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  1. Even if it's supposedly a personal boundary, was the insult really necessary? You could of just ignored it.
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  2. When you go on the site you just need to scroll down past the sign up section and then you can view the rest of the site. But from what I know they are trustworthy. I signed up for their email and eventually they actually stopped sending me emails because I wasn't spending anytime reading then. They started sending them again when I signed up again. From my experience they're not spammers and only want people who have a genuine interest in improving themselves.
    You don't have to sign up for anything and just listen to the podcast - you can find it on all podcast apps. Personally I love the podcast. I find having spent some time listening to it I'm becoming more confident because I understand people more. I use to find most people really scary and would hardly talk to anyone, but with the podcast has helped me see how the human mind works. They also have a range of guests. They recently had Roger Stone on and that of course made some people really angry, but the guy who does the podcast is a believer in learning from many different people and exposing oneself to viewpoints that you may not agree with.

    Here's the podcast page:
    Remember if you're hit with a sign up page just scroll down.
  3. Its funny how I found out about MGTOW exactly right after I got out of a really toxic relationship with a girl who was narcissistic. I was subscribed to a mgtow YouTuber named Sandman. Despite his robotic annoying voice, he preached what appeared to be nothing but GEMS for me. Especially at that exact time, after realizing how I’ve been thru so much drama. With all the manipulation ,gaslighting etc

    But what my beef is with MGTOW is the generalizations. As much as I do love some of the content. Something about the content just didn’t sit right with me. I personally know not all women are controlling manipulative back stabbing bit**es that the mgtow community preaches. So as much as I kinda wanted to join the movement at the time b/c of what I went thru.. I knew deep down I just couldn’t.
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    Any Fapstronauts here are going MGTOW? Because I am on MGTOW.
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  6. ///Matthew W-Spec

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    And the Feminazis are the true reason why men won't go out for women.
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    I had never heard of it, thanks..

    MLMVSS Fapstronaut

    Yeah, thread for it already that was recent.

    MGTOW sure is popular here lol. I'm for self improvement and certain things against men, but not really for anything else about MGTOW.
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    I think mgtow is good temporarily at a certain point in your life (I am currently doing it). But long term it's a bad idea.

    Once you reach the goal that you set out in the beginning of mgtow, then find a good woman. That's the way I see it.

    And it's true, there are some crazy feminists. But most women aren't that so it's ludicrous to make that your reason for mgtow.

    For me, I wanna be the person I know I can be and want to be (I could elaborate but chose not to). But that will take a lot of work and the only help I need is from God and myself. A relationship only make it harder and complicate things. Once I've reached my goal then there will be no reason to keep going my own way and I'll look for companionship.
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    Hmmm... a Sombrero... and very apt for a possible recruitment to the mgtow cause. I think 'mgtow' is called for in so far as a man wants a quality woman - you enter into a 'Mexican stand-off' with the woman, and she must blink first, and submit to your ideals... otherwise you go your own way.
  11. Glad you didn't.

    To quote Billy Joel, "There are women and there are bitches". Not every woman is a bitch.

    It works the other way round as well. I know this lovely girl who got into a relationship with a guy who treated her terribly. It ended and after that she hated men. She became very angry and bitter. She said all men are stupid and didn't want anything to do with them. I don't know where she's at now, so maybe she's started to heal but I don't know for sure.
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  12. That's one of my main problems with MGTOW. The hypocrisy. Because they hate feminists for painting all men as evil, and yet they do the exact same thing with women. Hypocrisy just makes me a little bit insane, I cant handle it. And there seems to be soooo much of it going around these days. I'm sure I'm not perfect in that department either, but I do try my best to be consistent in my beliefs.
  13. In fact, pretty much everything MGTOW hates about feminism, they are guilty of as well. Which would be fine if they weren't so hypocritically self-righteous about their disdain for the problems in feminsim.
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    I see MIGTOW as being a little bit like my NoFap and avoiding alcohol. A lot of men seem to be in relationships with women and like it, a lot of people fap moderately and watch porn moderately and drink moderately, and they are OK with it and it is not an issue. In my own specific case, however, I have learned that NoFap, no alcohol and MIGTOW works for me. I am quite 'soft' in my MIGTOW, as I talk with women and have a close very long term woman friend, but the whole romantic relationship, live together sort of thing does not work for me. So, obviously, Monk Mode indefinitely and MIGTOW goes together well for me.

    This is not to say that there isn't a sense of loss. Like my not having children, there is a mourning there for the children I didn't have, but it was the best thing for me given the circumstances of my life. NoFap and MIGTOW is something I actually embrace now as I see it is the best choice for me.
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    Haven't read about it, neither I know really much about feminism (like one said above, not really popular in Europe). From what I know, they both have good aspects and truth in it. But just partly. I don't think in long term being without a partner is healthy for the brain. Nothing bad about self development, getting strong independence, education, all that is very praiseworthy, but in my opinion it should be done just for part of live (few years), like really focusing on yourself without distractions what relationship brings. But not forever, you might become very weird (lacking emotional intelligence) and not really happy at the end.
  16. Two sides of the same coin. They don't realize you can be an unapologetic man without being a total prick to the opposite sex.
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    Out of curiosity did few quick looks on their forum topics now. Well... Made me very uncomfortable to read all that, such a huge hate on there. If a man has that kind of hatred, then, yes, he should better stay single for not destroying some girl which could get on his path.
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    I'm kind of on the fence about this issue. Some would consider me a mgtow (note: I used small letters on purpose, I'll explain why later) in the sense that in life I pretty much do as I like.

    This is not by accident. I live in Australia where a lot of people talk a great game but rarely follow through with it. I'm an avid cyclist, having now cycled in 20 countries on various trips and vacations. I came to realise some years ago that if I have any crazy ambitions of that kind or anything else even slightly out of the ordinary, waiting for a woman (or anyone else) to join me would mean that it's basically not going to happen. I realised that I either go it alone, or just give up on it. In that sense, I'm very much going my own way and living life on my own terms. I'd be thrilled if I found a woman willing to come with me on this journey, but I've realised that's probably not going to happen.

    The problem with the MGTOW forums and movement in general is that there seems to be a lot of anger directed at women, and a lot of misogyny. Now these guys probably all have their own reasons for hating women, but ultimately you can't let that hatred dictate how you want to live your life. I think the MGTOW movement is actually something of a misnomer, since a lot of those guys' actions are motivated by what they perceive to be evil women, rather than living life on their own terms. I did once make a post on a MGTOW forum asking for more discussion on things like fitness, money, hobbies, travel and so forth rather than simply hating on women. My post wasn't very well received to say the least.

    So yeah, I'm probably a small-letter mgtow. I go my own way in life, but that also means I'm not about to waste my time campaigning for women to lose the right to vote or worrying about who they choose to date.
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    And that is in my opinion the most valuable point of MGTOW
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