Memories. Memories screw you over.

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Liminal, Mar 23, 2021.

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    Today, on my 6th day of abstinence from PMO, my longest streak in a long time, I relapsed. Twice. I didn't relapse to porn, nor did it last for as long as it usually did (I used to go on for hours and I used to M to fucked up stuff, today it was just a few minutes per session), but nevertheless I did relapse. All because the memories of stuff I used to watch kept lingering in my mind, even the sounds, everything. It went pretty smoothly during the other days but today it was nearly unbearable. I feel weak, defeated. I resisted for a few hours, and while I was struggling with the urges I had some moments of clearness where I knew it just wasn't worth it to throw it all away just for some temporary pleasure. During those moments I knew my addiction was just trying to manipulate me. But eventually those brief moments of clearness were wiped away by the addiction, and here I am now. Was it worth it? No sir. Will I be able to prevent this from happening again? I doubt that, but I would love that. It would be so good if we were able to constantly be in a state of clearness, of knowing that preferring instant gratification over long term benefits isn't worth it. If any of you is able to do that, would you share how you do that? How do you manage to see clearly through the fog of addiction? I can't seem to figure it out.
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  3. sam30

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    read self help books on habits
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    Sometimes memories can help you, specially when their good memories
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    When the days pass, the images about PMO will disapear.
    Your motivation in the first days has to be strong or this gonna be continue.
    You could write in a paper, the reasons why do you want to quit this habit, is one solution.
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    When fantasies and urges kick in I rely on willpower: just don't fap. And it's been working. I also suggest maybe refreshing your attitude towards pmo in your mind.

    Relapse is not such a big deal. Dust yourself off and restart.
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    There's recently been a thread about this. Memories can last a long time. I heard about Fapstronauts experiencing memories even after 160 days. I estimate it can last for about 200 days. This stuff is absolute shit and so it burns to your memories as it affects addictive circuits in the frontal cortex. Never give up. I believe refreshing attitudes towards (see comment above) P is the most important. That's what helped me: Realizing how much P fucks up the brain. Keep it up.
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    I highly doubt you can truly remove these memories, but after a while you'll think about them less and less and they will have almost no power.
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