Meditation - for Beginners

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by MercaMerca, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. MercaMerca

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    Does somebody have good advices ( e.g. websites ...) for someone who started Meditation but doesnt get really into it ? When i try to do meditation i am feeling doing this mechanically. So, which advices would you tell to a beginner ? What had helped you while starting Meditation ?
  2. Christoph108

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    One translation for meditation is practise. So practise, pracise, practise in order to get better at practising :D

    I'd recommend to stick to the buddhists, they know best about this stuff.
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  3. MercaMerca

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    Ok, there will be no other solutions than Practice. And being patient with myself. Thats definitly something i have to learn. ;)
  4. Quoowahb

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    Are you part of any particular spiritual tradition? I was raised Christian, so I might read a Psalm and think about the nature of God. I just pondered perfect love, and even experienced it briefly. Really, just about any tradition works; you are developing mental discipline. It just takes consistent time set apart for that purpose. You might even develop your own style of meditation.

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