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    This has to be the worst analogy I've ever heard in my life.

    First of all, you're on a platform full of PMO addicts, so the chances of becoming a sex addict is NOT small for us like you claim. Most, if not all of us will either 1. substitute their PMO addiction for a sex addiction, or 2. experience a huge chaser effect, and this will just lead us back into PMO addiction.

    Second, being killed by somebody is not in our hands. That's why you shouldn't worry about something like that because it's not in our control. Losing our virginity IS IN OUR CONTROL. Losing your virginity and becoming a sex addict is something you do to YOURSELF. It's like jumping into an ocean without safety and hoping you don't drown.

    A much better analogy that makes sense would be to consume lots of sugar when you already have a high predisposition to diabetes and hope that you don't get the disease. Why in the world would anyone take that chance? It makes no logical sense.

    Third, there are hundreds of members who have demonstrated the truth of this thread on this website, and I linked plenty of threads that backed my claims. What evidence do you have that shows what I'm saying is "nuts" like you claim? I'm waiting.

    You don't even realize how ridiculous you sound, do you?
  2. Hammond Egger

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    I'm extremely impressed by your sound argument here!

  3. IR254

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    This thread is far beyond any reasonable discourse, like many forum members have tried to tell you before. It was the same with your old account, which got banned. I mean, you surely remember the discussions we had back then. You hold an extreme opinion and try to convince everybody else. Some poor souls are so desperate, that they fall for your ridicicoulous arguments. If you are confronted with the huge holes in your logic, you just try to make fun of the person. No point in discussing with somebody like that. Do whatever what you want, but I don't buy it.
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  4. Hammond Egger

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    Again, I'm very impressed by your sound arguments. You bring forth lots of evidence to show my argument is false!
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    Yes I agree with you friend.Being harsh to each other is not worth anything.I you don't agree either react politely or avoid.We are here to better ourselves in aspects we are suffering.Opinions are different that's why they are 'opinions' otherwise they would have been laws.Please people don't tease each other.
    Hate is like a burning charcoal in your hand .When you throw it at someone it not just burns the other but it also burns your own hands.

    I am writing this for myself:
    "When i went searching for bad in this world, I could not find anything bad. When i looked into my heart, I found that there is nothing worse than me. "
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    Though I am a virgin, but I know my father,mother and a lot of other people's parents do not become unsatisfied with their partners and turn into thirsty sex'seeker.It's my opinion and I am not afraid to express it.
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    So , all animals are addicted too, or is it just for humen?
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  8. I used to think that sex was power. It's more like the power to ruin one's own life.
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  9. Hammond Egger

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    Beautifully said brother. It definitely has the ability to OBLITERATE one's life.
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  10. Icewarrior

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    If sex is used in a selfish, unloving way then, indeed, it has the power to ruin a life. But what if it’s used in a non-selfish way, within a loving marriage? Surely it then has the power to transform a life?
  11. xerneas4u

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    Yes stay virgins until you get married or if you dont want to have sex thats cool.
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  12. Mr.Tony

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    I guess you're right.
  13. Icewarrior

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    If used in the wrong way. But what if it's used in the right way ?
  14. CommonUser

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    I'm trying but my face and body keep getting in the way.
  15. CommonUser

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    That's a very wrong thing to say. Studies are made to gather objective information about something, experiences are not objective, even less when you are clearly biased. Of course, you can believe in what you have lived, it is perfectly valid, but only for you.
  16. DayOne44

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    I simply must say from experience that this is true!

    I was in my thirties when I finally lost my v-card.

    It wasn't memorable, and all the sex that came afterward wasn't great.

    I regret all of it.

    This is a very important point, and it must be understood.

    There is nothing sublime about marital sex.

    Too often, married men get self-righteous about their "approved" sexual activity.

    I've heard some married guys talk as if their married sex were a sacred privilege and seen them gloat over the unmarried guys who didn't have this.

    Married men simply have a regularly available channel for sexual release and suddenly feel free to indulge themselves.

    You put married sex into a clear perspective, and as I've tried to explain elsewhere, the endpoint and after-effects of it are no different.

    Transcend Porn
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  17. Ice22

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    So true and so motivating. I agree with a lot of what you wrote. I know what you're talking about. When you get to that higher place of being you just want to stay there forever. Everyone that manages to stay away form P and do NF will witness how their lives will positively change in front of them. Your entire being is filld with this life force.
    That's what's motivating me to keep going on this inner journey of NF. Because it is an inner journey and the discovery of your true self.
    Even though I'm not a virgin I still by choice have made sure that my "body count" is as low as possible. There is a great danger with sleeping around and it always comes at a price. Friends I've had in the past that bragged about all the chicks they've b*nged are not that happy anymore and some of them has aged quickly and poorly with grey hair, etc.. Even though a healthy relationship is great to have I still think that if a man can manage to retain his life-force, his seed, he will become one with himself and his surroundings. He won't need a woman. He can have one but won't need one.
    But that is for a very few men. But I've always been fascinated by those individuals, or people with self mastery in general. I belive eveything is possible with the power of your perception/consciousness.
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  18. This is outrageous.

    Don't speak a single word for me because real sex and a relationship are the things that pulled me from P addiction. I was highly addicted to PMO when I was a virgin and in my opinion you are wayyy more susceptible to P addiction when you have never experienced real sex before. It was trough real sex and love that I understood I had a addiction to porn and masturbation and it was not healthy. Now I've beaten this addiction and my life has improved drastically. I'm definitely no sex addict (unless you call 3 times a week a "sex addiction"), I barely masturbate anymore and I feel like my sexual health is better then ever in my life.
    Of course some people are gonna be addicted to sex even if they quit porn, because some people will be addicted to anything.
    What you're preaching is just wrong, it only leaves boys frustrated. Sex is a very natural need but like all needs (eating for example) you should be aware of misuse and addiction
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  19. better123

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    3 times a week is 'sex addiction'; just as seeing porn 3 times a week is 'porn addiction'. This is dangerous.
    What is not addiction is probably: a few times a year.
  20. No because 3 times a week doesn't have any negative effects on my life, I would even say the opposite. Why shouldn't you be able to enjoy sex a couple times a week? As long as you have time for everything else that's important in your life.
    Addiction is when you can't control a certain behaviour and you're doing it way more then you're actually ok with

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