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    I have been thinking over the last week that meditating would help me with my reset. There are many videos and articles explaining how to meditate, and it seems there are many ways to meditate. I watched this simple video:

    It recommends not using chant or music. I just tried this technique for 10 minutes and I think I got some experience of what the video was talking about. I was having trouble completely clearing my mind, so I was probably only actually meditating for a few minutes. It felt quite weird, my body was starting to numb, my hands were completely numb and my head felt very heavy. I felt as if I was looking up, however when I opened my eyes I was still looking straight ahead. I also experienced a sort of waviness in my vision, even though I had my eyes closed.

    Just wondering, what are your experiences with meditation? Do you meditate with chant/ music or silently? I know almost nothing on the subject so any info would be appreciated.

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    Clarity! Perspective and empathy. Try the headspace app
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    Meditation is very helpful, and it is nothing fancy.
    You don't need to sit in any "guru sitting poses" and things like that.

    Recently, I used it when I felt that some "urges" came up.

    In this case, I simply lie down, and let my thoughts wander.

    I imagine that my brain is like a clear bright sky, and thoughts are like clouds - they are wandering over the sky, coming and going. So I simply let my fantasies come ... and I wait ... and then they go...

    It normally takes just around 10 Minutes, and I feel very stable and happy afterwards. It makes you mentally strong and relaxed.

    You don't need to "fight" your urges, they simply dissolve by themselves.

    I do it silently, without music, sometimes I put plugs into my ears if there is a noisy neighbourhood.
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    Meditation is the reason I joined this site. I have made some progress in my practice but I reached a point where if I want to develope meditation further I HAVE to give up PMO.

    An outstanding book on meditation is here:
    (Its free!)

    Its basically Buddhist meditation in technical non-religious language, yet is very readable. Extremely informative/helpful without being dogmatic.

    Good luck!
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    My first experiences were pretty intense, but for some reason it just wasn't the same after a year or so. I still have no idea why.
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    I think I have some helpful tips for you buddy about meditation. First of all i want to let you know that I only recently picked it up about a year ago, I would have never thought of myself as a meditation guy but after experiencing it and learning how to do it properly(yes there is a proper way to it) I found myself so much more adept at tackling the days challenges and my rampant thoughts that this fast paced world we live in brings! This is something everybody needs in their lives.

    1. First and most importantly understand that meditation is NOT suppose to be used for letting your thoughts just run, or visioning your own little world in your head or whatever. Sorry FreemdomFlight, not taking anything away from you, but the purpose of meditation is to try and be still. Stillness and the emptying of your thoughts, complete awareness of your senses, is the purpose of meditation. Awareness. This is so important because when first meditating if you plug in headphones to trance meditation music or w.e. or start visualizing scenes the individual can become ungrounded and then deeper problems arise because then your not getting to the core of why your issues exist but rather just using meditation as another escape from reality. Because we do have deep mental blocks from harmful habits like PMO. You may think "If I'm not thinking of anything how can i get to the root of my problem?" Not thinking, or being consumed by your thoughts allows the individual to more fully accept what is and then question the thoughts they do have with a clearer mind. Be still, be aware, and when beginning the easiest way to start is to try and focus on your breathing because thoughts are going to bombard you. Try and feel every part of your body, and when thoughts come in just slowly step out of your head again, and breath them away.
    2. This stuff is HARD! Do not be discouraged. The majority of humanity is so wrapped up in their thought process that when we attempt something like this it is not uncommon to have only 1 or 2 minutes of true thoughtless ness/stillness within, in a 10 to 15 minute session. We have on average 50 thoughts a minute! Even if we can shut down our brain for 2 to 3 minutes it helps so much. Also when we sleep we are thinking as well, just not consciously, haha. So basically why i believe meditation is so helpful is because it literally is the only time in our whole lives, mostly, that we can silence the constant stream of thought. We have been programmed from an early age to act this way, especially in Western culture and it is difficult to just live in the NOW, which is where the true miracles of life happen. We are always planning, thinking, procrastinating, obsessing, wondering. Haha
    3. Meditation is something that is beneficial because for those moments it can take us outside of our preconceived notions and belief systems. It gives us space and in that space we can find clarity as to why we do the things we do. Our whole lives consist of really only 2 things. Attention and Intention. Meditation has the power to help the individual refocus those things, thus changing their perceptions and ultimately their reality. haha.
    "The person who looks outward dreams, the person who looks inward awakens." - Carl Jung
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    It works for me very good.
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    I agree with namaclature. I haven't been meditating long only 2 or 3 months but I almost immediately noticed the benefits. I turn it into a small ritual and light a couple candles close my eyes and focus soley on breathing. Deep breaths in and long exhaling. If your thoughts wonder try just return to focus your attention on the breath. I usually repeat the phrase 'rising' as I take air in and 'falling' as I exhale. Once I get into a rhythm and have let go of my thoughts I drop the phrase and try to focus my attention on the motion of my chest as I breathe. It is very difficult to hold that focus without other thoughts arising. I usually do this for 15-20 min although I dont think about a time limit. It just seems like when I get done and check the time thats about how long it takes until I feel peaceful and content. I however do occasionally put on music. I just go to YouTube and type in meditation music and find something I like. Try both ways and see which works best for you. Dont pay attention or really listen to the music if you use it though. I just use it as soothing background noise to block out the sounds of traffic outside my house or other distractions. In this whole process I usually only experience a few true minutes of mindfulness without any thoughts running through my head. From everything I've read this is very common for beginners and anything further can take years. Good luck with your meditation I hope you keep it up!!
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    I recommend you buy a book called: wherever you go, there you are.

    it has some wise words and lots of meditation tutorials/advice.

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