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    i suppose it had to happen. Someone posted this acronym a bit ago so I looked it up and found the forums and read quite a bit there.

    I found myself surprised to find there was no anti-porn sentiment. Don’t they realize that porn enslaves them? Doesn’t seem to be the case.

    Also, I wonder how many of them are porn addicts and if/how this addiction fueled their woman-hate. I strongly believe porn creates hate and anger towards woman so it’s no surprise to me that such a hateful group exists.

    There were, however, some redeeming traits-men searching from authentic masculinity; recognition of the emotionalism and feminism of the modern age; etc.
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    So what does the acronym mean?
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    It means "Men going their own way"
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  5. How about someone start a group "Everyone just relax and live life the way you want".
  6. I'm so tired of libertarians.

    Kiddy morality.

    MGTOW is the predictable reaction to allowing women to sleep around. Men reduced to "guys" who can't get a stable family together because women can take them to the cleaners and destroy their lives with a few words of gossip and pointed fingers.
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    Allowing? You make it sound like women are something that should be controlled. They have free will and can do whatever they want.
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  8. Thanks for labelling me . Although I don't identify myself as either left or right wing. I'm more of a go by the gut kind guy.
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  9. I "identify" as MGTOW and I have been deep into the "movement" for a while so I almost know what it's about inside and out.

    MGTOW is a movement of men who decided to only do the "right" decisions regarding being in a relationship (mostly). MGTOW preaches that men should avoid marriage in the west particularly and to be very smart about what kind of women you date -if ever-. MGTOW accepts all kinds of men, teenagers, single men, married men who are becoming "red pilled" or even men who never had sex or been in a relationship. Most of the time these men become aware of the bad consequences that post-feminism relationships bring and the high risk/low reward system of western relationships so they don't participate in dating and start working on their careers for life instead.

    MGTOW hates feminism so much as it is what caused the relationships in the western world to fall and is trying to invade the east now.

    Most of the people giving MGTOW advice are people who have been in a lot of relationships and maybe marriages and have been through the court system, so they made it one of their life goals to share "awareness" of how bad relationships in the west can be to a man.

    (Some MGTOWs believe NAWLT and some don't)
    NAWLT = Not all women are like that
    AWLT = All women are like this. As in, all women are gold diggers universally.

    AWLT is more like "All women are whores, backstabbers, incapable of genuine love and are golddiggers by biology"
    NAWLT = "Not all women are bad"

    I believe NAWLT is possible if a woman is raised in an environment that teaches her to be a good house-wife. But this is hard to find in the west. But sometimes AWLT is true in a "toxic" feminist environment. It's about if women had the chance to learn to go "apeshit" they will most of the time. People change after marriages

    (This is not an official definition, as its just a "summary" of MGTOW, you can google it to know more though)

    MGTOW also preaches the importance of building your assets, taking care of your health, wealth, and real family. MGTOW men are different. The intensity of "MGTOWing" varies between an individual.

    MGTOW has no fixed mindset, mgtow is about men being the best they can be, as MGTOW we men refuse to get involved in rigged relationships.

    I am in Asia and from a very conversative and a good-country (in terms of marriage-material women) so I might get married one day. (although feminism is trying to strike that place.)

    As a man I will be smart about my decisions. MGTOW makes you more wise as you learn it, you learn from the mistakes of others. Please check MGTOW 101, Sandman, and other MGTOW knights. But I recommend you start with MGTOW101.

    MGTOW has been criticized by a lot of people and some have apologized like Jordan Peterson when he called them pathetic weasels. Conspiracy theorists accuse MGTOW of being an illumanti plan to make white race go extinct (MGTOW accepts all races, so this statement is BS.), and some accused MGTOWs of being salty men who got rejected. Some accuse MGTOW of being just as bad as feminism, and MGTOW is not a good "reaction"

    For me I view mgtow as the best source of red-pill info. Not one movement is perfect though.

    Once you go MGTOW you will learn to correctly "asses" and foretell the consquences of being with a certain woman because MGTOW teaches you to learn the "psychology" of women and how "marriage" works and stuff. Definitely check it out even if you don't want to be one. It's good to know something before you judge it.

    I am not a hardcore MGTOW though.

    MGTOW made me aware of the risks marriage can bring, and made me aware of the importance of prenups. And other stuff. SO MGTOW ALL THE WAY!

    I am an individual and I don't speak for MGTOW as a whole

    But to answer your question, I am "MGTOW" and I do Nofap :) and there are a lot of MGTOWs who are unfortunately unaware of porn's problems and they indulge everyday in PMO...

    NOTE: As I "proof-read" read this post I see so many grammatical mistakes... I'll try to fix the mistakes every time I see one in my post. I hope I answered your question.
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    The anger towards women there is rather startling. In some ways I understand it, as the loosening of morals and virtues in western society have turned a large portion of both men and women into selfish sluts. However, MGTOW doesn’t at all seem to care about reversing this trend, rather they want to fight selfishish women with selfish men, rather than considering that a change in morals and values will create a society in which both men and women will be less selfish resulting in a better overall humanity.
  11. Many people want to give up smoking and fail because of their emotions.

    Many people want to give up alcohol and fail because of their emotions.

    Many people want to quit masturbating and fail because of their emotions.

    Many people want to keep marriages together and fail because of their emotions.

    Many people want to stay chaste until marriage and fail because of their emotions.

    And so on and so forth...

    I don't see how reducing sexual liberty is any different from banning cigarettes. Sometimes a paternalistic state benefits everyone.
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  12. Dude you are so right. More power to you!!!
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  13. I hear so much hate regarding MGTOW. I dont feel its productive to make negative generalizations towards women but it seems like the MGTOW haters are willfully ignoring that fact that in western countries, there are some serious double standards that are negatively impacting men and our leaders are ignoring them. Im not advocating that men go MGTOW or avoid women but if youre a man of any age, its foolish not give their social commentary some consideration.
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  14. I'm in no way a fan of MGTOW but there are some who do speak out against porn.

    From my experience a lot of Asian women are either arrogant and bitchy or extremely silly and childish. I don't know why so many MGTOW's seems to think they're so great. The idea that marrying an Asian woman guarantees a great marriage is ridiculous! I'll never get involved with an Asian woman ever again!
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  15. Asian women are arrogant and bitchy to you probably because you dont live in Asia. Spend a couple weeks in Vietnam or Thailand and youll know exactly what this guy is talking about.
  16. @The Unfadeable
    @Surfing Poet

    By Asia I meant the Middle East
    If you search well enough here you'll find women who are very good. They are even extremely loyal sometimes if you are lucky. Loyal that they'd stay to you until death and would never cheat, but the ones who are loyal TILL the end are only 0%-10% range maybe...

    And there are bad women here who are worse than feminists... It's about how good your choice is but here finding a genuinely good woman is extremely possible

    Note: Don't come here asking for a wife. Here good women do not marry westerners. Even marrying arabs (same race) outside their own country is a bit taboo. (Only same-country marriages are common). Arabs can be racist a lot of the time but not in a violent way. My English is shit so I hope you understand me

    The only woman who agrees to marry you is almost surely a gold digger. She will only marry to get immigration. I hope you understand what I mean
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  17. Doesnt matter. Both places havnt been touched by radical feminism so in most cases, youre dealing with a very different mentality.
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  18. There are a lot of gold diggers though and the "high-class" of the middle east got the "feminist" and LGBTQABCEFG + liberal mindset too. (That comes with disloyalty and extreme materialism. They only stay when you have money). They are also hardcore feminists. The male haircuts and the feminist attitude is a dead giveaway

    So dating women here from high-class is really a bad choice. They're arrogant, get what I mean?

    Also good women here are "traditional" and they won't marry westerners because Islam forbids muslims marrying non-muslims. (I am not speaking about religion I am just stating a fact). Also women who do marry westerners are not good either they just do it to get immigration... You have to pick from the mid-class as it's the best. Low-class women GENERALLY marry up for money. but some are good but then you get the risk (doesn't genuinely love you)

    What I learned is arranged-marriages can sometimes become great marriages. Spouses will love each other and even be dead loyal to each other. Some have taken care of their husbands after complete disability until they died and NEVER even married or had sex after their husbands death. That's how crazyily loyal they can be. But this trait is diminishing over the years. I'll probably get married after uni ~1 decade from now and maybe by then feminism would've taken over ;/

    Mid-class women raised by decent parents in a good environment plus healthy religiousness is the best way to go. They adore their husbands and are very friendly and easy-going... Plus here divorce laws are very very male based :)

    There's a little chance of being fked up in court. Prenup immunifies you 100%

    That's why I said I am not a hardcore MGTOW. A lot of what MGTOW preaches is not "applicable" to the part of the world I live in. Should feminism take over and women become as bad as the west's, I am ready to apply the full wrath of MGTOW :)

    The Middle East's way of living forces men to be red pilled from early age. Our mothers always tell us what kind of women to avoid and how that sometimes women are fickle and are not to be depended on.

    The only "beta" men here are ones who are single-parented, or who had poor parental involvement and also high-class Instagram selfie-obsessed type-of-people

    Divorce is still tabooish and so spouses literally do their best to fix their problems which works 90% of the time. Women here tolerate a lot of shit generally. Men here are rude and pieces of shits. Being a "nice" person in a GOOD non-**** way is not looked badly upon because here women have gratitude as they are teached to have it when they grow up.

    Now the only problem is that the media is becoming american-grade liberal and radio shows are talking about women liberation and so does school propganda... I am serious. FEMINISTS here LITERALLY say that women should get divorced LIKE they say the statement as if getting divorced is a trait of feminism or something

    But again there are women who play the "good" girl. She rides the cock carousel and does horrible things in uni while claiming to be a saint chaste virgin woman. They do a hymen surgery before marriage. Nothing is fixed it's all dynamic and depends on your awareness/choice and luck sometimes

    Some women here literally age so terribly and hit the wall at x5 speed of light and some stay beautiful as shit even after the wall.

    Some men here got the combination of a 9/10 looking girl, virgin and with extreme loyalty and compassion. Damn now that's some luck

    Middle east is a fked up place in dating. It's literally a mix of everything... Every kind of women exist here, feminist, normal, loyal, hoe, everything!!!

    I am just stating facts.
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  19. Isaiah 4:1 At that time, seven women will cling tightly to one man and will make him this offer: ‘We’ll provide our own bread. We’ll provide our own clothes. Just let us marry you so we won’t be stigmatized anymore’ This prophecy starting being fulfilled with MGTOW.
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  20. I see. From my experience Middle Eastern are more mature. There was this Asian girl I was involved with who was unbelievably immature - I could believe some of things she said.

    Well my Asian ex was quite racist... At first I was in denial and refused to see it but eventually it was undeniable. I soon learn't that many people from her country hated this particular race - even the government of the country targets people of this particular race and police help them when they're victims of crime. Some of her bitchiness might be explained to her not being in her country but her racist views came straight from her nation

    I wouldn't. When I was younger I was out casing women from different cultures but I'm pretty much done with that now. I thought they were exotic and looked down on women from my own culture because I thought they were boring. But I've realised once you get over the excitement of the erroticness you're hit with the reality of how different your cultures are. It's hard enough to understand women themselves but with a different culture it gets even harder. Since I'm mixed raced (quarter Malaysian) I thought I could adapt but it was too much of struggle for me. It didn't matter that I have family in Malaysia, I still find it hard to adapt to a different culture. So now I'm only interested in women from a western culture. I don't mind women of a different race but we have a common culture.
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