Mid-twenties, nonreligious, central europe, male. Looking for an AP (maybe a group)

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    Greetings everyone!

    As told above, do I look for an AP or start a Group. Gender, age (better at least 20+), political stance, education and so on, do not matter to me, nor do I care, why should I with nofap as the topic? You should be nonreligious or at least only superficially religious. You should have a “real” interest in changing your life (PMO sickened life). Modus operandi should be no PMO and sex only with your partner(s) within your relationship(s) [as long as it´s healthy]. I do not ask questions about yourself and you do not have to feel obliged to answer any questions nor do I. If we might feel interested in talking about ourselves at a later point (like 30 days+?) then so be it, then again, only if both of use feel interested in such. We will most probably communicate via WhatsApp and for starters only on the topic of "nofap" and other issues which come with "our" problems/addictions to "P/M/O".

    I hope to get once and for all clean from PMO, at least not giving myself a MO on my own (as well as never again consume porn) and get my life together after procrastinating in my studies, relationships, hobbies, health and so on. I stopped with alcohol, tabaco, caffeine, gaming, drugs, swearing and the like some years ago or with caffeine and swearing just some months ago and only have the “goliath” of PMO left to overcome, while relearning healthy habits and getting/stepping over my old self (shell).

    About my nofap experience: I had a streak of..., at least 2, maybe 3 months of no PMO some years ago, before going gung-ho on enormous cravings for almost every woman in sight, ending with me using PMO again, before I´d start to look for casual relationships and / or hook-ups. Reality is, I have not the least idea, if it´s going to be better this time, at least yoga and other exercises might help, but I will have to get myself into a healthy relationship in the long run, if I do not wish to hook-up (which is an unhealthy lifestyle as well).

    Thanks a lot for reading!

    PS: Mistakes in grammar and orthography were most likely intended.
  2. I'll be up for it, 39 UK no stance on politics or religion

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