MILESTONE - 365 DAYS (no PMO) "monk mode"

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by LifeWorthLiving!!!, May 23, 2017.

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    @LifeWorthLiving!!! Thank you for sharing this post, it is very inspiring. I see its an old post and that you have had some troubles after that, but you seem to me like a very strong and smart person and I am sure that you will find your way... Good luck, all the best!
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    Thank you for posting this with so many details. As a brother who’s PMO free 119 days, today, this post brings me inspiration and confirmation.
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  3. quit@porn

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    Thanks for such elaborate sharing of experience. Motivating.

    Right now I am also struggling for complete no PMO target.
    Can you please share your thought on my approach for No PMO
    If it is sright or wrong or what improment can be incorporated or what are the drabacka or likly failure chances.

    Frankly right now I am strict only on watching porn and nasty content.
    To be honest not that strict on Fap and edging but without porn ( fantasies) and also light on orgasm.
    But say I am without porn for 11 days now
    Fapping with o - 5 days
    Edging - daily.

    What do you think is it a right approach?

    Because I do thing that i i resolved full no PMO for 1 month I personally believe that i will most likely fail.

    I am thing on moving gradually
    No porn strict then larger gap for orgasm then fantasy fap.

    I would like to here your opinion on this.
    ( my short history joined Nofap last month.
    26 days with no porn then release for 10 days and now again started)
  4. Thundurus

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    Good work brother!❤
  5. Hamza Ji

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    I appreciate you!
    God bless you...
  6. Legit1

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    Guys... I feel so bad that I can't fight this addition as I wanted to on 2020. Like, I'm aware that this 10 second sensation is seriously just trash, but I still keep on going because the feeling just feels good at 1st. Idk... I've already relapsed 4 times this year... I've just been feeling frustrated so much the last couple of days from a bunch of stuff. I gotta start changing ASAP...
  7. Thundurus

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    How long have your longest streak been?
  8. pcmaster

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    When are you gonna stop relapsing, man?
  9. Great going @LifeWorthLiving!!!
    GG's , hope you achieve your next milestones. Easily
    And Thank you so much for sharing it helped me the realise and learn many things. And Im boosted up again, but with more enthusiasm to finish this enemy.
  10. 4:30am

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    I really think your notion of U.R.R should be further investigated and explored.

    The so-called common 'personality' trait of people who 'wait until the last minute' or 'until the house is on fire - and rush in like a hero-fireman' is in fact an addiction loop.

    This has so many connections.

    - allowing a catastrophe to happen so you can 'save the day'
    - neglecting yourself and others you care about until they are in 'crisis' mode and 'need you'
    - pushing appointments to the last minute and not being well prepared
    - coming off as reckless or impulsive and unreliable
    - not completing tasks to your best ability (as you mentioned - I will note that in the book 4 hour work week, the author actually touts the idea of URR, I recall he wrote that in fact the 'impossible deadlines' and the 'wait until it's almost too late' is a strategy for creating a result that is better than planned and deliberate execution.

    The implications are huge, you are onto something. It's almost pavlovian.

    - There are those who don't pay their taxes and let the debt accrete
    - avoidance patterns are actually perhaps veiled wishes for kicks of dopamine to flood
    - fights, wars, conflicts created by those who actually 'look for trouble' in the relationships because they actaully just 'want' a fight to feel this sense of crisis which give them a dopamine hit

    I agree that a U.R.R counter would be something to consider...

    This possible URR addiction loop affects a person on so many levels: their ability as friends, their maintainance of their lives, whther they 'show up' or not...

    ...their whole concept of 'life' is twisted by it...



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