Met 1st time other girls and i got they wanna hang out again?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by green lion eating the sun, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. on NYE i went to a house party. i am a girl and i am 26. there were like 30 girls and only few guys. i felt i could finally make female friends. i usually have male friends coz it is much easier and i persuade guys easily

    basically i was very stressed during the party and i wanted to make tons of new female friends but i started drinking to feel less stressed. i ended being drunk and took weed also from a guy. it was since May I didn't smoke weed so i wanted some weed. i puked several times then one of the girls that live there put me to sleep in her room (i didn't ask for it) and then she said i had to go home at like 2am (i puked also few in a bin close to the bed)

    i met these girls for the 1st time. i really wanted to make a good impression and get female friends. i don't wanna have guy friends anymore coz always at some point they think i flirt with them or they try to hit on me and i am not having it

    to a girl that asked for my facebook before i got drunk and high on weed i wished on the 1st of January happy new year on fb. then i asked if she wanted to grab a cup of chocolate sometime. she said "yes sure :emoji_blush:" but dunno if she meant it or she didn't like the fact i got drunk in the night we met. when i was drunk i remember she was a little upset i didn't remember her name then I did. doesn't she want to hang out with me anymore?

    I would love more some girls' advice but also guys' advice. did i mess it up?
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    I would explain it. You might not did the best thing to do by puking. But im sure you can all laugh about it. Next time i wouldn't smoke weed if i were you or don't drink.
    Just grab a cup of chocolate and talk about it and tell that you are sorry. Party and puking shouldn't be so strange. Accidents happen all time and we are human beings we make mistakes. So it would be strange if they don't like you because of you being a human being.
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    Put it this way: if she's asking you out, she's not dumping you.

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