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    This thread will precisely tell you step-by-step how to meditate and to eliminate the urges to relapse. There are a lot of terrible YouTube videos saying that, "NoFap is not to get you to quit masturbating, it's to get you to take the complex steps to gratification and not just seek instant gratification." This is true, yet a humongous detriment to what NoFap is trying to do. The minute you realize you have an addiction; it is best to call it out. A heroin addict does not quit drugs to sparingly do drugs eventually. Masturbation is unnatural. Making love is natural, so what would you rather be good at is my question for you?

    All you know is what you know. If knowing porn (Porn could be pictures that turn you on, not just videos of sexual acts) you're likely to gravitate to porn to create an alternate reality. The problem with those last two words? There is no alternative to reality. There is reality and there's fantasy. Again, all you know is what you know.

    But what if you can take fantasy and have it enhance your reality in a prudent way? Ah, now there's where meditation comes into play. The best place to meditate, by far, is in the shower.

    The first step is to of course get yourself clean. Then face the faucet. Allow the hot water to spread love over your scalp. This already feels better than most orgasms; I say that with complete honesty.

    Close your eyes and breathe in, and breathe out gently. Imagine there's a field facing a pyramid made of gold. Understand that you eventually want to see yourself sitting inside of that pyramid made of gold. But not yet, there's no rush. This always goes faster than we like it to. Just imagine you're a bee, and you're facing the pyramid, but you see steps in the grass field in front of it.

    You're breathing in the oxygen, the air that surrounds you. Becoming drunk on the memories that you once had of nature, how comforting the sun, works in harmony with your buzzing. Suddenly you are yourself inside the pyramid and you're peering outside the entryway and you know you're also a bee, watching yourself-watching yourself.

    Imagine you're the bee again, and you see each blade of grass flirting with the wind, shining from the gaze of the sun. This blissful nature is the summoning of peace.

    You're back in the pyramid. Sitting there admiring the gold that surrounds you. It is brighter than the sun. Look up to the ceiling and keep feeling the warm water covering your head. You're now three places at once, considering one hundred things at once, and that is fine....

    Imagine three cans next to you. Words are written on each can. The first, says, "Rejection." The second reads, "Fear." The last will say, "Hatred." Each can is filled with nails. Each nail can represent a person who did you wrong; an ex girlfriend/boyfriend; a bad memory; a fear you have. Pick up the first can, that is rejection; and dump out the nails into the floor. The floor as you will imagine is an empty black hole. Letting go of each memory of rejection. Understanding that rejection is apart of life and that it is only an opportunity missed by the person of consideration.

    Set the can down, pick up the chalk and write, "Love," on the can... Pick up the can that says, "Fear," dump out each moment of fear into the black hole. Take the chalk and write, "Opportunity," on this new can. Take the final can that says, "Hatred," and dump out anyone you hate, or think about who wronged you... Let them go. Write on this new can, "Positivity."

    Open your eyes and consider this fantasy all day long. Imagine in each can, each thing you want to fill it, but you won't fill it with nails - you'll fill it with flower petals. Just like a bee does, it dances a compass to understand direction - you now will dance a new direction. You will be stronger than ever before...

    Best of luck and best regards,

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