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    Oh yeah I almost forgot one little itty bitty detail. I presume you are planning to head to Vegas for that which takes place in January. Do you know how annoyingly expensive it is to head out to Vegas during porn week???? I will give you a quick run down. Harrahs which so happens to be the cheapest being on The Strip normally would costs you no more than $500 for three/four days with airfaire and hotel and all. During the porn convention those three/four days would run you around $1,800 to $2,300. I am not going to even mention the Wynn/Encore which is the best and most amazing casino resort in Vegas.

    If you have the disposable income and wouldn't mind spending the money for a cheap hug and an autograph then knock yourself out. Or you can take on the tables and come out ahead not base on luck but skill to finance this little adventure then go ahead. I mean you only live once. Other than that it is going to cost you an arm and a leg. If you think it is worth it no one is stopping you. Once you run the numbers you are going to be like..... all that $$$$ for little to no return.
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    Just go to skid row and pay some crack whore to give you a hug if you're so desperate for attention from a diseased skank.
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    Not to forget it is a huge sausage fest. If you are going during that time I can honestly say you would have a better time going to the Consumer Electronics Show.
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    Yes, definitively. Same is true for sex addiction.

    The addiction is only a "placeholder". Somethings holds you back from living a meaningful life, and at this point, the addiction comes in.
    Your life energy is wasted instead of being used for a fulfilled life.

    Therefore, the way to go is to cure the roots of the addiction.
    Filling your sould with peace, love and self-confidence.
    Overcoming fears.
    Re-gaining a balanced life.
    Filling the void in your soul with a meaningful, fulfilled life.
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    ah - I missed this one - all of the alcoholics I know swear that since they are alcoholics they are always alcoholics, one accidental drop of alcohol can set them back to the worst of times - by definition - that would mean it is never cured, only controlled - I'm pretty sure a porn addiction would be the same thing - or ... better safe than sorry
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  6. Didn't think about that. Your point of view is interesting
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    I don't mean for this to sound harsh, but this question appears ludicrous in my eyes. Perhaps at some point way down the recovery road the addict might be able to handle being around the very things that are at the center of their addiction. However, I know a lot of addicts and the ones that are the most successful and have experienced the most growth and healing all would say that they would avoid anything that might cause them to slip. A recovered alcoholic would avoid a winery or brewery tour, a recovered gambling addict would avoid a casino, and in my humble opinion a sex/porn/masturbation addict would avoid a situation that is filled with visual stimuli that would likely cause him to lust, fantasize, be aroused and for most of us would be a huge temptation to act out through PMO. I could never do that. It would be a very slippery slope.
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    As I've said, when I 1st posted this forum, I was in a different space and only a few weeks into Nofap. I still have a long way to go but I'm completely over whatever impetus made me write this. The addict in me was talking, and that addict is slowly dying. I would never spend thousands of dollars to see some bitches I can't even fuck
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    Never let the little head take over. Ha ha.
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    Well that's a good point. I think this is called the "addiction memory", which can be triggered again durig the whole life.

    Well, may be true also for sex addiction; but then it must be considered that this is a substance-free addiction. the triggers mainly are inner stress, fears, doubts, and so on. Now you can learn to truly relax and handle stress, and with this, you can become so balanced, that the addiction can truly be overcome, and not just "controlled".

    At least I had this feeling always in my streaks; and I'm doing a lot of meditation and self-hypnosis, and I feel that these are ways to get truly relaxed from inside-out. It makes me much more stable. And I'm sure that this is the true way to get out of the addiction. Not to just "control" it, but to learn new techniques to handle negative emotions..

    Of course, if this is really successful can be told only after a few years;)

    But in this forum, there is for example @EarthDragon who made significant progress, look at his journal; and there are some other who are making serious progress.
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    You are definitely setting yourself up for potential issues in the future, but it's your life.
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    Once again, the people fail to read my recent comments about this issue
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    Who would have guessed that I'm still being mentioned here. :)

    @tommilover In my experience porn problem is not like alcoholism. I've been exposed to porn and other triggering material since I stopped watching porn and I didn't fall back to the old habit. You become resistant...or rather you make yourself resistant. You own your choices and if you are triggered and you watch porn, man, that's your choice. The more you stay clean, the less likely you will fall back to old patterns, but you have to work on your life and eliminate the problems that likely cause you to turn to porn. If you don't do that, I'd have little hope in a succesful reboot. I wish you success!
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    Who are you trying to kid? Get serious about sobriety and get living.
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    Hello @EarthDragon, nice to hear from you ;)

    Regarding sex vs alcohol addictions:

    I'm now many years on this site, and I have the impression that the underlying causes for PMO addiction are partially different in people.
    At least tehre seem to be two kind of people:
    • Some people are using PMO as a kind of drug to flee from the real world. To escape from depression, fear, from taking decisions etc. This is for sure often connected to kind of broken family / neglected childhood and so on. - This very clearly the case with me.
    • Other addicts seem to be more kind of "normal" straightforward guys, but they are simply highly attracted by porn. When they watch, they are dragged in, and cannot stop. But when they withdraw, they are again normal people. Possibly, this is more the case with you ?

    BTW, I have been working professionally with scientists in the alcoholism department, and the scientists are differing between four types of alcohol addictions. The first one is the easiest to treat, the last is the hardest to treat:
    1. People, who are physically, but not psychologically, addicted. They drink, because withdrawal gives them physical pain. It's for genetic reasons, 25% of all humans have this kind of genes. These people can be helped very easily with medical treatment.
    2. People who fear to be alone and are drinking of social reasons (party drinkers, social drinkers, only drinking in the crowd)
    3. People who drink against depression (lonely drinkers, drinking only at home)
    4. People who get addicted because they have true brain damage (from birth on, or by accident), and who are lacking intellectual capabilities to handle it for themselves.
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