscious mind and you ignore them and they will keep coming throughout your meditation session, insights that you would have never seen. This is true power of meditation.

    Doing this will allows you to understand yourself and what going on in your life more clearly and even give you answers.

    To do it is simple you just focus on your breath and when you realize you lost focus (which is when your start thinking about stuff other than breath) you shoud be happy because now you can bring your focus back to your breath.

    These thoughts when you loose focus are usually conscious mind thoughts at first but when you get into it and your conscious mind is at rest is when your subconscious thought start breaking your focus but still you just observe don't think further or judge the thoughts just realise you lost focus and bring your attention back to your breath and repeat the process.

    By then end of your session you will be refreshed your anxiety and stress will drop you will know more about yourself and how to handle situations your in life and have great insight or ideas about things.

    Do for just 10-15 mins everyday for 2 weeks see how much better you feel.
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    - (currently using, it the most secular & straight-forward way of practicing meditation I have used thus-far)
    - -

    Some YouTube Channels

    Seperate Video I have used often

    However, I agree with @Self Worth though. But when you are getting started, and have no idea how or what it really means, it can make it easier to become familiar with the practice.
  9. Good point! I haven't thought about the unconscious mind throwing things to the subconscious, but I like the idea and it motivates me to keep my meditation habit up. But I would not talk down guided meditiation that easily, as it helps immensly for beginners to get startet and learn new things.

    @LynxTheCat, I would suggest headspace. It's free for 10 exercices and then it gets a bit expensive (~15€ per Month) but I would suggest you to invest that money. Think of how useless the other stuff might be you could buy with that bit of money. Paying for that app monthly has actually helped me to keep up that habit, as it's not free anymore.

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