Mental illness feels worse with NoFap

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Jay Dolphin, Oct 31, 2019.

  1. Jay Dolphin

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    So let me start off by saying, i realize a lot of you here don't believe there's necessarily anything wrong with masturbation. But for religious reasons, i believe masturbation is wrong. I've also struggled recently with a renewed porn addiction after 4 years clean.

    I struggle with Borderline Personality Disorder. I've been aware of this for about a year. The thing is, when i go for several days or a week without PMO, i feel worse with my BPD symptoms. I think this maybe has to do with the fact that this illness has to do largely with emotional disregulation. Essentially feeling even small things much more severely then most people do. And i think that masturbation has always been a tool for me to blunt my emotions. But when i don't use that to mute out the world with, i have an increased incidence of episodes where i lash out or get overwhelmed or stuff like that. So usually that's when i relapse, because I'm terrified of everything going on with and around me.

    Can anyone relate? I don't even care if you have any mental health issue, can anyone relate to having problems with being too emotional when doing NoFap?
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  2. American.Psycho

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    I can relate. PMO is essentially a negative Kaioken multiplying your problems. To name a few of mine my depression, fear of rejection, bipolar, and my addiction to gaming but 1 of my worst ones was anxiety after PMO it was multiplied one hundredfold and it became debilitating. but after my first ever streak to break 14 days going to 70 last week almost all of them were gone.It was like the hand of God.
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    Hey, I can agree. I've seen anxiety and depression spikes since starting, going on and off, but things that helped me much were EFT sessions (Emotional Freedom Technique), you can look it up on YouTube, also high intensity workouts. Personally, all those personality disorders are bull*hit. Think of this, what your "disorded" consists of. Is it anxiety, depression, whatever. Once you get labeled with it, you accept it, but you shouldn't, because you are not your disorder, nor anxiety/depression. All of the professionals will try to fix you, but fix your symptoms, not the cause of PD. Any personality disorder begins in your core beliefs which then results in various negative thoughts and that arises in your body as anxiety, depression, etc. When on NoFap, your mind is without distractions, so everything you feel are raw emotions. I'd recommend you something you can try and see. Firstly, start from your own beliefs, question yourself everything you think of yourself and why, and remember, you are not your ego, but your mid is aways tricky. You are worthy. You must not relay on other people opinions, only your own. Don't let the others control you, and don't care about what they think. Next are the emotions. Emotions are often backed up like an iceberg that won't melt. You must be a Titanic that'll smash that iceberg but won't sink afterwards. Try to think of all the bad things, situations, people, anything bad that happend in the past. Work one bad situation at a time, take time, don't put preassure on self, work the situations until you no longer feel anxious or depressed. Don't suppress emotions, allow them to consume you. Allow anxiety to be the strongest it can be, allow depression to come, don't resist. If you resist, you'll be stuck in an endless cycle. It's the only way. I hope this helps.
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  4. Kimura

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    I have Borderline Personality Disorder, although a somewhat small case as well and I know what you're going through and I feel for you when you talk about deregulated emotions, they fucking suck ASS.

    I want to ask, are you getting therapy? Especially Dialectical Behavioral Therapy? I got diagnosed around 6 months ago and have had a huge improvement since getting consistent therapy. What helped me lower the tendency of my emotions to deregulate was evaluating my sleeping habit, the health of my physical body and also practicing mindfulness.

    Honestly, as advice to you from someone who is dealing with the same disorder and trying his best to dial it down until it is barely noticeable (it will always be there), is to evaluate your body's health. Get your vitamins/blood sugar/cholesterol etc checked. Find out what your body is deficient in and what your body carries a good amount of, and when you do, start taking steps to remove any deficiencies your body has. Then, evaluate your sleeping pattern. Is your sleeping pattern butchered? Sleeping at 3AM and waking up at noon, 1-2PM? Try and force yourself to stay up for an entire day and sleep in between 9-11PM or do chronotherapy (google it).

    The results you genuinely want to pay attention to is; Vitamin D, Iron Vitamin B and C. The most important out of these 4 is Vitamin D. Low Vitamin D and a butchered sleeping pattern is a huge, and I repeat, a HUGE cause as to why we feel depressed and gives us unstable moods (excluding life events). I had severely low Vitamin D but now I'm in a very healthy range and I can not stress to you how much more stable my moods and my emotions are. Don't get me wrong, they deregulate, but they deregulate MUCH less. I can legit look at the sky, the sun and just smile and feel happy, before taking care of all that I couldn't give two shits, my emotions were all over the place.

    If you feel like NoFap is making you more unstable, don't do it. Instead, and I know I might cop some shit for this, however I'm not going to lose sleep or give a shit about negative comments towards this post, dial down the amount you masturbate/watch porn. We all relapse, it happens, but if it's getting that bad, just cut down for now. If you are getting therapy, please, PLEASE put in the effort for your psychologist. Psychologists get happy and overwhelmed with positive emotions when they realize and see that they're making a positive impact on you and your life.

    And to be honest, it isn't masturbation that's causing the emotional blunting, it's porn. An easy way to figure that out is by seeing whether your cock or your brain responds first. If your brain fires up first, it's porn. If your cock randomly becomes erect and you beat the meat each and every time it does, WITHOUT PORN, then you have a masturbation issue and at that point, then masturbation could be considered as a crutch to blunt your emotions, however, majority of the time it is porn.

    As for the whole vitamin D thingy, it will take a 1-2 months, sometimes 3 for you to start feeling the full effects of having stable vitamin D levels.
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  5. saurabgangul

    saurabgangul Fapstronaut

    That's some eye opening stuff. I sleep late like 3 you mentioned and I got my blood checked and I had vitamin d and iron deficiencies my vit d levels is like 16 when 25 is minimum. And that NoFap making me mentally more unstable yeah that real. I think whatever u said is absolutely right and that's what causes so depressive moods.But still should one supplement vit d naturally or supplement what your thought on that
  6. Dovahkin101

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    I do relate with being more emotional on Nofap. I felt like I was reading my own thoughts actually in reading your post. I don't think I have BPD, but with anxiety and depression. When I stop doing unhealthy habits then there's nothing to cover up my depression and self hatred. I get overwhelmed with negative emotions easily so I know what you're talking about.
  7. flexy

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    i definitely feel more emotions, right now i feel extremely depressed as life has no meaning i never had this happen to me on day 8 usually i would be much more energetic but now i just get angry very easily, in the past two weeks i have had no motivation to study whatsoever.. i just sit at my computer most of the time depressed thinking about the meaning of life, this usually happens when i'm alone and not outside with friends or strangers.
  8. Dovahkin101

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    I know it can be really hard at times. But you know it's in your interest to do something good for yourself instead of being on the computer doing nothing productive. At least go outside for a walk with no real goal in mind. Just move your legs. You can do that much. I'm depressed myself at the moment but I just did a meditation session and now I'm going to jog on the treadmill. I'm on week 3 of my jogging routine. It's the most self compassionate thing to do healthy things for yourself even if you don't feel like at the time. Wasting time and our lives on these screens is really an extreme form of self hatred. But it's nothing to beat ourselves up over. It's just a learned habit and we can learn better. It's one day at a time and we start from where we start.
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  9. drac16

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    Yeah, I can relate to what you seem to be going through. I have depression. Masturbating makes me have strong episodes of sadness. It leaves me feeling empty. Masturbation never leads to hope or fulfillment. When you pursue an indulgence of the flesh, there is a rush of energy, but in the end, it only leads to you wanting more of it. It never satisfies.
  10. SuperPowers

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    PMO causes emotional instability.

    Tough it out for a month

    It has to get worse before it gets better

    Follow "Men of high value" channel on YouTube
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  11. Mihadom

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    Check this article HERE. This shows the damage from PMO and MO. You really have to take NoFap seriously if you want to be cured. I can confirm 100% that my mental issues have developed since I've started doing PMO. After even a year doing NoFap I can confirm that it will get better. Just with patience and persistance. 90 days for reboot is a joke. Complete rewiering may take as much as few years.
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  12. Dexter Moran

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    Hi Jay,
    I was recently diagnosed with clinical depression. Truth be told it was no surprise. I have had depression of varying severity all my life. I find PMO aggravates my depression over the long term. Masturbation is wrong I agree. However for a brief moment in time it can take away the pain and anxiety. But like a narcotic its effects are cumulative!
    You need to keep doing more and more to get the same feeling. During which you will use as masturbatory fodder foul images and acts. Which you would once thought unimaginable!
    I knows its hard, from bitter experience, but you must abstain. Try to face your pain/anxiety without using PMO as an anaesthetic. Please see my journal 'Dexter's Journal.' I intend to post some links. You may find them useful. Good luck and take care.
  13. saurabgangul

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    So I have been following some threads on this site and many due to pmo have got diseases they blame due to pmo. The bad thing is pmo indeed play a role but how no one knows.

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