Men can hate gold diggers but can't women hate "looks" diggers

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  1. TheGoldenEra

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    So I was watching some YouTube social experiments on gold diggers. Usually in which the guy asks a girl out, gets rejected and the girl chases after him after he flexes his money. I'm not saying every woman is like that.

    But on the other hand, I couldn't find many of these however if a woman dressed modestly and wore some make up to appear juuuust a bit unattractive. And then approached a guy, don't get me wrong, some guys would try to take advantage of her regardless. But if she gets rejected, the second she shows her body, they would start swooning and become far more interested. (Again not all)

    I feel like either women shouldn't gold dig and men should stop being superficial. Which isnt gonna happen, so rather than shaming them for chasing money. Men aren't shamed for what they do, neither should women.
  2. Millenial

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    Interesting viewpoint. Also I'd say that women 'looks dig' as much as men, and also some men gold dig.
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  3. No reconozco las mujeres de hoy en día. Unas buscarán oro por ellas mismas. Otras marcas que buscan oro por ellas y otras ni buscarán ni mirarán quien busca.
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  4. Castielle

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    That last sentence is not true. Men are certainly shamed for that. There are plenty of movies and shows that showcase that. A girl who is a bit frumpy or unkempt doesn't get the guy, so she does a big makeover to show him what he missed out on for being superficial. That happens all the time.

    I agree, women shouldn't go after guys just for their money and men shouldn't go after girls just for their looks. Or vice versa.
  5. IronDog

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    One thing that I've learned, is that I can't control what other people do or believe, but I can work on myself. If it bothers you, then you'll have to be the example.
  6. I see nothing wrong with holding people to a certain standard as long as you hold yourself to that as well. I want a girl who keeps herself neat and in shape and also financially stable just as I do myself. If shes hot and solely into me for my money without a personality, I'll wrap it and send her home with cab fare when we're done. If a girl shows up looking like a crack whore, well I'm gonna judge her.
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  7. TheGoldenEra

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    Eyyy come on, you know what guys are like when they see hot girls. The eyes go up, down and them back up again. Maybe a few more times with some fixation.

    I agree we have been shamed for it, but not as much as the gold diggers have. Imo they're both pretty bad things to do.
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  8. TheGoldenEra

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    Agreed I've noticed that mostly with the bodybuilding kind of guys. Lol "innate" attraction.
  9. Tannhauser

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    Moderation in all things. It is not unreasonable to want somebody who is financially stable and who is reasonably attractive. But I agree, shallowness, regarding either looks or a bank account, or any other quality, is not good.
  10. MLMVSS

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    I don't like immodest dress. When a girl immodestly dresses, it shows to me that she is unsure of herself and she seeks approval from looks alone.

    But, looks alone is a terrible trait to look for. Of course, the vast majority of us still want a hot wife, but for those of us who wised up, more important traits take priority, such as someone who's loyal, virtuous, respectful, and has an overall good personality. Those traits in themselves are true beauty, as the world's definition of beauty leave us as we age.

    Guys who focus on looks alone are immature and/or unwise, much like how girls who focus on money alone also are.
  11. I've started to adopt the attitude that I don't care who people want to chase, it doesn't affect me and they reap what they sow. The girl who finds her sugar daddy, while he may treat you well now...but dont complain if he locks it up with a prenup and recycles you for the new model leaving you with enough for a few months and no skills to survive on your own. For the guys chasing the hotty...beware shes got other suitors and may take the opportunity to upgrade as well.

    The only place it'd maybe matter is if I have a daughter and she doesn't feel as pretty as her slutty dressed classmates...that would be a hard talk and sell for me, but hopefully a informative life moment for her.
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  12. wethebest

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    I feel like girls do that to guys too. They go after the more attractive ones. I haven't really heard of guys being gold diggers, but who knows
  13. I hope I meet the right person before I'm successful and have money. Because if I get successful and have money before meeting a women I would think any women would just want me for my money. I would say if you have money and women are interested in you don't trust them because they just might want you for your money.
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  14. That might not be true, they might feel warm and want to wear something cooler. From experience, some women don't think about the effects their clothes have on men.
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  15. TheGoldenEra

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    I'm not a fan of girls that aren't modest myself. However, not every girl dresses like that for attention. As @Surfing Poet said (Shout out to the UK mandem :p) she may dress like that to feel comfortable or because she may like that type of clothing.
  16. TheGoldenEra

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    Preached Bro. ..I'm only in college. But the girls go crazy for brands and stuff(personal experience not banding every woman together just clarifying ;D) Literally I was on crutches for the first few months cos of a knee operation, and I had to wear tracksuits and shit. Don't get me wrong I settled into my class really well, made some great friends etc. Some female interest here and there. But bam off the crutches, and wearing my "normal" clothes. But lots of girls (not from my classes) were approaching me. Now at first I thought they just wanted to be friends. I may be naive but definitely not dumb haha. One of the girls mentioned my phone (had a temporary one cos I smashed my old one It was one of the old galaxies) anyways she laughed at me for it. Again I'm thick skinned af so I didn't care. so I said to her jokingly "ahh man you hurt my feelings cos I can't afford a new one" to which she replied. "Is that why you walk around wearing fancy clothes and stuff?" After she said that I noticed more and more all these girls that I had been friends with were after something else,only few were true. There was a common factor why they were about. They thought I was rich haha dressing nicely unfortunately doesn't mean or make you wealthy tho.

    I honestly thought no one cared what you wore or how you looked, especially at this age. Guess I was wrong.

    Stay safe my brothers and sisters. And stay strong! !
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  17. MLMVSS

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    That is why I said it specifically shows to me. They think one thing, but I think another.
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  18. But could you be wrong?
  19. MLMVSS

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    If I see someone look like a moll, I will think that, because to me it looks as if she’s treating herself as an object rather than someone with virtue or dignity. I’m not changing my morals out of political correctness or out of fear of someone getting offended.
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    I am here...
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