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    Humans in order to change, the fear is the real fuel that drives them from quitting or changing things on their lives.

    Fear of death, when you have been told by your medic that you have lung cancer; Then you quit smoking.But not before.

    Traumatic experiences also can be used as a fuel to change.

    Porn for me causes to have no libido, no interest on girls, no motivation to start dating one, judging everytime, lack of social skills, bad mood, negativity.

    But yes when I'm feeling bad I take my drug on the pixels of my computer and then it's all good, but on reality I'm poisoning everytime to worse and worse.

    A common thing that I used to did to "rationalise" my brain to allow me to take the drug was lucky things, for example:

    "If the coin flips X side, then I will watch P now"
    "If I find handkerchiefs on my bedroom, then I will watch P now"

    Another thing the rationalise a relapse is to search on Google,Youtube or whatever things like "Nofap doesn't work" "Nofap is bullshit"

    I'm a 2 year user of Nofap.Sometimes following.Sometimes ignoring it.

    And on my experience I can tell you that this IS REAL. THIS IS NO BULLSHIT.

    It affects your brain so much, it's a drug, it will kill you your dreams and willpower.you are going to be a social weirdo.

    This week I had a relevation.

    There was a village party with my friends and lots of girls to dance with them, talk and get really fun.

    All my friends were super happy, showing interest on some girls, grabbing to dance, making jokes, fun fun fun, some makouts

    But for me was like a nightmare, even that I'm more rich and jacked that all of them I was sitting on a bank watching all of them like a grumpy, no talking with anyone and I was the "sucker of the room"

    I have no desire to meet women, no joy, no fun, no confidence around women, I SUCK.

    Last Advice, and an error that I did. Don't take advice from your friends about Nofap.

    Some people are "immune to the drug" and dont need Nofap, but look for you and only you my friend.

    This drug will kill you and makes you a negative, angry, emotions, and judging women.

    I would like to hear more about some weird relapses that you did on the past, and you've realised now that you were tricking yourself
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