Memory Problems because of PM

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by The man who lost love, Sep 27, 2018.

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    Hi. I want to talk about a problem that I've been dealing with for more than a year. actually I had read some articles before about side-effects of masturbation and porn on body health and memory problem was one of them. now I really feel that I have some issues with my memory. I have trouble in remembering names, recent events, faces and so on. also I have concentration problems too. It has become hard for me to focus on topics, remember what I have read or seen. first, i'm not sure that the association between memory problems and masturbation is scientific or not. secondly, I'm not sure that my own problem has to do with my PM issue, but I don't find any other reason for that other that masturbation. so I would be glad that you tell me if you have the same problem and if you are on streak now, have you experienced benefits on quitting PM on your memory?
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    Clinical depression has many of the same effects. It's hard to define the overlap or how the two work together or if one leads to the other. It seems as though many here have many of the same basic symptoms.
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    I know when I was on my longest streak I definitely felt like I was more on top of things, more motivated, remembering things better, just more aware of things really. I don't have specific evidence to back it up though.

    I think it's something that makes sense though. When are minds aren't so distracted with P, we have time to think and dwell on other things that actually matter. Maybe there's something to that.

    It's possible to train your mind as well. Meditating is a great way to test your brain and concentration skills, and you can improve them over time with it.
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    I face the same memory problem. When I was on streak for 120 days, my memory is lot clearer at that time and I can remember peoples name. I can actually communicate with peoples I have never thought of talking. I have a lot of confidence. You can start seeing a lot of difference only after 30 days. I think that you have to try hard.
  5. I also think my memory has been affected by excessive porn use.
  6. Yes, I recognize it too. I am not sure it is because of PM but I have the same problem. After 40 days of no PM, I can see that it slowly is improving. I do a lot of brain and memory tests and do meditation.
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    Very interesting.
    I read a lot of people having memory issues with pmo and getting better when being on no pmo.

    I would like to know if my memory got worse, but that's impossible, i've been pmoing from 13 yo and even before, so if my memory is bad, it has always been bad :D
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    Id u do NoFap, u'll reduce your memory problems. I had the same troubles before, but now my mind is clearer. (Sorry for bad english I'm french)
  9. Big Lebowski

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    Dopamine deficiency from excessive pmo
  10. pmofreeliving

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    Is it the same if you still have sex but don't PMO?

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