Milestone 60 days of Normal Mode reboot; rebooting marriage

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by rave756, Jun 25, 2016.

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    Well, i've hit a 60 day milestone in being PMO-free. The first 30 days were very much focused on figuring out an effective path to discontinuing PMO, and the last 30 days i've been able to focus on rebooting my marriage - in general and our sex life.

    Before starting NoFap, I was on a path where my PMO usage was nearly daily and increasing, and sex in my marriage had dwindled to once a month or less and decreasing. I was very resentful of my wife for various reasons including comparing her to what i was finding in P and P-subs. In the last 30 days, I've focused on my wife, appreciating her for her, and i'm rediscovering how beautiful and loving she is. During sex, i've worked on dropping any expectations and just focusing on making her comfortable and feel pleasure. Now I'm feeling like Sex is becoming something she looks forward to, and its starting to be about being intimate, rather than 'frantically working towards an O' (credit to another fapstronaut i saw use that term). Some great fapstronauts such as @Applehead, @nitsuj0786 , @Howdy Ya'll , @Sam_ba and others provided advice and encouragement that opened my eyes so widely.

    What worked for me to get a good streak going was to physically and mentally disassociate P from M. Before, P would lead to M and vice versa. Double temptation. When I have been tempted to view P, I didn't allow myself to touch below my waist. When I was tempted to M, i set down all devices went elsewhere.

    Looking back, I think the first 30 days (and a two week period before that with frequent relapses) were like my preseason. I was still testing the limits with the components of P,M, and O and trying to figure out what worked for me. I set some extra counters to track my habits and have now been very adherent to NoFap for over 30 days (36 days since viewing P, 37 days since last M, and 47 days since my last self-inflicted O) Onward to at least 90 days, maybe need 120 days. There'll be bumps along the road, even so, i'm enjoying the journey towards this new me.
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