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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by YellowBlob64, Jul 25, 2021.

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    I'm such a fuck up, you know what I'm tired of hearing? I'm tired of hearing my school counsellor or my soccer coach telling me shit like 'It's in your head', 'Get out of your own head' and the most useless of all 'Combat/Challenge those negative thoughts'.

    Surely, one would think, if they were capable of basic human tasks, i.e. Not fucking up everything you do, the most basic of tasks in a sport, or talking to people, or giving people eye contact for god's sake, you wouldn't need to artificially boost yourself esteem. Because you are capable of those things, you are capable of functioning as a social-able human.

    You know how fucked my self-esteem is? Sometimes, well actually, most of the time, I hate having a fucking shower because I hate seeing my disgusting fucking body in the mirror. Despite being told by some that I'm too skinny, or that I'm normal, etc etc. I still feel and I still am a fat fucking loser.

    I do pretty decent at school, I got an estimated ATAR of ~84 for Year 12. I wanted to be a pilot in the RAAF, but how the fuck am I ever going to achieve that if I'm just an autistic bumbling piece of shit who can't have a conversation with their mates one on one.

    I can do speeches to a class, or hell, even the school fine; but when it comes to talking to someone or having a conversation, I just can't. I literally want to kill myself as an escape.

    I remember early 2019 (I think), I was plus-oned (since I never get invited to parties, not even my own friends') to a girl's party who I somewhat had a crush on (if you'd even call it that, I don't think I had ever spoken to her, even to this day). Being the socially inept fuckwit that I am, I practically held on for mercy to my friend group as it slowly deteriorated as they spoke to other guys, and women who they did or didn't know at the party. Eventually I was all alone, kinda just awkwardly sitting on my phone in the corner while everyone was having fun in the pool. You want to know what I was thinking while everyone was exploring their teenage lives with girls or having fun with their mates? I thought about I could smash my skull on the edge of the pool hard enough so that I'd knock myself out and drown, or how I wish, how I begged that I had a gun and could just shoot myself in the fucking head.

    I eventually had the nerve to walk out on the party while some of my mates asked where I was going, or that they didn't want me to leave. Staying at that party would have done far more harm then good I estimate, in fact I know it would have made me more depressed on the walk home then I already was going to be as I walked home.

    Why can't I just be normal like everyone else, is it because I'm an only child who spent 90% of his childhood staring at the wall or watching TV on his own because no one was ever home? Is it because I was a fat little fucker throughout the entirety of primary school, and how being picked on for being a fat cunt has subconsciously impacted by self-esteem? Or was it that time in 2019 when I got completely dacked doing a pullup on the oval infront of the entire fucking school? (I was already a social anxiety-having fucking back then.)

    Holy shit typing this just feels good man, wow.

    Do I have asperges? I don't fucking know. Do I have social anxiety? I don't know. Am I just shy? I don't know. Do I have depression? I don't know. I hope I don't but I kind of hope I do at the same time so I have a reason to be so mentally fucking defective.

    All I know is that I've fantasized about killing myself since I was a 10 year old, and NoFap has merely granted me more time to think about how badly I just want to kill myself. How bad I just want to buy a gun, or join the army and just shoot myself in the fucking skull and just obliterate my existence from this Earth.

    On that note, I'm not like most people who say they've "Given up on humanity" and how they are "turning their back on humanity". Because I'm not angry at society or humanity, I know I'm the issue, I'm the defect.

    I'm so lonely and I love this solace, this hole that I'm in, this melancholy. It feels warm, cozy, it feels like I belong here and it feels like I'm here to stay. I don't give a fuck anymore, I just want to die. Maybe I'll regret it when I do kill myself one day.

    I'm just so tired of being an autistic little fuckup loser. Sometimes when I get mad at myself or I feel stress, I just like to rant in my head how I'm so much a fucking fat little cunt fucking loser, it feels good. Sometimes I like to pretend I'm holding a gun to my head (or in my mouth) with my hand and just pretend I'm pulling the trigger and that I won't be here anymore.

    I remember when I was a little younger, I used to go sleep, making a prayer (Eastern Orthodox) and just pray that god will kill me or end my life.

    I'm just listing my thoughts here so if this feels a little disjointed, I apologise.

    I just wish I could be normal, I wish I didn't hate the very existence of my being, my body, my stupid ugly fucking face. I wish I could look people in the eye while I talk to them. I wish I could talk to people. I wish I could talk to girls, I wish I could feel not lonely.

    I've done research on how to do those things, and it just brings me back to where I started. 'It's in your head', 'Get out of your own head' and the most useless of all 'Combat/Challenge those negative thoughts'.

    Just read that, kind of liked how I brought it full circle.

    I know other stuff about helping my social anxiety and stuff, people say just talk to people or talk to strangers, even just shallow talk etc. and it will get easier. Sure maybe it might, but I don't want to have to try man, I'm so fucking sick of having to strive to be average instead of just 'being average'. I don't want to try, I just want to kill myself and not have to bother, just give up.

    Some of you reading that message above might be a bit smug and say, 'then do it, nothing is stopping you, just do it, you're just going to be another statistic.'

    Do you really think I care about being another statistic? If I had a gun, I would have already killed myself lmao. I would probably be dead in the pool or on the couch, I don't fucking know.

    I'm listening to some Radiohead and just writing these things while putting on a good album of their just feels right.

    I'll wrap it up here, how the fuck are people cocky? How are people arrogant or become overconfident? I want that shit man, surely it's better than every thought you have in your brain is either a plea for suicide or a neutral thought which manifests itself into a negative one.

    Anyways, that's all I can think of for now in my smug essay. Comment what you guys think or something so I know my block of text didn't go unnoticed. Or even advice, I dunno, I haven't totally given up yet.

    Thanks guys.
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    Hey man.
    I had this kind of drepression..
    I hate talking about this but.. It gotten so bad that I was planning a school bombing.
    Just hating everyone and everything.
    PM me.
  3. Fairly simple advice from me, this guy. Stop using words like "retarded", "loser", "fuckup", "f*ggot" and so on. Just eliminate them from your vocabulary.

    Now you're thinking I'm some sanctimonious do-gooder. Not so. Feel free to use words that aren't so "charged" but are still kind of insulting in a funny way. But don't insult just yourself. Insult all of humanity, including yourself if you like, to your heart's content. But don't single yourself out. You can single out certain abusive dickwads, however, if needs be.

    Invent your own value system. Your rules. Don't worry, you don't need to put much effort into it. Don't insult yourself, don't let others insult you. Try cutting some particularly abusive gimboids out of your life if you like.

    Anyway, just some thoughts. If you can get something good out of them, go ahead. If you can't, ignore them or do whatever you want with them.
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  4. You aren't alone. Don't kill yourself. This is the voice of depression, anger, anxiety, regret, hatred, and suffering. The pain is real and must be felt. The endless self-flagellation is completely optional and unnecessary. Talking to yourself that way isn't going to help you change your mind. What does the word happiness mean to you? What does happiness look and feel like? What is something you could do today to start getting in touch with your happiness? Engage your mind along these lines. PM me if you want.
  5. I did as well. It is a miracle I never shot myself. I've made it to 38. Anyone who gets pointed in the right direction can change their life such that on average, as time goes on, things only get better.
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    Sounds similar to what I had going during my teenage years. You should work out, it will boost your self esteem, it happened with me. I learned to like my body. There is still work to be done but I am much more confident. Nofap helps, it is weird why but after few years of failing and having some success I am more social and my anxiety is A LOT smaller. Also I recommend not being too harsh on your self. I did that and it made me feel like crap. These days when I fail I just laugh at my self. Try to lose your ego and perfectionism. They lie that you have to be perfect now to feel confident. To be confident, you have to learn to love your "flaws" and work on them. It sucks to have to work for stuff that on the surface seem that you are the only one doing that, I know, I have these thoughts as well. However, I know that if I do not work on them at all I will feel a whole lot shittier. Learning about philosophy and religions helped me a lot, I recommend them to you as well. God bless you.
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    I don't know what my happiness would be. But I can tell you I'd be a hell of a lot happier if I killed myself
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    Ok man, tell me. How do I 'love' my flaws. How do I love that my hairline is drastically receding at 17. How do I love the fact that I've lost upwards of 20kg in the last two years and now have to live with loose skin all over my body. How do I love that I lack the mental capacity to talk to people like a normal person. How do I love the fact that every girl I ever been interested in has either reacted to me in disgust or simply laughed. How do I love the fact that no matter how much I work out, or how much cardio, how much I starve myself, I look the same.

    No offense but I'm so tired of these empty, valueless generic help comments that literally mean nothing. "Learn to love your flaws", how the fuck do you do that.

    I did a little experiment today, I actually tried staying in a positive mindset last night and today, every time I had a negative thought I combatted it with a positive one.

    Everytime I thought,
    "You're a fat fucking f*ggot retard"

    I thought,
    "I am smart, I am funny, I am good looking"
    (I know this above line is fucking retarded and cringy, what else am I supposed to say.)

    But after repeating this process at least 1500 times, I pretty much gave up about 5 minutes ago. I'm so sick of this shit. Sometimes I don't think people realise what it's like to be a genuinely ugly person. I walk down the street and young kids stare at me like I'm some kind of fucking alien. People automatically think I'm dumb, I recently got the highest mark in my year for maths and a plethora of people said to me "Wtf man I thought you were retarded"

    People give me handouts because they feel bad for me.

    I've only ever had one girl interested in me, and no offense, she was dumb as a rock man, ugly too, still better looking than me though. Takes one to know one. Yeah I'm an asshole, I don't care anymore.

    That kind of thinking sorta makes me think about people who have legitimate disabilities or ways people have their lives largely affected, like man if I didn't have legs or if I was seriously disfigured in some way, I would just kill myself man. I gotta give props to those people who live through all that.

    I'm thinking about suicide and I kind of like the emotional turmoil it would cause some people like my mates or family, just a big fuck you to those chumps, I don't really care. Or I can just wither away and be forgotten forever, that would be nice too...
  9. I disagree with your judgement on this point. We're trying to help you. Are you going to let us?
  10. YellowBlob64

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    Yes, sorry for coming off as rude. I'd really like some help.
  11. Then try. Take a deep breath and think for a few minutes. What do you actually want? What do you think would make you happy?
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    Alright, I had a bit of a think.

    It's hard to narrow it down to one thing or even a couple things, so I'll keep a really short list of things I think would make me happy.

    -Having a girlfriend (who I am attracted to)
    -Being confident in my abilities
    -Be able to talk to people, make them laugh etc.
    -Be happy with how I look. i.e. Don't feel fat, don't feel ugly
    -Have a legacy, known as being brave or courageous

    Kind of odd, but I think those would be key aspects to me being truly happy I think.
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  13. This is a good place to start. Happiness usually isn't found in having the things, its in mastering the actions that get you the things. It isn't having a girl friend that is going to make you happy, it's understanding the things you need to do to attract women and learning how to do them.

    Same goes for not feeling fat and ugly. Understanding and mastering the actions necessary to improve your appearance it what brings happiness.

    Being self confident, brave, and courageous is an attitude you can cultivate. Competence breeds confidence. A smidge of "I think I can" is a good place to start, but you will need to follow that up with actions you can learn from.

    You have to participate in your own rescue. Take your original post and compress it down into one single thought. Something along these lines: "Jesus I fucking hate myself, I am not happy with my life, and it is time I started making change." And then start making change. Pick one thing that you could do different today than you might otherwise and do that thing. Then come back here and tell us how it went. Nobody here is asking you to be perfect, we just want to see you get your life in order. I would kill to be 17 again. The amount of potential you have for growth and change, to make yourself into the man you want to be is enormous. Of course the nature of life is that you can't see it until you reach my age and look back so for the time being you are just going to have to trust me when I say that it is there.
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  14. [QUOTE = "YellowBlob64, publicación: 3080530, miembro: 393037"] Muy bien, lo pensé un poco.

    Es difícil reducirlo a una cosa o incluso a un par de cosas, así que mantendré una lista muy corta de cosas que creo que me harían feliz.

    -Tener una novia (que me atrae)
    -Confiar en mis habilidades
    -Ser capaz de hablar con la gente, hacerla reír, etc.
    -Sé feliz con mi apariencia. es decir, no te sientas gordo, no te sientas feo
    -Tener un legado, conocido como ser valiente o valiente

    Es un poco extraño, pero creo que esos serían aspectos clave para que yo fuera realmente feliz, creo. [/ QUOTE]
    No soy la persona más experta en el tema, le felicito por expresar sus emociones, tras leer el hilo de su historia, encuentro que hay una persona con muchas habilidades y destrezas (nivel educativo, de superación, de saber que hay algo que mejorar), esas deben ser su fortaleza para salir del encierro.
    Tiene gente que te valora, eso de que sus amigos van detrás de ti, Luego de la fiesta, es un indicio. Aveces somos nuestros propios enemigos, saboteando lo que hay nuestro alrededor. Cada vez que tenga un pensamiento negativo, y analice porque está en ese punto y como puede manejarlo.
    No lo tritures siendo pesado consigo mismo, hay respuestas le llevarán a la solución. No digo que sea un proceso rápido, un paso a la vez se alcanza largas distancia.
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    I see that you are in pain. Trust me when I say this I have been there too. To the problem about you body - do muscle training and grow your muscles, it could help with the loose skin. Do not starve yourself man, you will feel even worse since everything is agitating you. Eat healthy foods, learn to do them, and occasionally treat yourself as well. I see that you have worked hard, to lose 20kgs is a lot of work. Be happy that you have managed to do that!

    About the negative thoughts, I prefer not listening to them. The positive one can help but I find more success in just focusing on my breathing when bad thoughts or urges to PMO come. Meditating helps in this as well.

    Also I would recommend doing stuff that you enjoy, if you do not have any try different stuff out. Being on the nofap journey will also make you feel like crap even more since it agitates you. I do also have bad thoughts and emotions - a lot. I know that all these tricks etc. may sound stupid, but I would not say them to you if they did not work for me. If they do not work for you - fine. I hope that you will give them more chances than just one.

    One question, why do you want to make your family/ friends feel bad? Have they done something wrong?
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  16. Buenas sugerencias para el compañero. Tomaré para mí crecimiento su aporte.
    ¿Podría por favor indicar que significa PMO?

    [QUOTE = "DeeJ4y, post: 3080567, member: 427953"] Veo que estás sufriendo. Créame cuando digo esto, yo también he estado allí. Para el problema de su cuerpo: haga entrenamiento muscular y haga crecer sus músculos, podría ayudar con la piel flácida. No te mueras de hambre hombre, te sentirás aún peor ya que todo te está agitando. Coma alimentos saludables, aprenda a hacerlos y, ocasionalmente, consiéntase también. Veo que has trabajado duro, perder 20kgs es mucho trabajo. ¡Alégrate de haber logrado hacer eso!

    Sobre los pensamientos negativos, prefiero no escucharlos. El positivo puede ayudar, pero encuentro más éxito con solo concentrarme en mi respiración cuando surgen malos pensamientos o impulsos de PMO. Meditar también ayuda en esto.

    Also I would recommend doing stuff that you enjoy, if you do not have any try different stuff out. Being on the nofap journey will also make you feel like crap even more since it agitates you. I do also have bad thoughts and emotions - a lot. I know that all these tricks etc. may sound stupid, but I would not say them to you if they did not work for me. If they do not work for you - fine. I hope that you will give them more chances than just one.

    One question, why do you want to make your family/ friends feel bad? Have they done something wrong?[/QUOTE]
  17. YellowBlob64

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    What type of competence are we talking about? In what skills? How do I build these skills?

    I'm pretty damn good at table tennis, better than my entire school, yet I don't feel very confident. In fact, when I get beaten by my Dad I actually get the shits and beat myself up, calling myself the things you've seen me say above.

    I used your exact sentence because I really resonated with it, and wrote in on a piece of paper which I'll stick in the corner of my room.

    What things do I change each day? I already go for runs and walks every couple days, I used to play soccer before lockdown too. In fact, playing soccer and making mistakes would make me even more depressed and angry at myself.

    Also, how do I make sure I stay disciplined or dedicated to what I'm doing? Because I know that I'm going to go to bed tonight, determined to be better, and then wake up feeling how I was when I wrote that post again.
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    Porn masturbation & orgasm
  19. [QUOTE = "DeeJ4y, publicación: 3080593, miembro: 427953"] Masturbación y orgasmo porno [/ QUOTE] gracias
  20. YellowBlob64

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    I can't even go to the gym right now because of lockdown, but last year and the year before, when I was going, I was completely demotivated by the lack of progress I had. 5kg bench increase after over 6 months, I just gave up because I'm trying to be lean before I start building muscle.

    As for the family/friends question, I don't know, I feel like having control over my own life and how people are impacted by it would give me more control, or at least the feeling of control. If not, at the very least it allows me to have control over what I do with my own body.

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