Meditation during Rebooting

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by dmak, May 10, 2020.

  1. dmak

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    Has anyone during their rebooting tried meditation?

    If so, what type of meditation? How many times did you meditate per day/how long did you medidate at a time?
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  2. Tempest12

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    Yes, 10 minutes a day, sometimes longer on the weekends. My meditation is simply closing my eyes, focusing on my breath, and calming my mind. Whenever I have thoughts, I just return back to my breath. The Calm app is great for some guided meditations too. Has definitely improved my brain.
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  3. Donijuan

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    I do mindfulness meditation, basically you just meditate in focusing on your breathe, everytime you get distracted just focus on the breathing again.
    I do it everyday for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the night, the benefit is you become aware of yourself in the present meaning you get less anxiety and don't overthinking about anything.
    hope this help!
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  4. drac16

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    Yeah, I meditate. I like to burn incense in the background while I meditate. It helps me get into a calm state of mind. Anyone can benefit from meditation, even atheists. What I do is I take deep breaths and visualize my negative energy traveling up my body and ejecting out of my forehead. Doing that for 15 minutes or so relaxes me.
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  5. Awedouble

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    Funny because in a way meditation, ideally IS a reboot of the brain. If we take that and apply it to reboot, what would happen if we do it for a set period of time? It is either enough time to reboot the system or it isn't. And of X minutes isn't, then it never fully finishes.

    Everybody is so time conscious now but I think it probably ultimately has to be unbound from the timer. Sometimes it'll take you longer than others to get into a good state, sometimes you just won't be able to - and the whole meditation may be observing a busy mind and a stressed body. Of course that's okay too, you can learn something about that state.

    I don't have an alarm for waking up from sleep anymore, my goal with meditation is the same. Maybe I could have a range of time like I do with sleep where I have a pretty good idea I would be done and set aside the maximum time, if I am done early I have that time to do little bit of other stuff that's more flexible in the amount of time I spend.
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  6. PatrickJames

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  7. thinking_differently

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    Meditation totally helps in controlling an urge. Whenever I see symptoms I’m gonna have an urge, I go sit down on the floor, close my eyes and breath in any way(be it the normal way) so as to relax me. 5-10 min of this calm is enough to suppress the urge.
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