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  1. i'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but it seems like the best fit. if you're a mod and you end up having to move this thread, then i'm sorry for the inconvenience.

    i was in bed, going to sleep, and everything was pretty much normal. no cause for alarm, until i start to hear my neighbors having sex. their room adjoins onto mine, and they were being really loud and passionate, so there was no way for me to block out the sound. needless to say, it was really triggering. it gave me a really strong desire to pmo, to the point where i had to get up and come make a post about it while i cooled off, since i didn't trust myself to just lie there in case i gave in. it really made me wish that i had someone i could deal with my physical desires with rather than resulting to pmo, hence why i'm posting in the loneliness section. i'm pretty sure they've finished now, so i'm going to head back to sleep. i'm pretty sure i can deal with this bump in the road now i've gotten in all out of my head and onto the page. wish me luck.
  2. update: i did it. i managed to go the whole night without pmoing. getting back to sleep was really hard last night, and i nearly pmo'd a couple of times, but i didn't. with everything that happened yesterday, it was easily the hardest time i've had so far, but somehow i made it through. feeling really positive about my progress so far.
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    Luckily I've never experienced that but far from triggering, I would find it traumatizing. Do not worry, you are not alone at being alone.
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    Man, that's annoying. Just what you don't need right now. Stay strong, buddy. And deaf.

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