Might be converting back to Christianity

For Fapstronauts who are disciples of Christ

  1. About 2 weeks ago I started to pray for gains at the gym, and immediately was given them in exchange for hard work. I went to a food bank because I was denied food stamps even tho I am homeless, and ended up in a church food bank. They got me through this week on produce and bread. So far this week God has provided me gains and food. Those are basically the two most important things in my life.
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  3. I believe we have a higher self and you did yourself a favour.
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  4. Damn Dude, I might convert too! I need those gains!
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    God does give what you need lol, not so sure aboout 'dem gains though.
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  6. You're homeless but have gym membership?
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  7. Yes, his wife left him and he partied too much:

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    Hmm, working out and going to a food bank has nothing to do with god, but I’m glad you have a positive outlook.
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    I will pray for you. Good luck in returning to Christianity. Welcome back home.
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  10. Yea, how else am I going to shit, shower and shave. It's not like every homeless person is completely fucking penniless and should sell every single last possession, and sleep on cardboard. I make enough to go to the gym, and sleep in my car, but cant afford exorbitant Western Washington rent. Most homeless people make more money then I do begging, but I refuse to beg, as I work part-full time and have priorities that don't involve alcohol or drugs.
  11. Educate your self on the invisible homeless. You literally wouldn't know I was homeless by my actions or appearance unless I flat told you. There are homeless people here with vehicles, full time jobs, enough cash to buy groceries, and have hobbies.
  12. Gym membership= $39.99 a month
    Rent=$1,200-1,800 a month
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    "God did not plant the seeds of this Arcadia, I did."
    -Andrew Ryan
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    You made 3 separate posts to respond to one single comment. Don’t be so defensive. It’s cool if you’re homeless, everyone gets to live their life the way they want to... or at least they do what they gotta do to survive. Hopefully you’ll find an affordable place to live one of these days.
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  15. I know, it just seriously gets on my nerves when people say "you're homeless how can you afford a gym membership?" or "you're homeless how can you have a functioning cell phone?" or "your homeless, how do you have a computer to post this message?"

    It's like people assume I don't work, or go to school, or am drug addled, or whatever the reasoning is, it is just pure condescension. I have enough to worry about with evading the damn police like a criminal just for a place to sleep.
  16. Hey sorry bro. To be clear, I didn't say "you're homeless but how can you afford gym membership." I know the price difference.

    Rather, out of genuine ignorance, I didn' know how a homeless guy, who must be unemployed because how could they wash or shave, etc, have gym membership. As you pointed out, it's kind of the answer to its own question.

    Again, sorry. Can see how my tone came across as mocking, but it was sincere confusion.
  17. It's fine, I kinda snapped. I do work part time, and volunteer, and go to school, so I kinda get defensive on the subject. I guess its all a part of the human experience. A good number of the street folk don't, and it does have a negative connotation I suppose for those of us who work hard. I shouldn't even really say homeless at this point, it's more houseless, and I haven't hit the spiral that is drugs and alcohol as I just replace that with gym life. I also find volunteering at the food bank to be very rewarding. I have a place to work, shower, shave, sleep in an enclosed area, am mobile and have all the other vestiges of normal life, except the walls.
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  18. Great man!

    I have a homeless friend, who has a job, is clean and clean-shaven, a normal and kind person. He used to sleep around the building that I alarm at night. Homeless people are people :)

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