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    Hi :)
    Trying to kick my addiction. Actually tbh I don't even know if it's an addiction but I do know I have an unhealthy relationship to sex and it's been ruining relationships and feeding my depression. I am a firm believer of fighting hard for one's own happiness so if there is another person who wants to share and talk please msg me
  2. Welcome Dvaon. Good luck in your quest. :)
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    Hey @dvaon, welcome to Nofap! I too am trying to kick my porn addiction, which. I've also developed a distorted view towards women, overly sexualizing them, and also thinking too much about sex when talking with women. Remember, you're not alone here. Browse around to find some helpful tips and tools. Wish you all the best.
  4. Hi. I am guilty unhealthy habits are feeding my depression also and fueling my anxiety. It's a hard battle to overcome but I think I'm really ready for a change. Good luck to you on this journey and stay strong!!
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    The best tool for depression and anxiety is exercising , it clears your mind puts you on a endorphin natural high , cardio or weights , you must sweat and you must give it the best you can , and if you want a extra boost after the exercise jump into a freezing cold shower and turn the heat up slowly

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