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    A lot of fapstronauts are looking to nofap to help there mental health problems. While porn addiction is a mental health problem, it is usually comorbid with another underlying problem.. There is a condition that is not widely known in pyschology called soft bipolar.. If ur seeing a psychiatrist for depression and antidepressants aren't working then tell ur pyschiatrist to try bipolar medictation.. This is for people who rebooted but there brain fog stayed with them.. About 30 percent of people suffering from soft bipolar In actuality are being prescribed antidepressants because they are misdiagnosed saids my doctor.. Soft bipolar is subtle and u might think nothing is wrong until u get a few major depression episodes.. Look it up and see if it applies to u.. A lot of psychiatrists are backward, so u need to assist them.. And by the way, social anxiety disorder is caused by porn addiction but if Uve had it before watching porn, then it's more complicated then just trying to gain confidence in the outside world and that's because it's how ur brain is wired.. Take medication for it if that's the case.. I was so anti medication at one point

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