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    I found out that addiction has a very strong impact on cognitive functions like memory wird choice ECT.

    I was seriously concerned that I have dementia but luckily!! realized another context.
    Addictions -not only porn - cause these. Good news is that they are reversible as soon as the impact stops.

    i also realized that the level of addictive behavior I developed is comparable to a serious heavy alcohol addiction or serious drug addiction. It’s hours of edging keeping me in tjis state of strong arousal over hours I understand creates a strong brain flooding of dopamin which is a heavy drug.

    our drug is difficult to escape because sexy hot inputs can be anywhere. A cleavage a skirt a pic a smile. Here in Hawaii especially on each corner at any moment.

    Last episode was actually a win in this regard. Progress forward. I used to have hours even days of this edging. Many hours. Also multiple o. Up to 10. A high production of dopamin and serious drain of my energy and my body substance. My brain on serious drugs. I had memory impact. Fog. Irritability. Made others suffer. Sleep impact and created quite an imbalance as all is connected.
    last time i did m o. once not too long and got out.
    I could also reverse all these effects.

    No fog. Memory restored. Sleep restored. Balances i had previous restored again.
    Now I even get over the serious afternoon trap with exercises.
    And I manage to have a one time event.

    If I can keep it up (funny expression in this context). I can change my life a lot. Establish balances that will increase life quality and depth a lot and I will manage to make the 365 days successful.
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